Assam Ration Card List

Assam Ration Card List, Online Application, Purpose & District/ Village Wise New List

Assam Ration Card List:- The Assam government has launched the Assam Ration Card List. Thus, we shall discuss the key features of the Assam ration card for 2024 under this article today. We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide in this post so you may check the Assam Ration Card List, which the Assam government has just released. In this post, we’ll go over the features of the Assam ration card as well as the advantages the general public has gained since the new card’s introduction.


Assam Ration Card List 2024

One useful document for state citizens is a ration card. The ration card gives the underprivileged members of society access to healthy meals. In India, a large number of underprivileged individuals can benefit from subsidized food through the use of ration cards. Indian individuals are now even issued a nationalized ration card. Using this nationalized ration card will allow you to obtain food supplies nationwide. For Indian nationals, the ration card is the most significant document overall.

The Assam Ration Card List Details

NameAssam Ration Card
Launched byAssam Government
BeneficiariesResidents Of Assam
ObjectiveProviding Ration Card
Official website

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Assam Ration Card List

The Value Of A Ration Card

Because it is occasionally used as a mark of identification verification, the ration card is quite significant in our nation. There are numerous benefits to the ration card. The primary advantage is the accessibility of food products at extremely low prices, as it is well known in our nation that many impoverished individuals cannot purchase food for their daily and everyday needs. The ration card makes it possible for all the impoverished to live joyful, stress-free lives without having to worry about food prices rising.

Types of Assam Ration Cards

The government offers ration cards in six different varieties. These ration cards are listed in the following order:

Antyodaya Ration Card

Families who fall into the lowest economic bracket in society are eligible to receive an Antyodaya ration card. This group typically comprises laborers, unemployed individuals, and elderly men and women. A person can apply for this ration card if their monthly per capita income is less than Rs 250. The applicant must submit the application form, fully attested by the village sarpanch or municipal councilor, along with two passport-sized family photos and an appropriately formatted affidavit to be eligible for this ration card. 35 kg of rice is given to Antyodaya Ration Card members for Rs 3 per kg.

BPL Ration Card

Families who fall under the category of being below the poverty line are eligible to apply for a BPL Ration card. Families classified as BPL have an annual income of Rs ₹27,000.

APL Ration Card

Citizens who fall into the category of income over the poverty level may apply for an APL ration card. Anyone can apply for a ration card under this category since there is no income cap.

Red, Pink, and Blue Ration Card

Families who earn more than the federal poverty threshold are eligible to get these ration cards. Certain special subsidies, such as reduced rates on paraffin bought at ration shops, are available to these cardholders. Families without access to petrol or LPG may apply for this ration card.

Orange Ration Card

Additionally, families with incomes above the federal poverty line receive orange ration cards. The financial requirements for obtaining an Orange ration card vary by state.

Yellow Ration Card

Residents who meet the requirements to be considered impoverished are issued with this ration card. According to the concept of the poverty line, each state has various annual income requirements to qualify for a Yellow Ration Card.

The Assam Ration Card List’s eligibility requirements

In Assam, the following individuals are qualified to apply for ration cards:

  • In case someone does not have a ration card now, they might apply for one.
  • Applying for ration cards is open to family women.
  • The applicant must reside in Assamese state.
  • The applicant must hold Indian citizenship.
  • The annual income of the inhabitant is restricted to one lac rupees.

Assam Ration Card List Required Documents

The following documentation is required to request an Assam Ration Card:

  • Proof of no-ration card from the village Head/Gaon panchayat president/ward Commissioner/Inspector, FCS&CA /Concerned Authority.
  • Copies of Birth Certificate
  • Voter List Copy
  • Income Certificate
  • BPL Certificate
  • Taxpay receipt of Land Revenue
  • Residential Proof
  • pan card
  • Driving License
  • BPL Family SI. no

How to Apply for an Assam Ration Card

The Assam ration card application process only requires you to go to the government office or ration shop closest to your home in the public distribution system. At the counter, you can request the application form. Complete the form and include the previously indicated papers. Within fifteen days, your home will receive the ration card.

How to View/Download the New Ration Card List for Assam

To check or download the most recent version of the ration card list, simply follow the instructions below:

  • The official Assam PDS website must be visited first. Following this, you will be able to see the website’s homepage.
  • On the homepage of the website, you must select the “Report of Category-wise No. of Ration Cards in Districts” option. Thereafter, you’ll be presented with a new page.
  • The lists of ration cards for each district and the ration card holders under APL, BPL, and AAY are available for viewing on this page.
  • Select your village, then Tehsil, and finally your district. The relevant details will appear on your device screen when you click on the village’s name.
Assam Ration Card List

How to Verify the Assam Ration Card List for 2024

To view the Assam ration card beneficiary list, take the actions listed below:

  • First, visit the provided link to the official website.
  • Next, select the name of your district.
  • Village Name Tehsil Name
  • Right now On your screen, you will see the following information: Type of Ration Card, Father/Spouse Name, Applicant Name, and Unique RC ID Code.

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Assam Ration Card List District Wise

 District Name Direct Link
 Buksa Click Here
 BarpetaClick Here
 BongaigaonClick Here
 CacharClick Here
 ChirangClick Here
 DarrangClick Here
 DhemajiClick Here
 DhubriClick Here
 DibrugarhClick Here
 Dima hasaoClick Here
 GolparaClick Here
 GolaGhatClick Here
 HailakandiClick Here
 JorhatClick Here
 KamrupClick Here
 Kamrup metropolitanClick Here
 Karbi anglongClick Here
 KarimganjClick Here
 KokrajharClick Here
 LakhimpurClick Here
 MorigaonClick Here
 NagaonClick Here
 NalbariClick Here
 SivasagarClick Here
 SonitpurClick Here
 TinsukiaClick Here
 UdalguriClick Here

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Q.) What information is needed on my ration card?

Ans. The information that appears on your ration card is as follows: details about the family head, the members of your immediate family, their relationship to the head of the family, your date of birth, your address, and your line of work.

Q.) How long would it take for my ration card to be processed?

Ans. Your ration card will be processed in two to three weeks after the relevant authorities have reviewed your application and the supporting documentation.

Q.) Is it possible to apply online for an Assamese ration card?

Ans. No, to apply for the ration card, you must go to the office that is closest to you.

Q.) Can I access the department’s details online?

Ans. Yes, you can see the department’s details online and apply for a ration card there.

Q.) I want to update the address on my ration card; may I submit my driver’s license?

Ans. Yes, you can use your driver’s license to update the address on your ration card.

Q.) Is it possible to use the Assam ration card in another state?

Ans. According to the PDS, there is no clause allowing you to use your Assam ration card in another Indian state.

Q.) When I apply for a ration card, is the Voter ID required to be submitted?

Ans. Yes, submitting the voter ID is required when applying for a ration card.

Q.) After applying and all necessary paperwork, will I receive a receipt?

Ans. Yes, as soon as the application form and the necessary paperwork are sent in, you will receive a receipt.

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