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To reach the goal of the Digital Republic of India program states square measure presently below the method of creating their land records digital. For the medical aid of land records, states have originated websites and created their land records online. One such state United Nations agency that has already started in operation land records online is, Tamil Nadu. the province is currently managing the Patta and Chitta documents through their official e-Services website. except checking Patta Chitta records, one will check their Patta Chitta online verification, application standing and alternative details online.

Before getting to the careful procedure of victimisation of the e-Services website for Volunteer State Patta Chitta, let’s clarify the ideas of Patta and Chitta.

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What is Chitta?

Chitta is the province refers to a legitimate revenue document that’s managed by the Taluk Offices and Village Administration Officers. very like Patta, Chitta provides land-related data like possession, space so on.

However, the key operate of the Chitta is to show the kind of land or property. In the province, the land or property sort refers to those 2.

  • ‘Nanjai’ which implies land or water bodies.
  • ‘Punjai’ which implies dryland.
  • Till the year 2014, the state of province accustomed issue Patta and Chitta as 2 separate documents. However, the 2 documents were unified into one record within the year 2015.

What is Patta?

In the province, Patta could be a legitimate document displaying the possession of the land and its revenue records. Patta may be said because of the ROR document. This document contains the following details of the land.

  • Ownership details
  • Patta range
  • Address of the land
  • Size of the world
  • Tax-related details
  • State of the land (wetland and dryland).

How to Check Patta Chitta province Land Records?

The method of checking Patta Chitta land records has become a hassle-free process when the medical aid of land records. Here goes the step by step procedure to look at your Patta Chitta online records.

  • Pay a visit to the web site
  • Log in victimisation your countersign and username (not mandatory).
  • On the house page, click on ‘View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract’. it’ll cause a replacement screen.
  • On the new page, choose these 2 details.
  • District (drop-down menu)
  • Area division (Rural space or Urban area)
  • Faucet on ‘Submit’ and a replacement page seems.
  • Enter the subsequent details victimisation the various drop-down menus.
    • Taluk
    • Town
    • Ward
    • Block
    • Survey range
    • Sub Division range
  • Enter the authentication worth and faucet on ‘Submit’.

How to Check Patta Chitta Verification?

Check the PattaChitta verification on the e-Service website of Volunteer State land records within the following steps.

  • Pay a visit to the official web site
  • Log in along with your username and countersign (not mandatory).
  • Click on ‘Verify Patta’.
  • Once clicked on the same possibility, a replacement page seems.
  • Fill within the reference range.
  • Faucet on ‘Submit’ to come up with the verification details.

How to Check Patta Chitta Online Status?

The procedure of checking the PattaChitta online standing is given below.

  • Visit the official web site, click on the link given beside ‘Know Your Application Status’.
  • On clicking the given link, the page ‘Application Status’ seems.
  • Provide the ‘Application ID’ together with the proper ‘Captcha Values’.
  • Click on the choice of ‘Get Status’ to look at the net Chitta and Patta standing.

How to Validate Patta Chitta Certificate?

On the official website of province land records, one will validate the Volunteer State PattaChitta Certificate during a few steps.

  • Go the net portal.
  • On the house page, faucet on ‘Verify Patta’ and land to a replacement screen.
  • Fill within the ‘Reference Number’ and faucet on ‘Submit’.

Fees Applicable on Patta Chitta:

The process of checking land records or applying for the Patta Chitta Online document online has become sleek expertise for all. The cost to use online for Patta Chitta is Rs 100. One will create the payment victimisation of the net payment entry on the market on the website.

How am I able to check my PattaChitta in Tamilnadu?

You can check your Patta Chitta online standing by following these steps.

  • Visit the official web site.
  • Click on ‘View Patta& FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract’.
  • Enter the desired details, faucet on ‘Submit’ and move to a replacement screen.
  • Enter the main points and faucet on ‘Submit’ to ascertain the records.

How am I able to check my land record in Tamilnadu?

You can check your land records in Tamilnadu by visiting its official website for land records. On the house screen, you’ll be able to click on the choice named ‘View Patta& FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract’. Then you have got to enter several details associated with your land.

How am I able to check my Patta Chitta transfer standing online?

You can check your Patta transfer standing online in these steps.

  • Visit the official web site and log in.
  • Take the link given beside the choice maned ‘Know Your Application standing.’
  • The link can airt you to a replacement screen.
  • On the new page, offer your ‘Application Id’, enter the captcha and faucet on the choice named ‘Get Status’.

How am I able to see my Patta?

Follow these steps to envision your Patta.

  • Visit the official web site of province Land Records.
  • Tap on ‘View Patta / Chitta / TSLR Extract’ and land to a replacement screen.
  • Enter the main points and faucet on ‘Submit’. Your Patta is going to be visible.

How am I able to amendment my name in Patta?

The process of name amendment in Patta should be done offline, as there’s no online method nevertheless. You’ll be able to amendment your name in Patta offline by following these steps.

  • Visit your various Taluk or Village Administration workplace and collect the Patta Transfer kind.
  • Submit the punctually signed kind together with alternative necessary documents.
  • It will take fifteen to thirty days for the issuing of the new Patta beside the changes.

What is the reference range in Patta?

