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Amrut Yojana 2024: Objective, Benefits Features, Eligibility & Process Apply

The Indian government introduced the AMRUT Yojana to give city dwellers’ families access to both necessities and luxury. The population would be provided with basic amenities such as sewerage and water supply under this plan. We will now address all the pertinent details regarding Amrit Yojana 2024 in this post, including its goals, advantages, requirements, features, key paperwork, and application procedure. You must read our post to the finish to obtain all of the important facts about Amrit Yojana 2024.


Amrit Yojana 2024

In 2011, the Indian government launched this program. Families living in metropolitan areas will receive basic amenities like water supply and urban transportation under this program, in addition to luxury services. Improving the quality of life for underprivileged and impoverished families is the primary goal of launching this initiative. The government has allocated Rs 39.2 lakh towards the effective execution of the Amrit Yojana. This comprises Rs 8. lakh crore for services including solid waste management, water supply, sewage, and rainwater drainage, and Rs 17.3 lakh crore for urban highways. In addition, an independent estimate for operation and maintenance (O&M) was prepared, totalling Rs 19.9 lakh crore.

  • The Government of India introduced the Amrit Yojana to give the family both necessities and luxury.
  • This scheme’s primary goal is to give urban families access to essential services.
  • The decision to launch this program was made in 2011.
Amrut Yojana

Highlights of Amrut Yojana

The following are some of this scheme’s primary points:

Name of the SchemeAmrit Yojana 2024
was startedBy Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
goal of starting the planyear 2011
Date Started25 June 2015
ObjectiveTo provide basic facilities to poor families living in cities.
BenefitProvided water supply and other basic facilities to citizens
Beneficiaryurban poor citizens
Statein all states of India
plan budgetRs 50,000 crores
First classcentral government schemes
medium of applicationOnline/Offline

The main objective of Amrit Yojana

2015 saw the introduction of the Amrit Yojana by the Central Government, which aimed to promote cities. This plan aims to install pipelines to connect every home to the water supply and sewer. In addition, the plan calls for growing flora and improving park aesthetics. Participating in Amrit Yojana will revitalize the city. The Amit Mission aims to improve the quality of life for all inhabitants, particularly the impoverished and disabled, by providing basic utilities to families, such as urban transport, sewage systems, and water supplies.

  • Financial help will be given to city dwellers through this program.
  • Amrit Yojana would be used to provide essential services including urban transport, sewage, and water supply.
  • This plan aims to install pipelines to connect every home to the water supply and sewer.

Components Of Amrut Yojana 

Some of the main components of this scheme are as follows:-

  • Through Amrit Mission, the nation’s impoverished citizens will receive water supplies. To offer drinking water and groundwater, specific modifications will be made to water bodies, and if there are issues with the water system, additional work will be done to supply water.
  • Under this plan, the Yuvraj treatment plants and the network of sewerage systems will be developed, and the previous treatment plant and sewerage system will be renovated.
  • Good things will happen as a result of this plan, and parks for kids, the elderly, and those with disabilities will be built there as well.
  • This plan calls for the construction of drains and a decrease in stormwater drainage. Additionally, drainage will be enhanced.
  • Amrut Yojana will motivate citizens to

Budget allocation of Amrit Yojana

This program will be run as a centrally supported program. The Central Government set aside a budget of Rs 50,000 crore for a period of five years. 10% of the budget would be preserved for improvements and the remaining 80% would be kept as project funds under the Amrit Yojana. In addition, office and administrative costs will account for 8% of the annual budgetary allotment. This includes setting aside 2% of the annual budget as the MOHUA FUND for office and administrative costs.

Amrut Yojana

Benefits & Features Of Amrut Yojana

The following are a few of Amrit Yojana’s primary advantages and attributes:

  • The Central Government launched the Amrit Yojana to assist the impoverished urban residents.
  • Under this programme, impoverished urban people will receive basic utilities.
  • The citizens’ access to water supply will be prioritized. In addition, this also includes urban transit and sewerage.
  • In addition, parks will be created for the populace.
  • The government’s plan will also enhance public transport.
  • Atal Mission of Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation is the full name of the organization.
  • There will be further initiatives to cut pollution.
  • As a result, the citizens’ standard of living will rise and they will be able to lead fulfilling lives.
  • All households residing in cities would have access to sewage connections and water supplies thanks to the Amrut Yojana.
  • According to this, the government would aim for additional benchmarks while adhering to the phased procedure guidelines.
  • The initial phase of this effort will reach 500 urban areas with a population of one lakh or more.
  • The government has allocated Rs 50,000 crore in funding for this.
Amrut Yojana

Eligibility for Amrit Yojana

Anyone wishing to apply under this program must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible:

  • Applicants must reside in India permanently.
  • the oldest age at which the head of the household may appear on the Aastha card-holding families living below the poverty line list published by the government.
  • The recommended age range is 18 to 59 years old (inclusive dates and age as of the latest birthday).

Amrit Yojana Important Documents

These are a few of the scheme’s key documents:

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID Card
  • income certificate
  • NFSA Card
  • Applicant’s photo
  • Attested by doctor
  • Birth certificate
  • EPIC card
  • Death certificate – In case of death in case of normal or accident.
  • Post-mortem report – In case of death due to an accident.
  • First Information Report – In case of death/permanent disability due to accident.
  • Police Investigation Report – In case of death/permanent disability due to accident.

The process to apply under the Amrit Yojana

  • Before anything else, you must visit Amrit Yojana’s official website. The website’s main page will then appear in front of you.
  • You must select the Apply option on the website’s home page for the application form to appear in front of you.
  • You must fill out this form with all the requested information, including your name, email address, and mobile number.
  • Subsequently, you must upload all necessary documents and select the “Submit” button. This procedure will allow you to apply for Amrit Yojana.

The process to view the list of Mission City

  • To begin with, you have to visit Amrit Yojana’s professional website. following that, you will be able to see the internet site’s essential page.
  • The web page that follows will open if you pick the “about Amrit” alternative on the website’s foremost page.
  • To view the next page, you must first click on the list of project town alternatives on this page.
  • You can see the list of Mission Cities by following this procedure, which will cause the list to appear in front of you.

Process to get information related to the City Wise Project

  • Previous to something else, you should visit Amrit Yojana’s official internet site. the internet site’s major page will then appear in front of you.
  • After selecting the “approximately amrit” option on the main page of the website, choose the city sensible challenge option.
  • The subsequent web page will now appear in front of you. you need to pick out the kingdom and city on this web page.
  • You next need to pick the quest alternative. By doing this, you could obtain data about the city voice venture.

Contact Information

The following contact information is provided under this scheme:

  • Helpline number: 1800 102 7480


Q: What is Amrit Yojana?

Ans: Notably, the Indian government launched the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation in 2015. Its goal is to improve the quality of life for everyone, particularly the impoverished and deprived, by providing basic civic amenities like parks, urban transport, sewerage, and water supply.

Q: How many cities are included in Amrit Yojana?

Ans: Additional plan details: The Amrit Yojana has selected 500 cities.

Q: To what extent does Amrit Yojana cover cities?

Ans: Additional details about the programme: 500 cities have been chosen for the Amrit Yojana.

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