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Download Aadhar, UIDAI Aadhar Update

The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) empowers Aadhar holders to download an advanced duplicate of their distinguishing proof card through an online office. The computerized Aadhaar is “as legitimate as the Aadhaar letter got by post”, as indicated by the UIDAI, which deals with the Aadhaar biometric ID program and gives a scope of related administrations on the web. An advanced Aadhaar card can be downloaded utilizing the UIDAI site (uidai.gov.in) or mobile application mAadhaar.

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What is a Masked Aadhaar Card?

This is the newest option for the citizens to mask their Aadhaar cards in downloaded e-Aadhaar during which the primary 8 digits are replaced with characters like ‘XXXX-XXXX’ and only shows the last four digits of the Aadhaar number.

What is “Order Aadhaar Reprint” Service?

UIDAI has launched a replacement service “Order Aadhaar Reprint” for the citizens just in case their Aadhaar card misplaced or lost w.e.f 01-12-2018. and may reprint the Aadhaar letter by paying the nominal charges. This service is additionally available for the applicants who haven’t registered their mobile numbers via Non-Registered/Alternate Mobile number.

How To Download Aadhar Card?

The client needed to visit the Aadhar site, uidai.gov.in, and select the “download Aadhar Card” choice under the “Get Aadhar” area. After this progression, the client needed to choose any of the three alternatives to continue: the Aadhaar number (UID), the enrolment ID (EID) or the virtual ID (VID). UIDAI’s office additionally empowers the client to choose a covered duplicate of Aadhaar card. On a veiled adaptation, the whole UID – which includes 12 digits – isn’t obvious. The client needed to tap on the “Send OTP” button after filling in the vital subtleties and enter the OTP or one-time password (got on the Aadhar-enlisted mobile) in the offered space to continue. After this, the client needed to choose the “confirm and download Aadhar card” choice.

After fruitful fulfilment of the cycle, an advanced duplicate of the Aadhar card download on the gadget utilized. The download Aadhar card record in the PDF design and secret phrase ensure, which implies the client need to enter a secret phrase to have the option to get to it.

This secret word is a mix of the initial four letters of the client’s name in capital letters, trail by the client’s introduction to the world year in the YYYY design, as indicated by the UIDAI site. A comparative cycle can utilize to download an Aadhar card utilizing the mAadhaar application.

What is “Request Aadhaar Reprint” Service?

“Request Aadhaar Reprint” another help dispatched by UIDAI w.e.f. 01-12-2018 on Pilot premise which encourages the occupants of India to get their Aadhaar letter to reproduce by paying ostensible charges, if, Aadhaar letter of inhabitant has been lost, lost or on the off chance that they need another duplicate. Occupants who don’t have enrolled mobile number can likewise “Request Aadhaar Reprint” utilizing Non-Registered/Alternate Mobile Number.

What are the charges to paid for “Request Aadhaar Reprint”?

Charges to pay for “Request Aadhaar Reprint” is Rs.50/ – (comprehensive of GST and speed post charges).

How inhabitants can raise the solicitation for “Request Aadhaar Reprint”?
  • “Request Aadhaar Reprint” solicitation can raise by visiting the UIDAI Official Website or Resident Portal utilizing 12 digits Aadhaar Number (UID) or 16 digits Virtual Identification Number (VID).
  • Enlisted Mobile Number, where OTP/TOTP will be gotten on Registered Mobile number
  • Non-Registered/Alternate Mobile Number, where OTP will be gotten on Non-Registered/Alternate Mobile number
Which modes are accessible to make the installment?

You can utilize following instalment modes to make the instalment for “Request Aadhaar Reprint”

  • Visa
  • Charge Card
  • Net Banking
  • UPI
Do we have choice to raise an Order Aadhaar Reprint demand on various location?

On the off chance that you need to convey your “Request Aadhaar Reprint” on various location, first, you need to refresh your Aadhaar subtleties by visiting closest Enrollment community or Online update through SSUP gateway.

