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As a rule, Indians apply for a duplicate PAN card because of the deficiency of the card. In various cases, the card could get taken, hurt, or lost. There is a dreary cycle to applying for a duplicate PAN card which requires recording an FIR. At the point when you report the FIR, a request ought to raise by the contender for the republishing of the card by giving the old PAN and a copy of the FIR. Nevertheless, due to the time taken for this procedure, a large number of individuals pick to re-apply for another PAN Card. A duplicate PAN or Download PAN Card NSDL can specify by the up-and-comer in a couple of express cases by prudence of damage. In such cases, the PAN doesn’t change and simply one more card gives.


How to NSDL PAN Card Download Online?

In the Union Budget 2019, the Chief of the Central Board of Direct Taxes referred to that the public power will introduce puts together for the most part with respect to the country to work with the use of PAN cards.

With your Acknowledgment number, PAN, and date of birth, you can get a sensitive copy of your PAN card (PAN card) from the Protean eGov Technologies Limited passage.

Here are the means by which you can download your NSDL PAN card with the affirmation number:

  • Visit the Protean eGov Technologies Limited passage to download the e-PAN with the insistence number.
  • Enter the certification number which you have gotten.
  • Click on Generate OTP.
  • Enter the OTP you have gotten on your flexible and click on ‘support’.
  • Click on the ‘download PDF’ decision to download the e-PAN immediately.

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The means expected to download an e-PAN card with your PAN and Date of Birth are:

  • Visit the download e-PAN Protean eGov Technologies Limited passage.
  • Enter the nuances which are normal on the design, for instance, date of birth, PAN, and Captcha code.
  • Click on ‘submit’ and download the e-PAN for no good reason.

The following Steps are the reference for Generating a Duplicate PAN Card:

  • A representative number will provide for you which ought to put something aside for future reference.
  • After you have cut down the emblematic number, you ought to tap on ‘Happen with PAN Application Form’.
  • Individual Details: Under the piece ‘Individual Details’, you ought to pick the strategy for introducing your PAN application reports.
  • You can investigate the going with three strategies for convenience:
  • Submit cautiously with a virtual sign and e-KYC.
  • Submit separated pictures through a virtual sign
  • Forward records genuinely
  • You will in like manner need to guarantee you truly investigate the case if you require a genuine PAN card or not.
  • Once got done, you ought to enter your Aadhaar number.
  • EID number
  • Name as per Aadhaar card.
  • Father’s and mother’s names.
  • Once got done, click on ‘next’.

Contact and Other Details:

  • Under this class, you should pick the ‘address for correspondence’. It will in general be your office or home.
  • Fill in your area nuances.
  • Once got done, you ought to add your contact nuances and email ID.
  • Reexamine all that and once got done, click on ‘next’.

Archive Details:

  • This is the last portion for applications for a Duplicate PAN card.
  • You ought to move your Aadhaar card as evidence of address, check of date of birth, and affirmation of Identity.
  • Once moved, you ought to add the assertion by entering your name and spot close by the date.
  • Rethink the information and subsequently click on ‘submit’.


At the point when you click on ‘submit’ from the Document nuances page, the site will take you to a portion page where you will be supposed to make the portion. At the point when the portion is made, you will get a certification number. This 15-digit number can be used to follow your PAN card application PAN card/how-to-follow compartment card-transport status. You will ideally acknowledge your duplicate PAN card in something like around fourteen days from the date of usage.

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Download Duplicate PAN Card using Aadhaar Card:

The Protean eGov Technologies Limited offers you the decision to download a duplicate PAN card using your Aadhaar card. You can follow the means referred to under to request your duplicate PAN card using your Aadhaar Card:

  • Visit the power TIN-Protean eGov Technologies Limited webpage of the Income Tax Department at
  • Fill in the construction with the normal data, for instance, your PAN, Aadhaar number, date of birth, and GSTIN.
  • As a matter of fact, check out at the compartment against the ‘Arrangements’ declaration.
  • Enter the Captcha code in the allotted field.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button to proceed.
  • You will redirect to another site page wherein you can peer down and select the decision to get a One Time Password or OTP on your enlisted contact nuances (email ID and PDA number).
  • Make the OTP and enter a comparable in the relegated field.
  • Click on the ‘Endorse’ button to introduce your request for the issuance of the duplicate Aadhaar card.
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The best technique to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card Offline:

