Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana

Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana 2024: Benefits, Online Apply, Eligibility & Application Form Download

Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana: Natural calamities frequently cause losses for farmers. Farmers in the state are consequently forced to deal with financial difficulties. As a result, he is unable to farm effectively. The Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme was launched by the Bihar government to address this issue. Through this essay, we will give you all the pertinent information about this plan that you need to know now. For example, what is the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme, and what are its advantages, goals, characteristics, qualifying requirements, essential paperwork, and application procedure? So, friends, please read this post through to the conclusion if you want to learn everything there is to know about the Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana.

Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana

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Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana 2024

The Bihar Fasal Bima Yojana was initiated to shield Bihari farmers’ crops from natural calamities like as droughts and floods. Under this program, farmers would receive financial support if a natural calamity causes them to lose any agricultural land. With the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme, farmers would receive ₹ 7500 per hectare if their actual crop production is lost by up to 20%, and ₹ 10,000 per hectare if the loss exceeds 20%. In line with this plan. The farmer will get a direct bank account transfer for the money given. Farmers must have a bank account to apply for the Bihar Fasal Sahayata Yojana, and the bank account should

Information about Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana

name of the schemeBihar Fasal Sahayata Yojana
DepartmentCooperative Department
BeneficiaryFarmers of the state
Start date of online applicationis beginning
Last date of online applicationnobody
Objectiveto encourage farming in the state in order to boost farmers’ independence and shield them from crop losses.
Relief fund 7500 to 10,000
Type of planState government scheme
Official Website

Objective of Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana 2024

Bihar’s farmers should receive financial support from the state government to make up for the crops they lost to natural calamities like floods and droughts, and they should be encouraged to continue farming in the future. The Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana 2024 would provide incentives to thousands of farmers who have lost crops to bad weather. as well as to empower and enable the farmers. The state government launched this program to achieve this goal.

Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana

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Benefits of Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana Bihar

The state government of Bihar created the Bihar Crop Insurance Scheme with the welfare of the state’s farmers in mind. the advantages that farmers under the Central Government’s already-operating PMFBY program were not receiving. The state government has also incorporated all those points. Due to a lack of information, farmers in distant locations may not always receive rewards if their claims are not filed on time. As a result, regular farmers receive a message that this system offers no benefits. However, you will undoubtedly profit from this strategy provided you notify the firm of your claim at the appropriate time if your crop fails.

The state government of Bihar has significantly streamlined the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme. Farmers are now free from claim-related issues under the new program. Farmers’ insurance claims are directly deposited to their bank accounts when a government-designated disaster affects a particular area; there are no formalities involved.

  • Either the government or the insurance provider will cover the loss resulting from a natural disaster.
  • Farmers will receive aid worth between Rs. 7500 and Rs. 10,000 if they lose 20% or more of their harvest.
  • The amount of help farmers get under the Bihar State Farmers Help Scheme would be sent straight into their bank accounts by direct bank transfer (DBT).

Benefits of Bihar Fasal Sahayata Yojana

  • Farmers in the state who have had crop damage from weather-related events or natural catastrophes will receive advantages from this program.
  • According to the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme 2024, the government would pay farmers in the state Rs 7500 per hectare if their real crop yield rate declines by up to 20%.
  • Farmers in the state of Bihar would receive up to Rs 10,000 per acre if their crops saw a decrease in the real yield rate of more than 20%.
  • To make up for the farmers’ crop losses as a result, the state government would deposit the aid money straight into the beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

Eligibility for Bihar Crop Assistance Scheme

  • The candidate needs to live in Bihari.
  • The candidate must be a Bihar farmer.
  • A bank account is a requirement for the farmer applicant.
  • It is necessary to possess valid land-related documents, like a Khatauni or Jamabandi.

Required Documents

Bihar Rajya Fasal Sahayata Yojana

To apply for a Bihar crop aid amount, you must have the following paperwork.

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Ration card
  • farm paper
  • bank passbook
  • passport size photograph
  • mobile number
  • Declaration letter regarding crop failure.

How to apply for Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme 2024?

Interested recipients can apply online for the Bihar Fasal Sahayata Yojana using the following process to be eligible for program benefits.

  • The applicant must first visit the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme’s official website
  • After that, you will be given the option to register; you have to select it. After you click on the choice, a new page will appear.
  • You will then be presented with the choice of having an
  • Aadhaar or not as a new page opens on the computer screen. Click the “yes” box if you have an Aadhar card.
  • You will be prompted for your Aadhar number on the following page that opens after selecting the “Yes” option for your Aadhar card.
  • Next, enter your name and Aadhaar number and press submit. Your application under the scheme will be completed in this manner.

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Process to login to the portal

  • You must first visit the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme’s official website.
  • The main screen will now appear in front of you.
  • Following that, you must enter your password, cellphone number, and captcha code in the login section.
  • You must now select the login option.
  • You will be able to access the portal by doing this.

Bihar Fasal Bima Yojana Process to view the list of eligible Gram Panchayats

  • You must first visit the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme’s official website.
  • The main screen will now appear in front of you.
  • You must click on the List of Eligible Gramme Panchayat link located on the homepage.
  • Following this, a new page will appear in front of you where you will need to choose the block name, year, and district name.
  • You will then need to select the “view” button.
  • You will see the list of qualified Gramme Panchayats on your computer screen.

Helpline Number

We have covered all the pertinent details regarding the Bihar Fasal Sahayata Yojana in this article. Should you continue to experience issues, you can get in touch with the helpline number or send an email to ask questions. The following is the email address and hotline number.

  • Helpline Number- 18003456290
  • Email Id-


Q: What is the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme?

Ans: Under this initiative, farmers who suffer crop loss of up to 20% and more than 20% owing to natural disasters like floods and droughts will receive financial assistance of Rs 7500 per hectare and Rs 10,000 per hectare, respectively. They are given in hectares.

Q: How to check Bihar crop insurance money?

Ans: How are the funds for compensation verified? Open the government website first to see the current status of the crop insurance program. Choose the Application Status option after that. Next, input the captcha and receipt number.

Q: How is crop insurance checked?

Ans: The farmer can notify the insurance provider, the bank in question, the local government department responsible for agriculture, the district authorities, our toll-free hotline (1800 200 7710), or the National Crop Insurance Portal within 72 hours of the incident.

Q: When did the crop scheme start?

Ans: On January 13, 2016, Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced the launch of the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY). This program would shield farmers from inclement weather and lessen the premium burden for those who borrow money for farming.

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