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Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu Land Record:

What is Patta?

An Online Patta is a lawful and significant report which goes about as an income record of the particular land parcel. The Patta is given by the public authority for the sake of the proprietor of the real estate parcel. It likewise alludes to as “Record of Rights (ROR)”. A Patta incorporates records of:

  • Proprietor name.
  • The quantity of Patta.
  • Study number and region.
  • Name of the individual region, taluk and town.
  • Measurements or space of the land.
  • Expense subtleties.
  • Regardless of whether the land is a Wetland or Dryland.

What is a Chitta?

Chitta is a lawful income record about an unfaltering property, kept up with by the separate Village Administration Officer (VAO) and the Taluka office. The archive contains a few significant subtleties like proprietorship, size, region, and so on The essential goal of a Citta is relating to the kind of land – Wetland (nanjai) or Dryland (punjai). While the word ‘nanjai’ signifies the particular land or region with water bodies like waterways, streams, lakes, and so on, the word ‘punjai’ signifies the land has fewer water bodies.

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Both the Patta and Citta are given by the Government of Tamil Nadu and in 2015, the public authority blended the Patta and Chitta into a solitary archive with the necessary data accessible on the Patta.

Applying for Patta Chitta Online:

You can apply for Patta online by following the beneath technique:

  • Visit the Government of Tamil Nadu’s true site produced for income administrations.
  • To see the Patta duplicate/A-Register Extract, select ‘View Patta and FMB/Citta/TSLR Extract’.
  • You’ll diverted to another page wherein you’ll need to choose the locale and region type (country/metropolitan) and afterwards click on ‘Submit’.
  • Here, you’ll enter the necessary subtleties like area, taluk, town, ward, block, review number, sub-division number, enter the validation worth and snap-on submit.
  • After accommodation of the relative multitude of applicable subtleties, the Town Survey Land Register will give an authentication online with data of the particular property or land. The declaration incorporates data like kind of land, sort of development, review number, area, metropolitan entryway number, and so forth

The move of Patta Chitta:

  • The exchange of Patta Chitta executed upon the offer of the property and the strategy to move resembles that of the enrolling of a Patta land.
  • An application for the exchange of Patta ought to submitted to the particular Tehsildar office.
  • The application will either acknowledged or dismissed dependent on the assessment of the predefined property and the archives which have submitted alongside the application.

Archives Required:

Alongside the utilization of move of Patta to the Tehsildar, you’ll need to present the beneath reports:

  • Deal Deed (copy) alongside the first for the check.
  • Confirmation of ownership, for example, the Paid Tax Receipt or power bill.
  • Encumbrance authentication.
Online Patta

Step by step instructions to Check the Status of Patta Chitta:

To check the situation with Patta Citta on the web:

  • Visit e-District.
  • Enter the ‘Application ID’ and the referenced ‘Manual human test Values’.
  • After tapping on ‘Get Status’, you’ll have the option to see the situation with your application for the exchange of Patta Chitta.

The legitimacy of your Patta Certificate:

To approve or check your Patta testament:

  • Visit the e-District official site.
  • Select ‘Check Patta’.
  • Enter the ‘Reference Number’ and snap-on ‘Submit’
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Expenses for Patta Chitta Online:

You can acquire the Patta Chitta online for an expense of Rs.100.

Step by step instructions to Check Patta Chitta Verification Online:

To check Patta Chitta records on the web, follow the means given underneath:

  • Visit the authority Tamil Nadu taxpayer-supported organizations site
  • Enter the Reference Number that you have get
  • So snap-on the ‘Submit’ button
  • The aftereffects of the Patta Chitta check will shown on the page

FAQs on Patta Online:

Is it critical to have a Patta?

Indeed. Patta is a piece of proof that you have lawful ownership of the said property. In case there are any debates towards the title of the property, the Patta can give as proof.

Is Patta needed for condos?

Patta is predominantly an authoritative archive relating to land and not structures. All things considered, the Patta could incorporate data in regards to the land on which the structure stands; but since the land is possessed by more than one proprietor as unified offers consequently, a Patta isn’t given for this situation.

How might I move Patta?

On the off chance that the proprietor of the land kicks the bucket without a Will, so the legitimate beneficiaries are qualified to have the Patta moved to their particular names. In the event that the perished individual leaves a Will, the recipient can move the Patta to their name with the assent of others, thought about prompt successors to the expired individual. Likewise, if there should arise an occurrence of a buy or offer of the property, you can move the Patta to the buyer of the property.

Online Patta

Is Patta Chitta given for lofts in Tamil Nadu?

Patta Chitta is given for purchasing land and asserting responsibility. Any condos built on a real estate parcel don’t get a Patta Chitta since the land might divide between other landowners. Candidates who hold Undivided Land Shares (UDS) are not qualified for a Patta Chitta.

How to check the situation with a Patta Chitta online application?

The most ideal way of checking the situation with your Patta Chitta application online is by signing into and entering the subtleties.

What amount of time it will require to get Patta on the web?

The new Patta was typically given within 15 to 20 days alongside the changes.

Would we be able to get Patta on the web?

The Government of Tamil Nadu has modernized records of Patta Chitta and made the equivalent accessible on the web. So you can get to Patta Chitta on the web or by drawing nearer the concerned Taluka office.

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Is Patta enough for enrollment?

According to now, properties or terrains in Tamil Nadu can enlist by outfitting either with the Patta archive or the parent records of the land. Nonetheless, Patta is the income record that subtleties every one of the past proprietors back to the predefined date.

Is Patta Transfer consequently?

With all reports altogether, the Patta name would naturally move in the Sub-Registrar Office itself; the purchaser need not go to the Tahsildar’s office. In light of the application, an assessor would depute to examine the property, after which the name move would do in the Patta.

Is Patta needed for House?

Is it required to have a Patta for each property? So if there should arise an occurrence of empty plots of land, Patta is an unquestionable requirement, as it is the principle report for setting up legitimate belonging. Indeed, even if there should arise an occurrence of properties with structures and constructions, Patta is the essential archive to set up legitimate belonging.

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