You ought to follow the means given under in case you wish to apply for a duplicate PAN card detached:

  • You ought to download or print the ‘Sales for new PAN Card or possibly changes or reviews in PAN data structure.
  • Fill the construction.
  • Notice your 10-digit PAN number
  • Connect a few Passport size photographs of yours and cross-sign them in a mindful manner.
  • You ought to send the construction to the Protean eGov Technologies Limited center close by the other significant records like proof of character, affirmation of address, etc.
  • Make a point to make the portion. The Protean eGov Technologies Limited ensuing to tolerating your design will overview the construction and will give you a 15-digit reference number.
  • You can similarly take a look at the circumstance with your application by using the 15-digit reference number.
  • The application will deliver to the Income-charge PAN organization unit. If the information given by you is correct, you will certainly acknowledge your duplicate card in something like 14 days of your applying for a duplicate PAN Card.

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Eligibility to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card:

  • AOPs
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)/Firm
  • Associations
  • Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)
  • Individuals
  • Besides individuals, the endorsed signatory ought to appeal for the PAN application.

Reports Required for Duplicate PAN Card:

Given underneath is the summary of records you ought to submit for getting a duplicate PAN Card:

  • Self-approved character checks like Aadhaar, driving grant, resident ID, etc.
  • Self-confirmed address check, for instance, Aadhaar, monetary equilibrium clarifications, administration bills, etc.
  • Self-demonstrated the veracity of report referring to the date of the first experience with the world, for instance, Passport, enrollment statement, the confirmation of birth, etc.
  • Container segment letter or a self-affirmed copy of PAN Card.

How to Surrender Duplicate PAN card?

It isn’t allowable by guidelines to have two PAN Cards with two different PAN numbers; subsequently, you will hope to introduce any of them. You can surrender one of your PAN cards by following the means given:

  • Compose a letter to your assessment authority referencing the quiet submission of your PAN Card. Guarantee you give the significant nuances of both your PAN cards.
  • You ought to evidently make reference to the PAN card you want to submit and the one you wish to hold.
  • You ought to surrender the letter to your studying official who will offer you a certification number as a compromise which will the affirmation that the PAN Card surrendered by you dropped.

Instances of when the requirement for a Duplicate NSDL PAN Card Download can Arise:

There could be various purposes behind an individual/association/trust to require a duplicate PAN card, with a part of the notable ones referred to under.

  • Mishap/thievery – Given the way that by far most of us convey our PAN card in our wallets, losing it in view of burglary of our wallet is possible. This is a critical legitimization for people to apply for a duplicate PAN card.
  • Lost – We every now and again lose our cards, questionable concerning where we left them. One can apply for a duplicate PAN on such occasions as well.
  • Hurt – A PAN card can get hurt due to different reasons, leaving us with no decision but to republish it.
  • Change of information – It is serviceable for mix-ups to creep into a PAN card, requiring modifications as well as multiplication.

FAQs on NSDL PAN Card Download:

What is the cost of enlisting for a duplicate PAN Card?

You ought to pay a whole of Rs.110 as enrolling charge while applying for a duplicate PAN Card.

NSDL PAN Card Download

Expecting that I lose my PAN Card, will I really want to archive an FIR at the nearest police base camp?

For sure, you ought to get a copy of the FIR communicating the lack of your PAN Card. It will be confirmation of you have lost your PAN card and will help you with the most well-known approach to applying for a duplicate card.

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Will I want to associate my Aadhaar again directly after getting my duplicate PAN Card?

If your PAN number has not changed, then, you will not anticipate associating your Aadhaar with your PAN.

I lost my PAN and I don’t remember my PAN number. How might it be really smart for me to answer?

If you lost your PAN and don’t remember the PAN Number, you can do as such by using the workplace of “Know Your PAN” turned out by the Revenue Tax Department. So you will find this on the power site of the Income Tax Department.

What are the nuances I should provide to know my PAN?

You ought to give nuances like your name, the name of your father, and your date of birth to understand your PAN nuances.

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