Chirag Yojana Haryana

Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024: Objectives, Benefits, Features, Eligibility, Online Registration, Last Date and New Updated

Chirag Yojana Haryana: We all know that although most parents would prefer for their kids to attend private schools, they often lack the funds to do so. The government of Haryana has lately introduced a new plan that will allow students from low-income households to attend private schools. The government of Haryana has launched a programme for these parents that allows youngsters from low-income families to attend private schools. The Minister of Education for Haryana has previously given children a lot of resources, including educational resources and financial aid for kids from low-income families. We shall learn about the objectives and advantages of the Chirag Yojana in this essay.

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Chirag Yojana 2024

Most effective pupils from extremely low-income families will acquire financial aid to wait for personal faculties, claims Chirag Yojana. children attending government colleges can be able to attend non-public schools without cost way to this programme, which would see the government deliver basic facilities on behalf of those low-earning children.

Chirag Yojana Haryanav

The circle of relatives makes much less than Rs 1. 1. eighty lakh a year. they’re certified to acquire Chirag yojana blessings. the government intends to cover about 25,000 youngsters within the first segment of the programme, who could be in classes 2 through 12.

Overview of Haryana Chirag Yojana

Name of SchemeHaryana Chirag Yojana
was startedBy Haryana Education Department
beneficiaryeconomically weaker students of the state
application procedureOnline/ Ofline
ObjectiveTo provide opportunity to poor children to get education in private schools.
Benefit Opportunity to get free education in private schools
CategoryHaryana Government Schemes
official website————–

Chirag Yojana Objectives

The goal of the Haryana government’s Chirag Haryana project is to give low-income children free private school education. Students in classes II through XII will be able to shift from government to private schools at no cost under this programme. Applications for this programme are only open to youngsters who are willing to attend private schools in the state of Haryana.

Benefits and features of Haryana Chirag Yojana 2024

  • The Haryana State Government launched the Chirag Yojana, which provides benefits to the state’s economically disadvantaged schoolchildren.
  • The current academic year saw the implementation of the state government’s plan to eliminate Rule 134A, which would have allowed free education in private schools for pupils from low-income families.
  • Students enrolled in state-run government schools in classes 2 through 12 may transfer to private schools for free under this programme.
  • The state government will pay the recipient students’ private school tuition under the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2024, which is administered by the Haryana Education Department.
  • Students from lower-income and economically disadvantaged backgrounds will be able to readily receive high-quality education without any financial barriers thanks to this state government initiative.
  • In addition, the state’s educational attainment rate will rise thanks to this programme.

Eligibility criteria related to Chirag Yojana

To receive benefits under any government programme, candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements associated with that programme. Similarly, interested candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements established by the Haryana government to be eligible for Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024 benefits:

  • To apply for the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2024, a student must be a permanent resident of the state of Haryana.
  • The state government has launched a system, under which only kids who have demonstrated academic excellence and continuously passed every section would be considered eligible.
  • Furthermore, the applicant student under this scheme’s family income cannot exceed Rs. 1 lakh, eighty thousand per year.
  • Only these private state schools, which offer instruction from second to twelfth grades, are eligible to accept applicant students under this programme.
Chirag Yojana Haryana

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Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024 documents required

  • The list of documents needed for the Chirag Yojana is as follows:
  • To transfer from the public to the private education system, you must need a certificate.
  • Official student ID with photo.
  • a family document from their mother or father attesting to their income.

How to get admission to any school under the Chirag Yojana?

Students who wish to apply to Chirag Yojana School must have the paperwork listed above.

  • Only the private school whose name appears on Form 6 instructions is eligible for admission.
  • Admission can only be approved if the student updates their Data Mist portal information, even if the student was recommended by their prior school.

The process to apply under Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024

  • First of all, you want to go to Chirag Yojana Har Yana’s legitimate internet site.
  • Following this, the website’s essential web page will appear to you.
  • You have to pick out the software form link on the principal page.
  • The software shape could be in front of you as quickly as you click.
  • It is now essential with the intention to download the application.
  • You may then want to print the form and fill it out with the requested details.
  • Once all the records have been entered, you must attach the necessary papers to the software shape.
  • It’s far more important if you want to ship the application to the faculty wherein you desire your children to be enrolled.
  • You’ll get hold of a receipt when you put up the shape, which you have to maintain with you at all times.
  • As a result, applying for the Haryana Chirag Yojana is straightforward.

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Q. What is the Chirag Scheme in Haryana?

Ans: This programme is only available to students who have completed their education at a government school. The Haryana Chirag Yojana 2024 will provide free education to qualified children. Enrolled pupils’ school allotment will be determined by their residential district.

Q. What is the last date of Chirag Yojana?

Ans: State of Haryana Chirag Yojana (2024): The Chirag Yojana is where applications begin, and the deadline is April 10. Chirag Yojana: We are all aware that although most of the time parents do not have the choice, they would prefer to send their kids to private schools. Entry is free of charge.

Q. How to apply online for Chirag Yojana?

Ans: The application form for Chirag Yojana 2024 will open in front of you as soon as you click on the application form option that is already present here, which can be found on the official website at You.

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