Kalyan Jewellers Scheme

Kalyan Jewellers Scheme 2024-25: Latest Update, Branches, Advance & How to Works

Kalyan Jewellers Scheme:- For many years, Kalyan Jewellers has built a solid reputation for itself in the jewelry business through simple perseverance and hard work. Established in a small city in Kerala, the group currently caters to the needs and desires of a growing national audience.


Kalyan Jewellers Scheme Owner

By sheer effort and commitment over many years, The Kalyan Jewellers has established a name and reputation for itself in the jewelry industry. Originally established in a small village in Kerala, the group today caters to the needs and preferences of a growing customer base across the country.

Kalyan Jewellers Branches

With showrooms spread throughout the majority of Indian states, including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Puducherry, Odisha, Punjab, and so on, Kalyan Jewellers is one of the country’s largest jewelry shop chains. The Kalyan Jewellers Bangalore has stores in Malleshwaram, Jayanagar, Dickenson Road, and Koramangala. It is even present abroad, with showrooms positioned in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman, mostly serving the demands of its expanding international clientele. Prospective buyers can use Store Locator to locate the branches as well.

Kalyan Jewellers Scheme

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Kalyan Jewellers Collections

The jewelry house of Kalyan offers a range of brands, primarily catering to specialized clientele, such as Ziah, Rang, Mudhra, Tejasvi, Glo, Anokhi, Vedha, Hera, Apoorva, Candere, Nimah, and Laya. The Muhurat bridal jewelry line has the most exquisite selection of gold jewelry and is only available to brides to wear on their wedding day.

Handcrafted in the great outdoors, Kalyan Jewellers offers unique outdoor earrings. The jewelry is crafted with a focus on the traditions preserved across the many Indian states. Craftspeople with extensive experience construct the rings at Kalyan Jewellers with skill.

Brand Ambassador of Kalyan Jewellers

Amitabh Bachchan and his wife Jaya Bachchan have been appointed as brand ambassadors to help promote the jewelry.. Notable regional celebrities from South India, such as Akkineni Nagarjuna, Prabhu Ganeshan, Shiva Rajkumar, and Manju Warrier, have also committed to promoting the ornamental collections. Actress Katrina Kaif has signed on to serve as Kalyan Jewellers’ worldwide brand ambassador. She will represent the company’s current and upcoming product lines.

Kalyan Jewellers Online Catalogue

India has a high demand for gold, and in addition to purchasing yellow metal from neighborhood jewelry stores, consumers may purchase it online. The group offers a variety of alluring jewel collections on its internet site. With the rapid advancement of technology and the changing patterns of consumer behavior, the jewelry-based company has made it easier for its customers to purchase ornaments online through its web-based platform. This allows the customer to purchase an ornament after examining the design pattern, prices, karats, making charges, and other factors to determine which ones best suit their needs. The customer can acquire the jewels instantaneously online at Kalyan Jewellers without having to visit the store thanks to the online payment option. The jewelry store has partnered with several significant e-commerce businesses, including Amazon, to encourage greater online sales.

Kalyan Jewellers Gold Rate

As a result, it can be challenging for prospective buyers to determine the precise price of gold per gram because gold costs fluctuate daily due to shifting worldwide market trends. To go past the same, clients can call the branches and ask about gold rates or visit the closest Kalyan Jewellers location to find out the pricing of the metal.

Charges on Gold Jewellery

A bomb on the customer, some jewelers charge a different rate for stones, while others price the same as for gold. The 3% Goods and Services Tax (GST) that is currently applied to gold jewelry in India is deducted from additional costs such as production and waste charges to arrive at the net retail price of the ornamental piece. The term “making charges” refers to the price of turning raw gold into jewelry. The expenses incurred for melting, cutting, and shaping gold before the creation of the final design are known as waste charges. All fees imposed on the gold at the time of purchase are the responsibility of the purchaser. The waste and production costs typically vary from one item of jewellery to the next as well as between jewellers.

