Shravan Bal Yojana

Shravan Bal Yojana 2024: Objectives, Benefits, Features, Eligibility, Application Form and Beneficiary List PDF

Shravan Bal Yojana: As everyone is aware, elderly folks are not viewed favourably in our culture. His family is abusing and humiliating him. Over 71% of senior citizens experience abuse at the hands of family members. Thus, the Shravan Bal Yojana 2024 has been introduced by the Maharashtra government. We will explain the Shravan Bal Yojana to you today through this article. First, what is the Shravan Bal Yojana? Benefits, Features, Application Process, Beneficiary List, Eligibility Requirements, Application Process Documents, etc.

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What is Shravan Bal Yojana 2024?

The Maharashtra government introduced the Old Age Pension Scheme to give financial support to the state’s elderly population who have reached retirement age. The government is going to provide 400–600 rupees each month through this programme. as a result of which the state’s senior citizens will become financially independent. Applying online via the official website is how you can take advantage of the Shravan Bal Yojana. We shall furnish you with all the information about the application procedure.

Shravan Bal Yojana

Overview of Shravan Bal Yojana Maharashtra

Name of SchemeShravan Bal Yojana
Launched byby Maharashtra Government
Beneficiariesold citizens of maharashtra state
application procedureOnline
ObjectiveProviding financial assistance to the elderly in the state
benefitsFinancial assistance will be provided to the elderly in the state
Social classMaharashtra government schemes
official website

Categories under Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana

There are two categories covered in this state government-launched scheme: Category A and Category B. The Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana 2024 will see the state government give such residents a monthly allowance of Rs 600. Group A. All of these citizens will fall into Category A under this, provided their names are not on the BPL list. In contrast, any individual whose name appears on the BPL list falls under Category B. Under this initiative, the Central Government will provide Rs. 400 per month, while residents falling under Category B will receive Rs. 200 per month.

Objectives of Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana 2024

The primary goal of the Shravan Bal Yojana Maharashtra is to give financial support to the state’s senior residents. Those who are above 65 would receive financial incentives through this programme. The older residents of the state will gain financial independence, self-reliance, and empowerment under the Shravan Bal Yojana 2024.

Benefits and Features of Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana

  • The Maharashtra government is going to give the elderly residents of the state financial support for Rs 600 per month through the Shravan Bal Yojana Maharashtra.
  • The elderly population of Maharashtra would attain financial independence upon the effective execution of this programme.
  • In addition, the Maharashtra senior population won’t have to rely on others to take care of their fundamental requirements thanks to this initiative.
  • Maharashtra’s old population would be able to get over their financial difficulties thanks to the Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana 2024.
  • Two groups, A and B, will be included in this system. All individuals whose names are not on the BPL list will be included in Category A, and these citizens will be included in Category B. Whose name is in the BPL list. Not included in BPL list. included in bpl list.
Shravan Bal Yojana

Eligibility of Shravan Bal Yojana 2024

Category A

  • To be eligible for the benefits of this scheme, citizens have to be Maharashtra natives.
  • To be eligible for this initiative, a person must be 65 years of age or older.
  • The applicant is not allowed to earn more than Rs. 21,000 annually.
  • The applicant’s name shouldn’t be on the BPL list aside from this.

Category B

  • To be eligible for the benefits of this scheme, citizens have to be Maharashtra natives.
  • To be eligible for this initiative, a person must be 65 years of age or older.
  • The applicant is not allowed to earn more than Rs. 21,000 annually.
  • The applicant’s name also has to be on the BPL list.

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Documents required for Shravan Bal Yojana Maharashtra

  • income certificate
  • ration magazine
  • Application Form
  • residence certificate
  • age proof
  • Passport size photo etc.

The process to apply for Shravan Bal Yojana 2024

  • You must first visit the Maharashtra government’s official website.
  • The main page will appear before you.
  • You must click the register link on the homepage.
  • Option 1 or Option 2 are how you can register.
  • If you selected option number one, you will need to provide your login, OTP, cellphone number, and district.
  • The second option will cause a registration form to appear in front of you, which you will need to fill out with all the necessary information, including the applicant’s name, address, phone number, username verification, photo, and proof of identity and address, among other things.
  • Following that, you must select “Register.”
  • The registration procedure will be finished by following this process.
  • You must now return to the main page and select the Shravan Bal Yojana option.
  • Upon clicking this link, a login form will open in your browser. You must enter your login information and press the submit button.
  • Following that, a registration form will appear in front of you, requiring you to input information such as your address, email address, and contact details.
  • All necessary documents must be uploaded in the following section.
  • You now need to provide your bank information, including the name of your bank, branch, and IFSC code.
  • You must press the submit button once you have double-checked all the information.
  • An application number will be generated upon the application form’s successful submission.

Process to check the status of your application

  • You must first visit the Maharashtra government’s official website. Once there, the website’s homepage will load for you to view.
  • You will need to input your application ID after selecting the “Track Your Application” option on the website’s homepage.
  • Following this, you must select the Go option. The application’s status will now be shown to you.

Contact Information

We have covered all the pertinent details of the SBY 2024 in this article. You can address your issue by calling the support number if you are still having issues. 1800 120 8040 is the number for the hotline.

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Faq’s for

Q. What are the benefits of SBY?

Ans: Maharashtra’s Department of Social Justice & Special Assistance oversees the “Shravanbal Seva State Pension Scheme” pension plan. Under this system, those who are impoverished in the state of Maharashtra receive a pension of ₹ 600/-per month.

Q. What is the monthly payment of Shravan Bal Yojana?

Ans: What is the 2024 SBY? The Maharashtra government has launched an old-age pension system to give elderly residents of the state who are above 65 years of age financial support. The government will give out between Rs 400 and Rs 600 per month under this initiative.

Q. What is the pension of Shravan Bal?

Ans: The state government pays 600/-per month (B)Additionally, under this system, any impoverished individual who is 65 years of age or older and a member of a BPL household is qualified to receive a pension from the state government of Rs. 400 per month.


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