How long will it take to get “Request Aadhaar Reprint” subsequent to making effective solicitation?

After getting request for Order Aadhaar Reprint from the occupant UIDAI will handover printed Aadhaar Letter to DoP inside 5 working days (barring the date of solicitation). Aadhaar Letter will convey utilizing SPEED POST Service of Department of Post (DoP) by DoP conveyance standards and Delivery Status might follow utilizing DoP Status Track Services.

What supporting programming expected to open e-Aadhaar?

Inhabitant needs ‘Adobe Reader’ to see e-Aadhaar. You have ‘Adobe Reader’ introduced in your System. To introduce Adobe Reader in the System visit https://get.adobe.com/peruser/

In what capacity would resident be able to download e-Aadhar?
  • Inhabitant can download e-Aadhaar by following two different ways.
  • By Using Enrollment Number: Resident can download e-Aadhaar utilizing 28 digit enrolment no alongside Full Name and Pin code. In this download cycle, OTP is gotten on enrolled mobile no. The occupant can likewise utilize TOTP to download e-Aadhaar rather than OTP. TOTP can create utilizing mAadhaar mobile Application.
  • By Using Aadhaar No: Resident can download e-Aadhaar by utilizing 12 digits Aadhaar No alongside Full Name and Pin code. In this download cycle, OTP is gotten on enlisted mobile no. Inhabitant can likewise utilize TOTP to download e-Aadhaar rather than OTP. TOTP can produce utilizing mAadhaar mobile Application.
What is Masked Aadhaar?

Veil Aadhaar alternative permits you to cover your Aadhaar number in your downloaded e-Aadhaar. Covered Aadhaar number suggests supplanting of initial 8 digits of Aadhaar number with certain characters like “xxxx-xxxx” while just last 4 digits of the Aadhaar Number are obvious.

Is e-Aadhaar similarly legitimate like physical duplicate of Aadhaar?

According to Aadhaar Act, e-Aadhaar is similarly legitimate like Physical Copy of Aadhaar for all reasons. For UIDAI round on legitimacy of e Aadhaar, so kindly visit https://uidai.gov.in/pictures/uidai_om_on_e_aadhaar_validity.pdf

What is e-Aadhaar?

e-Aadhaar a secret key secured electronic duplicate of Aadhaar, which carefully marked by the skilled Authority of UIDAI.

What is the expiry time of VID?

Right now there no expiry period characterized for VID. VID will be substantial till the time another VID created by the Aadhaar number holder.

Will re-age of VID lead to the equivalent VID or an alternate VID?

After the base legitimacy time frame (presently set as 1 calendar day), on Aadhaar number holder demands recovery, another VID will be produced and the past VID will deactivate. If inhabitant settles on the recovery of VID, the last dynamic VID will be sent to the Aadhaar number holder.

Will an organization store VID?

No. Since VID is brief and can be changed by the Aadhaar number holder, putting away VID has no worth. Organizations ought not to store VID in any information base or logs.

If there should be an occurrence of VID, do I have to give agree to validation?

Truly, Aadhaar number holder assent is essential for VID based confirmation. The office needed to educate the Aadhaar number holder the reason for confirmation and gather express assent for performing validation.

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Will VID utilized for OTP or biometrics or socioeconomics confirmation?

Truly. VID can utilize instead of Aadhar number in Authentication API input. Different elements will refresh their Aadhar confirmation application by 31st May 2019 to acknowledge VID as a contribution for validation.

Consider the possibility that an Aadhaar number holder overlooks VID. Can he/she get once more?

Truly, UIDAI will give numerous approaches to create new as well as recover current VID. These choices will be made accessible using UIDAI’s inhabitant gateway, eAadhaar, Aadhar Enrolment focus, mAadhaar mobile application and so forth. By and by, VID age office is accessible on UIDAI’s inhabitant entrance. At whatever point required, the VID number will be sent to inhabitants using SMS on the enlisted mobile number.

