PM Tractor Yojana

PM Tractor Yojana 2024: Objective, Benefits, Online Application, Know Complete Information Here!

PM Tractor Yojana: You need to exercise caution if you’re a farmer considering purchasing a tractor. because the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme is the name of numerous fraudulent websites. Be cautious if you have also heard that farmers are receiving subsidies from the Central Government to purchase tractors. A website posing as a government website has just surfaced under the name PM Kisan Tractor Scheme. wherein it is stated that farmers who buy tractors will receive a 20% to 50% subsidy from the federal government. And a lot of farmers are interested in applying to participate in this programme. But before applying the PM Kisan Tractor Yojana, it’s crucial to understand

We’ll tell you everything there is to know about the veracity of the claims made regarding the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme application today through this article. Tell us about the Kisan Tractor Scheme, please.

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PM Kisan Tractor Yojana 2024

According to a website posing as the PM Kisan Tractor Yojana, farmers are receiving financial assistance from the Agriculture Ministry in order to purchase tractors as part of the programme. Additionally, details regarding the online application process for this scheme have been provided. Additionally, eligibility and required paperwork have been described. This information is entirely false, and the government is not running any such programme. A few con artists are circulating hearsay of a fictitious plan to supply farmers with tractors at a fifty per cent subsidy. The Government of India or any state government is not the sponsor of the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme. We would like to alert you that the PM Kisan Tractor Yojana is not currently accepting online applications.

PM Tractor Yojana

Overview of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Tractor Yojana

Name Prime Minister Kisan Tractor Scheme
was started By Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Year  2024
beneficiary Farmer brothers of the country
application procedure  Online
Objective Giving 50% subsidy to buy a tractor
Benefitofficial websites
Category central government schemes
 Giving a 50% subsidy to buy a tractor ———-

The objective of Prime Minister Kisan Tractor Yojana 2024

Under the Tractor Subsidy Scheme 2024, the national government is providing a 50% subsidy on a variety of tractors, including 2WD and 4WD tractors. All farmers who would like to take advantage of the programme can apply for this subsidy. The government outlines the application process, which needs to be finished online via the official website. Farmers are only eligible to receive rewards from the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2024 after completing this process.

The main goal of the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Tractor Yojana 2024 is to give farmers financial assistance for the purchase of tractors. This facilitates their ability to plough their fields efficiently, resulting in improved output and earnings. Farmers are encouraged to boost their agricultural output through the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme. The programme seeks to improve farmers’ overall standard of living by elevating their economic standing through the provision of subsidies.

Benefits of Kisan Tractor Yojana

  • This subsidy, like other farmer schemes, will be deposited straight into the farmer’s bank account. Linking the bank account and Aadhaar card is crucial for the Pradhan Mantri Tractor Scheme.
  • Farmers who wish to use tractors to boost their income but do not currently own one would immediately benefit from the Pradhan Mantri Tractor Scheme.
  • Launching the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Tractor Yojana has resulted in the revenue reaching the target of doubling.
  • The nation’s agricultural growth rate will profit if the farmer brothers continue to be content and prosperous.
  • The Central and State governments directly deposit 20 to 50 per cent of the subsidies for the purchase of agricultural equipment into the accounts of farmers, contingent on their financial situation, to maintain the agricultural growth rate.
  • Benefits will be increased for female applicants. As soon as the application is approved, farmers can take possession of the tractor.
PM Tractor Yojana

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PM Kisan Tractor Yojana 2024 Eligibility Criteria

  • The Kisan Tractor Scheme is only available to Indian citizens who are permanent residents.
  • The candidate needs to be at least eighteen years old.
  • The farmer’s bank account and Aadhar card must be linked.
  • The country’s farmer brothers who own cultivable land will be the only ones to gain from this programme.
  • Farmers who are currently getting subsidies for agricultural equipment under any other plan will not be eligible to benefit from this one.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Tractor Scheme Important Documents

Should you wish to apply for this as well, you will need to have the documentation listed below; if you do not possess any of these, you have not benefited from this programme.

  • mobile number
  • applicant’s Aadhar card
  • passport size photo
  • mobile number
  • Ration card
  • income certificate
  • Address proof
  • bank account passbook
  • land documents

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How to apply for Prime Minister Kisan Tractor Yojana?

According to the advertising that is making the rounds on Facebook and WhatsApp, farmers who want to sign up for the Kisan Tractor Scheme have to follow certain guidelines.

  • Initially, you must visit the closest CSC centre. You may find out more about the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Tractor Scheme here.
  • The operator of the CSC centre will now want certain data and paperwork to apply for his Kisan Tractor Scheme.
  • You must give the CSC centre operator all the data and paperwork needed for the application.
  • You will now receive a receipt for the form with your application’s acknowledgement number on it after submitting your application.
  • Using this acknowledgement number, you can verify the progress of your Kisan Tractor Yojana application.

Faq’s for PM Tractor Yojana

Q. How to get a free tractor?

Ans: How to apply online for the Free Agricultural Equipment and Tractor Scheme in Rajasthan: Farmers who wish to benefit from this initiative can do so by calling or sending an SMS to JFarm Services’ toll-free helpline at 9282222885.

Q. What is Kisan Tractor Scheme?

Ans: Under the Kisan Tractor Scheme, a government initiative, farmers can purchase new tractors with subsidies, enabling them to use them for more profitable and productive agricultural activities.

Q. Which tractors are subsidized?

Ans: The government of Rajasthan provides farmers with a fifty per cent subsidy when they buy tractors and other farming equipment. Major ones are the tractor, the multi-crop thresher, the operated ripper, the chisel plough, the disc harrow, the seed drill, the seed cum fertiliser drill, the rotavator, the disc plough, the disc harrow, and so on.

Q. How to take advantage of the Pradhan Mantri Tractor Scheme?

Ans: You must apply offline for the programme at your local Jan Seva Kendra (PSC) or Common Service Centre (CSC) to purchase a tractor on subsidy. Following your application, Jan Seva Kendra or CSC will give you an application slip that will let you follow up on its progress later.


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