Kashi Yatra Scheme

Kashi Yatra Scheme 2024-25, Objective, Features, Eligibility & All Details

Kashi Yatra Scheme:- Those who wish to visit the Kashi Yatra temple but are unable to do so because of financial difficulties would find this information helpful. To address this issue, the state government of Karnataka launched the Kashi Yatra program. The program offers financial assistance to Karnataka residents who want to visit the Varanasi temple. The government would provide Rs. 5000 in subsidies for pilgrims, per the scheme’s budget. We will discuss the benefits, goals, eligibility, necessary paperwork, registration procedure, travel information, and Kashi Yatra Subsidy Scheme Enrollment with the aid of this article regarding the Kashi Yatra Scheme in Karnataka.


What is the Kashi Yatra Scheme

A government program called the Kashi Yatra Scheme offers financial support to Karnataka pilgrims who want to travel to the holy city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. The Karnataka government introduced the program in the 2022–2023 budget, with an estimated 30,000 pilgrims expected to benefit in the first year.

Details of Karnataka Kashi Yatra Scheme 2024

The title of the Plan/ SchemeKarnataka Kashi Yatra Scheme
launched byKarnataka government
Objective/ AimTo offer financial support to pilgrims
BeneficiariesPeople of Karnataka
The Official Internet SiteAvailable Soon
Kashi Yatra Scheme

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Objectives of the Scheme

The program seeks to lower the cost of travel and lodging in order to make the pilgrimage more accessible to those from low-income backgrounds. In the first year, over 30,000 pilgrims are anticipated to gain from it.

The scheme’s primary goals are to:

  • Permit impoverished individuals to go on their spiritual path.
  • Encourage the travel of faith from Karnataka
  • to bolster Varanasi’s local economy

Key Features of the Kashi Yatra Scheme

The following are the Kashi Yatra Scheme’s salient characteristics:

  • A financial help of Rs. 5,000 for each pilgrim is provided by the scheme.
  • All Karnataka residents who are over the age of eighteen are eligible to participate in the program.
  • The pilgrims must have lived in Karnataka for ten years or longer.
  • The pilgrims need to have a current voter ID card or passport.
  • It is necessary that the pilgrims submit an application to the appropriate authorities.
  • Along with a current photo, the pilgrims must also turn in a copy of their voter ID card or passport.

Eligibility of the Kashi Yatra Scheme

The Kashi Yatra Scheme requires the following credentials to be eligible:

  • To apply, an Indian citizen must be present.
  • For a minimum of ten years, the applicant must reside in Karnataka.
  • A minimum of eighteen years old is required of an applicant.
  • A Hindu by faith is a prerequisite for applying.
  • Voter ID cards or passports must be valid for the applicant.

Kashi Yatra Scheme Official Website Launched

  • The government only recently suggested the Kashi Yatra program in the 2024-25 budget, but the Karnataka government swiftly approved it in late June. The pilgrims can now apply for the subsidy through the website gateway for the initiative, which was launched shortly after June.
  • Beneficiaries can essentially apply for the Kashi Yatra Scheme subsidies through two official websites.
  • Seva Sindhu’s official website is located at evasindhuservices.karnataka.gov.in. The official website of the Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Department is itms.kar.nic.in.
  • About 30,000 pilgrims who are traveling from Karnataka to the Kashi Vishwanath temple in U.P. Varanasi are eligible for a financial stipend of Rs 5000 through this government program.
  • Each pilgrim is only eligible to receive this financial assistance once in their lifetime. To apply for the program, they must complete the eligibility form, which is provided in the section below on eligibility requirements.
  • Travelers need to take thorough notes. Confirmation of visitation is required for everyone who went to the Kashi Vishwanath temple between April 1 and June 30.
Kashi Yatra Scheme

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Significance of the Kashi Yatra Scheme

One such effort that would help a lot of people in Karnataka is the Kashi Yatra Scheme. In addition to improving accessibility and affordability, the program will strengthen Varanasi’s local economy.

The program is noteworthy in addition to encouraging religious travel in Karnataka. Hindus use Varanasi as a key pilgrimage site, and the plan will attract more visitors from Karnataka to the city. This would generate employment opportunities for residents and support Karnataka’s tourism sector.

Way Forward

A great effort with the potential to help a lot of people is the Kashi Yatra Scheme. The government must continue to fund the program and make it more inclusive of people from all backgrounds.

The government may also think about extending the program’s reach to other Karnataka pilgrimage sites. This would generate greater prospects for economic development and aid in the promotion of religious tourism in the state.

Required Documents

  • Passport size Photo.
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Details
  • Age proof: Aadhaar card, voter ID, etc.
  • Covid Vaccine Certificate and also the new Covid Negative Report
  • Proof of domicile of origin in Karnataka, such as an Aadhaar card, voter ID, or ration card.

Karnataka Kashi Yatra Scheme Registration Process

  • Make sure you register for the scheme by carefully following the instructions below in order to receive the reward.
  • Launch the Kashi Yatra initiative’s official website. “https://itms.kar.nic.in/” is the address for Karnataka.
  • There is a link labeled “Kasi visit government subsidy” on the right side of the homepage. Put a click on it.
  • You’ll see a page where you can click the “Don’t have an account? Register Here” button.
  • You’re going to see a new window open.
  • You can connect the Seva Sindhu Karnataka app to your Digilocker account.
  • To proceed with Digilocker, you must provide your Aadhar number below.
  • After providing your Aadhaar number, you must press the Next button.
  • After the dig locker account and Seva Sindhu account are connected, the identification process will be finished, and your registration will be successful.
  • Once you have registered, you may click on the Kashi government subsidy and use your newly created username and password to log in.
  • You must fill out Form 2 and all the required procedures after successfully logging in to fully register for this scheme.


A large number of individuals in Karnataka are expected to benefit from the well-received Kashi Yatra Scheme. The program intends to strengthen the city’s local economy while simultaneously making pilgrimages to Varanasi more accessible and affordable.

This program is important because it promotes religious travel from Karnataka to Varanasi, a well-known Hindu pilgrimage destination. It is anticipated that by encouraging travel to Varanasi, the initiative will support the growth of Karnataka’s tourism sector and generate employment opportunities.

The government should continue to promote and improve the Kashi Yatra Scheme, ensuring that individuals from various backgrounds can utilize it. Further expansion of the program to include other pilgrimage sites in Karnataka is also a possibility, which would promote religious tourism in the state and open up new avenues for economic growth.

Kashi Yatra Scheme

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Q. In which state was the Kashi Yatra scheme initiated?

Ans- The state of Karnataka has mandated that only fervent pilgrims may embark on the Kashi Yatra. The government announced the Yatra in the Budget 2024 and provided a subsidy plan for the Kashi Yatra scheme.

Q. How is the Kashi Yatra performed?

Ans- When on the Kashi Yatra, pilgrims ought to pay homage to Lord Ramanatha, visit Rameswaram, and take holy baths in revered sanctuaries. Gather sand from the shores of Setu, offer it up to the sand deities, carry it to Triveni, and then melt it.

Q. Which three names belong to Kashi?

Ans- There are three train stations in Kashi: Banaras, Varanasi, and Kashi.

Q. What is Kashi’s current name?

Ans- Benaras, or Varanasi (sometimes called Kashi)

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