VID can likewise recover by sending an SMS to the Aadhar helpline number 1947. Occupant should type “RVIDLast 4 digits of Aadhar Number” and send it to 1947 through the enrolled Mobile Number.

What is Virtual ID (VID)?

VID is a brief, revocable 16-digit arbitrary number planned with the Aadhaar number. VID can utilize instead of Aadhaar number at whatever point validation or e-KYC administrations performed. Verification might be performed utilizing VID in a way like utilizing Aadhaar number. It is preposterous to expect to get Aadhar number from VID.

What subtleties would i be able to refresh in Self Service Update Portal (SSUP)?

You can refresh your Address online in Self Service Update Portal (SSUP).

For different subtleties updates, for example, Demographic subtleties (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile Number, Email) just as Biometrics (Finger Prints, Iris and Photograph) in Aadhaar you should visit Permanent Enrolment Center.

Is it vital that my mobile number ought to be enrolled with Aadhaar while mentioning for any sort of update?

If you are utilizing on the web Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) for an update, your mobile number must be enrolled with Aadhaar else you can visit closest Permanent Enrolment place with Supporting Documents.

How might I present my Supporting reports if there should be an occurrence of online Self Service Update entryway (SSUP)?

You will be needed to transfer unique checked (with shading scanner) duplicates of PoA archive according to the Valid Documents List. Allude Link for legitimate archives.

I don’t have any report verification of my location. Would i be able to even now refresh my location in my Aadhaar?

Indeed, you can refresh your present location by mentioning for Address Validation Letter with the assistance of an Address Verifier. So think about the cycle in detail from FAQs: Request for Address Validation Letter.

I effectively presented my location update demand. How might I track this?

On fruitful accommodation of an online location update demand, so you get a URN (Update Request Number) of the configuration 0000/00XXX/XXXXX. This appeared on screen and sent through SMS to your enlisted mobile number. So utilize this URN and your Aadhaar number to follow the status of your Aadhaar update from https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/checkSSUPStatus/checkupdatestatus

My update demand got dismissed for invalid reports. I don’t get this’ meaning?

The report you use for Online Address Update ought to be:

  • Legitimate record according to https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/guidance
  • So for the sake of the inhabitant mentioning the update
  • Picture transferred ought to be the clear and shaded output of the unique report
  • Guarantee that you follow the above before you make another update demand.
I don’t have any record confirmation of my location. Would I be able to even now refresh my location in my Aadhaar?

Indeed, without any narrative Proof of Address (PoA), you can even now refresh your present location in your Aadhaar with the assistance of an Address Verifier and by sending an online solicitation for an Address Validation Letter. So you can refresh the location where you are by and by dwelling with the assent and validation of the location verifier (a relative, relative, companions, landowner, and so forth.) who is eager to let you utilize their location as evidence.

What is an Address Validation Letter?

Address Validation Letter will be a letter which sent to the Address Verifier’s location. So the letter will contain a mystery code sent for approval after the Address Verifier agrees to the utilization of his/her location by the mentioning occupant. So after this solicitation submitted effectively the inhabitant will get the Aadhaar Validation Letter inside 30 days from the date of raising solicitation.

What will occur after age of mystery code for Aadhar Validation Letter?

When the solicitation will produce, the printed Address Validation Letter will get endorsed/checked physically and afterwards after sending to the Verifier’s location through DoP for example India Speed Post. So inhabitants need to follow the underneath referenced strides to refresh the location:-

  • Visit https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup
  • So click on ‘Continue to Update Address’ connection
  • Therefore login with Aadhar
  • The select choice to ‘Update Address using Secret Code’
  • Therefore enter Secret Code
  • Therefore survey the new address and submit
  • Note your Update Request Number (URN) appeared on screen

Note: – Only three endeavors will accommodated Secret Code section.

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