Indira Rasoi Yojana

Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024: Objective, Main Facts, Benefits and All Information

Indira Rasoi Yojana: Yojana Indira Rasoi Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot initiated the provision of two daily meals for the state’s populace. The government of Rajasthan launched this programme on August 20 in response to the circumstance where a large number of individuals are struggling to afford food daily as a result of the country’s ongoing coronavirus outbreak. For a mere Rs 8, the impoverished residents of the state will receive a one-time meal that is both fresh and nourishing, provided they sit courteously in one location. This involves a one-time cost of Rs. 25, of which the beneficiary must pay the remaining Rs. 8 himself and the state government would cover Rs. 17.

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Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Ashok Gehlot, launched the Indira Rasoi Yojana Rajasthan to give residents of 213 urban areas in the state access to 358 cooks and two complete meals of delectable food. The state government increased the number of Indira Rasoi to 1000 in the budget statement. On September 18, the chief minister of the state launched 512 new Indira Rasoi in Jodhpur. NGOs in the state of Rajasthan are in charge of running the 870 Indira Rasoi kitchens, which are now operating.

Overview of Indira Rasoi Yojana Rajasthan

Name of SchemeRajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana
was startedBy Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot
Beneficiarypoor needy citizens of the state
application procedureOnline
ObjectiveTo provide tasty and nutritious food two times a day to the poor citizens of the state.
BenefitTwo meals a day of tasty and nutritious food will be provided to the poor citizens of the state.
CategoryRajasthan government schemes 
official website

The objective of Indira Rasoi Yojana Rajasthan 2024

Indira Rasoi Yojana

to serve wholesome, delicious cuisine. Because of the nation’s rising unemployment rate and inflation, impoverished people frequently go without food and must endure hunger. The Rajasthani government launched this programme with this scenario in mind. With the Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024, launched by the state’s chief minister, all qualified and economically challenged citizens of the state can now eat a whole meal for just Rs 8. Be able to accomplish. In addition, during the coronavirus, the Rajasthani government used this programme to give free food to all qualified citizens and REET candidates.

Main facts of Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024

  • There would be no single organisation in charge of the Indira Rasoi Yojana.
  • This programme will be run by volunteers.
  • The Indira Rasoi Yojana will be associated with several NGOs according to each district and body.
  • First, to ensure that there hasn’t been any form of plan manipulation
  • The District Collector will have the authority to plan at the district level.
  • As previously mentioned, this plan calls for the establishment of two kitchens in the municipality, two in the city council region, and five additional kitchens in the municipal corporation area.
  • This scheme’s whole workload will be handled by NGOs.
  • The cost of preparing food for each person is ₹ 20.
  • Twelve would stay in state ownership, and eight would be removed from the restaurant.
  • This initiative will cost Rs 100 crore annually.

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Under the Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana, one meal will be available for just Rs 8.

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan launched the Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024 to feed the state’s impoverished and destitute residents twice a day. With the help of this programme, all the state’s poor residents will be able to eat twice a day for just Rs 8. This means that a single thali costs Rs 25, of which Rs 17 will be covered by the state government and Rs 8 must be paid for by the people.

Indira Rasoi Yojana

Benefits of Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana

  • Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot launched the Rajasthan IRY 2024 to feed the state’s underprivileged and destitute population two meals a day.
  • All citizens in need will receive a delicious and freshly prepared two-time complete dinner through this programme.
  • That means residents who get food under this arrangement will simply have to pay Rs 8 for it.
  • In addition, the state’s residents will receive food at extremely low cost thanks to this programme, thus enhancing their health.
  • The goal of the Rajasthan IRY is to benefit 1.34 lakh people daily and 4.87 crore people annually. If needed, the state government may additionally raise this goal.

Eligibility for Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana

  • Residents of Rajasthan are eligible to get benefits under this programme.
  • The programme is available to people of all classes and religions.
  • The programme is only available to those who are in need and impoverished.

Documents for Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana

  • Photocopy of Aadhar Card
  • Photocopy of Voter ID
  • phone number
  • email id
  • other documents

Online Registration in Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana

There is excellent news for everyone. I would like to inform you that there is no application process for the Rajasthan IRY given by the government. This is because there is no requirement to apply online or offline for this plan.

Indira Rasoi Yojana

How to get food in Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana (How to Get Meal)

All you need to bring is some cash and one of your identity cards to take advantage of the scheme’s benefits. Following that, you have to go to the location where the government is in charge of Indira Rasoi. You have to deposit ₹ 8 at the counter after proceeding there, and then you will receive a slip. Then you have to take the plate that is kept there, remove the food from each employee individually, and give the worker serving you the slip that you were given. You can take advantage of the programme by doing this, as you can eat food covered by it.

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Contact Information

  • Autonomous Government Building, G-3, Rajmahal Residential Area, Near Civil Lines Railway Crossing, Jaipur
  • Helpline number- 1800-1806-127
  • Mobile Number- 0141-2226712/11, 0141-226712
  • Email ID-

Faq’s for Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana

Q. What are the benefits of Indira Rasoi?

Ans: The program’s goal is to give subsidised access to wholesome meals to the underprivileged and destitute. The IRY programme asks participants to donate ₹8 per meal. ‘No one should sleep hungry’ was the slogan used to introduce the programme in August 2020.

Q. When was IRYYojana started?

Ans: Renamed the IRY, it was started by the Rajasthan BJP.
In August 2020, the IRY—which offers wholesome food to the impoverished and needy for just ₹ 8—was introduced with the slogan “No one should sleep hungry.”

Q. What is the theme of IRY?

Ans: The Hon. Chief Minister’s goal that “no one should sleep hungry” in the State inspired the creation of the IRY. For just Rs. 8, recipients receive handmade, wholesome food along with seating arrangements and dignity.


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