Bharat Gaurav Scheme

Bharat Gaurav Scheme 2024, Indian Railways Tourism Initiative

Bharat Gaurav Scheme:-Bharat Gaurav Trains, or the Bharat Gaurav Scheme, is a product of the Indian Railways, which aims to capitalize on the enormous tourism potential of India. Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Minister of Railways, announced this project.


Bharat Gaurav Scheme: The Latest Developments

The Indian Railways introduced the Bharat Gaurav Train to the Northeast in March 2023. The Northeast has an abundance of unique flora and wildlife, making it a veritable treasure trove of natural beauty. Snow-capped peaks, verdant meadows and valleys, enchanted alpine forests, evergreen forests, national parks, a diverse range of wildlife, and shimmering lakes and rivers are some of the features that define this region. The region’s unique tribal culture, varied temperatures, tea gardens, and rolling meadows all contribute to its allure and beauty. With the opening of the Bharat Gaurav Train, tourists will have better access to these breathtaking landscapes and diverse civilizations.

Bharat Gaurav Scheme

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An Overview of the Bharat Gaurav Scheme

  • In November 2021, the Railway Ministry unveiled the program. It permits the operation of theme-based train services on multiple circuits by commercial enterprises.
  • Until recently, Indian Railways was separated into two divisions: cargo and passengers. However, this concept included a third segment specifically for travel.
  • The trains that are part of the Bharat Gaurav program are not part of a set schedule. Rather, they have a resemblance to the IRCTC’s Ramayana Express.
  • The program was first made available as a part of the tourist circuit trains with a theme. The places that the trains under the project would go through would therefore be related to a particular topic; for example, the trains would pass through territories associated with Lord Shri Ram (the Ramayana) and significant Sikh cultural sites (the Guru Kripa trains).
  • Both commercial operators and the IRCTC will operate these trains.
  • Under the ‘Bharat Gaurav’ initiative, the Southern Railway became the first zone in Indian Railways to have a recognized service provider.
  • The IRCTC will inaugurate the Shri Ramayana Yatra train from Delhi on June 21. It will also operate under the Bharat Gaurav scheme. It will encompass notable locations connected to Lord Rama.

What is a Tourist Circuit?

A tourist circuit is a path that takes travelers to at least three popular tourist spots that are not far apart and are not in the same town, village, or city. Having entry and departure points on these circuits clearly marked will encourage tourists to visit most of the designated destinations. Theme-focused tourism circuits revolve around specific topics, like religion, culture, ethnicity, and niche. These circuits might be limited to a single state, or they might cross many states or Union territory.

Key Features of the Bharat Gaurav Scheme

  • Under the plan, trains can be leased by Indian Railways to operate on a theme-based circuit as part of a unique tourism package by operators, service providers, or pretty much anybody.
  • The railways lease their trains to private parties and tour companies, who can use them on any circuit of their choosing.
  • The plan makes use of the knowledge and experience of tourism experts to create or identify tourist routes and run trains with a theme.
  • Under this system, the public-private relationship can endure for as long as the coach is in service, with a minimum two-year term.
  • The operator is free to choose the route, the stops, the services offered, and the pricing under the Bharat Gaurav plan. The railroads will make sure that the costs are fair, though.
Bharat Gaurav Scheme

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The Aim of the Bharat Gaurav Scheme

  • The program seeks to fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of introducing the Indian people and the rest of the world to the country’s outstanding historical sites and rich cultural legacy.
  • Furthermore, it seeks to leverage India’s enormous tourism potential.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Scheme?

Tour companies, individuals, societies, trusts, clubs, and even state governments are eligible to apply to run these trains on themed special tourism circuits.

Scope of Service Providers under the Scheme

  • The themes of the trips are at the discretion of the service providers.
  • They will provide travelers with all-inclusive packages that include rail transportation, lodging, sightseeing plans, tours of historical and cultural places, and tour operators.
  • They are completely free to choose the package price depending on the caliber of services provided.
  • They can select coaches based on the needs of their customers, targeting various markets such as high-end and low-end.
  • They are free to incorporate the subject into the interior design or decoration of the coaches.
  • They may advertise inside the train as well as outside.
  • Approximately 190 trains have been set aside by the railways for these circuits based on themes. There will be between 14 and 20 carriages on the train, including 2 SLRs (Guard Vans).
  • To apply for these trains, one would need to pay Rs 100,000 for a transparent online registration process.

Essential Points about Bharat Gaurav Trains

  • From Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, to Sainagar Shirdi, Maharashtra, the first private train operating under the Bharat Gaurav Scheme departed.
  • The services for this train are provided by South Star Rail, a registered business that is a division of Future Gaming & Hotel Services Private Limited.
  • Sleeper, 3-AC, 2-AC, and 1-AC coaches are included in the inaugural Bharat Gaurav train.
  • The trains are smoke- and toxic-free throughout.
  • The train will pass by a number of historical sites, giving travelers a sense of the cultural legacy of the nation.
  • To keep passengers engaged during the ride, the coaches have on-rail radio jockeys and high-bass speakers. The voyage will be pleasurable with live interviews, inspirational anecdotes, and devotional tunes.
  • There will be a doctor on board to handle any medical issues.
  • There will be fire and safety officers, electricians, and AC mechanics on board.
  • To keep the train safe, both the Railway Police Force and private security will be present.
Bharat Gaurav Scheme

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Q. The Bharat Gaurav Scheme: What is it?

Ans- The Indian Railways launched the Bharat Gaurav Scheme, often known as Bharat Gaurav Trains, to capitalize on the enormous tourism potential of India. The plan permits private companies to run train services with a theme on several circuits.

Q. With the Bharat Gaurav Scheme, who can apply?

Ans- Applications to use these trains on themed special tourism circuits are open to individuals, societies, trusts, groups, tour companies, and even state governments.

Q. Which aspects of the Bharat Gaurav Scheme are the most important?

Ans- Under the program, Indian Railways’ trains can be leased by any operator or service provider to operate on a circuit with a theme as part of a unique travel package. Trains from railways can be leased by private parties and tour operators, who can use them on any circuit of their choosing.

Q. What is the Bharat Gaurav Scheme’s objective?

Ans- The program attempts to carry out Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambition of introducing the world to India’s stunning historical sites and rich cultural legacy.

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