Chirag Yojana

Chirag Yojana 2024: Objective, Benefits, Features, Eligibility, Documents, Online Registration and Last Date  

Chirag Yojana: Every effort is made by the federal and state governments to ensure that students in every class and community receive high-quality education. In a similar vein, the Haryana State Government recently introduced the Chirag Yojana, which gives children of the state’s impoverished, economically disadvantaged, and low-income residents the chance to attend private schools. Under the Haryana Chirag Yojana, state kids who are economically disadvantaged and cannot pay private school tuition are given the chance to enrol in private schools for classes 2 through 12.

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Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024

Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024 was introduced by the Haryana Education Department in the upcoming academic year by doing away with Rule 134A, which would have allowed low-income and economically disadvantaged state kids to attend private schools in the state. Will finish. Students enrolled in state-run government schools will get financial aid under this programme to attend private schools for classes 2 through 12. Students from families with annual incomes under Rs 1.80 lakh would benefit from this plan of the Haryana State Government.

Overview of Haryana Chirag Yojana

Name of SchemeHaryana Chirag Yojana 
was startedBy Haryana Education Department 
Beneficiaryeconomically weaker students of the state
application procedureOnline/Offline
ObjectiveTo provide opportunity to poor children to get education in private schools.
Benefit  Opportunity to get free education in private schools
CategoryHaryana Government Schemes
official website————–

The objective of Haryana Chirag Yojana 2024

Chirag Yojana

The Haryana State Government has initiated the Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024, with the primary goal of giving students from the state’s lower socioeconomic backgrounds the chance to enrol in private institutions and get high-quality education. This programme allows students enrolled in government schools in classes 2 through 12 to transfer for free to state-run private schools. Before this, the state of Haryana offered economically disadvantaged students in the state a fantastic opportunity to attend private schools through Rule 134A. However, this rule was overturned in the 2024 academic year, and the Haryana Chirag Yojana was put into place in its place. which the private school’s tuition charges

Admission schedule released under Chirag scheme in Haryana

The Haryana government has issued the schedule of admissions for the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2020. Applications for admission to private schools are now being accepted under this programme launched by the Haryana Education Department. Private schools must provide applicants’ permission on the Education Department website as part of the programme, which runs through January 31. The state’s private schools will then begin accepting applications, and the government will begin this procedure on March 15. With this programme, the government would acknowledge all of the state’s pupils who come from low-income families. In private schools, there will be admission. In addition, every state student who wishes to be admitted to the

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Benefits and features of Haryana Chirag Yojana 2024

  • The Haryana State Government launched the Chirag Yojana, which benefits the state’s economically disadvantaged schoolchildren.
  • The current school year marks the beginning of the state government’s plan to eliminate Rule 134A, which would have allowed free education in private schools for pupils from low-income families.
  • Students enrolled in state-run government schools in classes 2 through 12 may move to private schools for free as part of this programme.
  • The state government will pay the recipient students’ private school tuition under the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2024, which is administered by the Haryana Education Department.
  • Students from lower-income and economically disadvantaged backgrounds will be able to readily receive high-quality education without any financial barriers thanks to this state government initiative.
  • In addition, the state’s educational attainment rate will rise thanks to this programme.

Eligibility criteria related to Chirag Yojana

To receive benefits under any government programme, candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements associated with that programme. Similarly, interested candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements established by the Haryana government to be eligible for Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024 benefits:

  • The student candidate needs to be a permanent resident of the state of Haryana to apply under the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2024.
  • Only pupils who have demonstrated academic excellence and continuously passed every section will be considered eligible for this state government-launched programme.
  • In addition, the application student’s family income under this scheme should not exceed Rs 1 lakh 80 thousand per year.
  • Under this programme, prospective pupils are limited to enrollment in these state-run private schools, which offer instruction in grades two through twelve.

Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024 Documents Needed

  • The list of documents needed for the Chirag Yojana is as follows:
  • To transfer from the public to the private education system, you must need a certificate.
  • Official student ID with photo.
  • a family document from their mother or father attesting to their income.

How to get admission to any school under the Chirag Yojana?

Students who wish to apply to Chirag Yojana School must have the paperwork listed above.

  • Only the private school whose name appears on Form 6 instructions is eligible for admission.
  • Admission can only be approved if the student updates their Data Mist portal information, even if the student was recommended by their prior school.
Chirag Yojana

The process to apply under Chirag Yojana Haryana 2024

  • You must first visit CY Haryana’s official website.
  • The website’s main page will then appear in front of you.
  • You must select the option to fill out an application from the home page.
  • Clicking will cause the application form to appear in front of you.
  • You must now download the application.
  • You will next need to fill out the form by printing it and entering the requested information.
  • You must submit the application form and the necessary papers after filling out all the fields.
  • You must now apply to the school that you would like your children to attend.
  • You will receive a receipt when you submit the form, which you must keep with you at all times.
  • As a result, applying for the Haryana CY is simple.

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Faq’s for Chirag Yojana

Q.  Who is eligible for Chirag Yojana?

Ans: To participate in the Haryana CY, students must fulfil the following requirements: Students applying must be Haryana permanent residents. It is necessary to enrol in a government school. The family income of the candidate should not be more than Rs 1.8 lakh.

Q. What is the cheering scheme in Haryana?

The residential district of the enrolled students will determine the school allocation procedure.

Ans: You must select the application form link on the main page. The application form will be in front of you as soon as you click. It is now necessary for you to download the application.


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