Gold Schemes in Kalyan Jewellers

To entice customers, most jewelers provide appealing gold schemes. Jewellers Dhanvarsha Kalyan provides Customers have a fantastic opportunity to save money in gold with the Dhanvarsha gold scheme. To buy gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, polki, precious stones, and uncut jewelry in monthly installments after 11 months, interested customers can enlist in a variety of savings plans. Purchase Advance Programme The Purchase Advance Scheme, which allows for the purchase of gold through advance payments, is another well-known program from the Kalyan family. When the 365 days are up, the plan has to be completed by buying the selected decoration. At the time of enrollment, customers must choose a product based on its dimensions (weight, length, and width).

The customer has the choice to either reaffirm the previous product or replace it during the eighth month. It is necessary to make a monthly installment every thirty days for a total of eleven months. The monthly installment amount ranges from Rs 500 for the smallest and Rs 40,000 for the maximum. You have three options for making payment: cash, demand draft, check, or internet. After the eleventh month’s installment is paid, the plan may be closed. After that, the purchaser has 20 days to come into the shop, pay any outstanding balances, and pick up the ornament.

Kalyan Jewellers Scheme

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Purchase Advance Scheme

Kalyan Jewellers has a plan whereby gold can be bought with prepayment. Buyers can purchase gold with advance payments ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 40,000, contingent on the type of adornment chosen. Customers can benefit from the scheme’s higher rates and discounts.

How it works
  • Anyone interested can join the program at any time, and there are no registration fees.
  • Customers can use the program online or by walking into any Kalyan Jewellers store to enroll in it.
  • The course can be finished in as little as 365 days, after which the chosen ornament needs to be bought.
  • Customers will need to choose a product and specify its size, length, and weight when enrolling.
  • There is a choice to modify or confirm the first pick on the eighth of the month.
  • Following confirmation, if you decide not to purchase the chosen item, you can visit the Kalyan Jewellers store that is closest to you and purchase any item at the listed price and VA.
  • The monthly installment is due every thirty days.
  • The payment amount for each ornament would vary, ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 40,000.
  • You may pay the installments with a cheque, demand draft, or cash.
  • Plan closure is possible following payment of the eleventh installment.
  • Within 20 days, you can visit the Kalyan Jewellers showroom, settle any outstanding balances, and pick up the ornament.
  • You will be responsible for paying the delivery fees for online registrations.
  • Any sales tax and other relevant taxes will also be your responsibility.
  • The ornament you select will only cost you the weight that it weighs, even if that weight fluctuates by up to 10%.
  • There are no points available for this scheme for owners of gold cards.
  • The processing fees will go up if you forget to make a payment or take a long time to do so. The late payment penalty for each month will be a 0.25% increase in the making costs.
  • Should you terminate the program before the whole 11 months have passed, you are free to buy any item from any Kalyan Jeweller store. The pricing will match both the store’s and the VA’s displayed prices. You won’t be qualified for any savings.
  • The ornament will be held aside by the store and the sale will be recorded at the going rate if you do not pick it up within 20 days of making the final installment payment.
  • If you don’t make the final payment by the end of the 12 months, the ornament will no longer be available for purchase. Reimbursement of the payment will be made by registered mail to the address supplied at enrollment, in the form of a demand draft.
  • We do not take cash refunds.
  • The court in Thrissur, Kerala, will have authority over any issues.

Documents Required

To enroll in the scheme, the customer must submit the following:

  • A copy of a photo ID. Accepted documents include:
    • PAN card
    • Passport
    • Driving Licence
  • The person who closes the scheme must be the same and must carry the original ID proof.
Kalyan Jewellers Scheme

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Q. Is it possible to discontinue the Kalyan Jewellers gold scheme?

Ans- Gold Schemes at Kalyan Jewellers: All the Details. Plan closure is possible following payment of the eleventh installment. Within 20 days, you can visit the Kalyan Jewellers showroom, settle any outstanding balances, and pick up the ornament. You will be responsible for paying the delivery fees for online registrations. Any sales tax and other relevant taxes will also be your responsibility.

Q. What is the gold scheme of Kalyan Jewellers?

Ans- Select from thoughtfully crafted gold-buying plans. It’s an easy plan that will help you start buying jewelry for your marriage methodically and effectively. Notes: You can take advantage of the studded specials or the Gold Discount.

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