While Viewing the Chitta Extract, a Reference range is generated by the system. Use this relevance to verify the Chitta Extract. The format of the Reference No is 24/02/002/00003/99999. when giving Reference range, A Sample copy of the Chitta / Patta Extract, that’s displayed, is shown below.

How am I able to check my Patta online in Tamilnadu?

Visit the govt of Tamil Nadu’s official website developed for revenue services. to look at the Patta copy/A-Register Extract, choose ‘View Patta & FMB/Citta/TSLR Extract’. you will be redirected to a replacement page whereby you will have to pick out the district and space sort (rural/urban) then click on ‘Submit’.

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How am I able to transfer Patta to Tamilnadu?

You can follow these steps: Step 1: go browsing to the province Patta Chitta website, so the website is out there in 2 languages – English & Tamil. Step 2: So choose the ‘View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract’ below the top ‘View Patta Copy/A-Register Extract’. Step 3: choose the District from the menu.

How am I able to get the survey range in Tamilnadu?

To check the land details in the province via survey range, follow the below steps:

  • Log on to the province official land record website:
  • Click on the choice read Patta & Chitta TSLR extract
  • So select the district and space sort.

What is the distinction between Patta and TSLR?

The only distinction between it and a Patta is that the latter is provided once the land is below local government and TSLR is provided once the land is below the punchayet government.

How am I able to get Patta in Natham land?

Still, if you wish to use for a Volunteer State Patta for Natham land, you’ll be able to directly contact the Village administration officer, otherwise, you will realize a Patta agent in urban centre United Nations agency can assist you.

How am I able to apply to Patta online in Tamil?

Steps: Visit the website: choose the option: read Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract. So select the district wherever your property is found and fill the checkbox whether or not the world is Rural or Urban and Submit.

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Is Patta needed for registration in Tamilnadu?

As of now, properties or lands in the province may be registered by furnishing either with the Patta Chitta online document or the parent documents of the land. Patta is that the instrument issued by the government of the province for the landowners.

How to check the standing of the net application?

  • Click here (Tamil Nadu e-district portal)
  • Enter your application Id, the ‘Captcha’ and click on ‘Submit’
  • Click ‘Get Status’
  • Your Patta Chitta on-line standing is going to display on the screen.

FAQs on Patta Chitta:

Can we have a tendency to obtain Poramboke land?

Yes, it’s doable to induce a Patta Chitta online for the Poramboke land. But, if you’re an indweller with a scanty quantity of financial gain, so there’s an opportunity that you just can get Patta Chitta online for the Poramboke land. You have got to acknowledge that the vacant Poramboke lands square measure thought of because of the property of the govt.

How am I able to check my house Patta on-line in Andhra Pradesh?

Visit the official mee Bhoomi website ( So click on the Electronic bankbook possibility. Enter the desired details like district, zone, village name, account range, and mobile range. Enter the code given on the website and submit the main points by pressing on ”CLICK”.

How to acquire land Patta?

  • Apply at the Tahsildar’s workplace requesting the issuing of land Patta.
  • Enclose the main points of the owner/s and also the land.
  • Once the documents square measure submitted, {a workplacer|a politician|an official|a political candidate} from the Tahsildar’s office might conduct an exploration, visit the location or survey land property before granting the Patta.

What is the distinction between Patta and registry?

A Patta could be a crucial document that tells concerning the possession of a specific property. So it indicates the one who has the rights to the property. For this reason, it’s additionally referred to as “Record Of Rights (ROR)”. So the one who has his name registered within the Patta has taken into account to be the owner to be that property.

Can I obtain land while not Patta?

You can at your own risk obtain land while not approval however positively not while not Patta. Patta is that the sole document that confirms possession of land by an individual, so can you get land from somebody United Nations agency cannot even turn out the essential document to claim his possession.

Is Patta needed for House?

In the case of vacant plots of land, Patta could be a should, so because it is that the main document for establishing lawful possession. Even just in the case of properties with buildings and structures, so Patta is that the primary document to ascertain lawful possession.

How am I able to amendment my name in Patta?

Well, to alter the name in Patta, so you have got to go to the Taluk workplace or the Village Administration Officer. So you have got to form certain that the VAO is of the property location. Well, if you’re getting to submit it in person, so you have got to form certain that you just get a receipt.

What square measure the kinds of Patta?

There square measure many sorts of Patta. However, the foremost common is that the “Extract from Permanent Land Register,” “Extract from city Survey Land Register” and also the Patta issue in respect of holdings as per on the market records.

What is Patta and Kabuliyat?

He introduced the alleged Patta and Kabuliyat (or Qabuliyat) system of land deeds. Below the Patta system, the world planted, so varieties of crops cultivated and revenue share was punctually written on paper. So the Qabuliyat system concerned a deed agreement between the peasant and also the government.

Can I build a house on agricultural land in Tamilnadu?

To use agricultural land for non-agricultural functions, so the land should 1st be reclassified by a designing body. So however consistent with province punchayet Building Rules, 1997, solely the board of directors of city and Country designing will sanction housing plots, not the punchayet president.

What is the distinction between Nanjai and Punjai?

Nanjai refers to land with lots of water sometimes with water bodies like rivers, canals, ponds etc. and Punjai refers to land with fewer water bodies and with facilities like bore-wells.

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