Delhi Labour Card

Delhi Labour Card 2024, Online Application, New Update, Features & Benefits

Delhi Labour Card:- The government works tirelessly to give workers access to a range of social and economic amenities. for which the government implements a variety of programs. The Delhi government recently decided to introduce the Delhi Labour Card Programme. The workers in Delhi will have labor cards made using this system. They will receive benefits from numerous government programs with this card. You may read all the information about the Delhi Labour Card Yojana 2023 in this post. You can learn about the online registration procedure for this scheme by reading this article. In addition, you will be informed about this scheme’s eligibility.


Delhi Labor Card 2024

Intending to give labor cards to employees who are 18 years of age and older, the Delhi government launched the Delhi Labour Card Scheme. These cards will serve as identity cards, giving the government access to the private information of employees. The government will be able to establish various worker welfare plans with the help of this data. The government hopes to improve the financial security of Delhi’s workers by expanding the reach of laborer-focused programs via the Delhi Labour Card. In addition to providing cardholders with access to government programs including the Medical Facility system, Cycle Assistance Scheme, and Labourers Housing Assistance Scheme, this system aims to empower workers and promote self-reliance.

Delhi Labour Card

Overview of Delhi Labour Cards for 2024

Name Of The SchemeDelhi Labor Card Yojna
Started ByDelhi Government
Beneficiaryworkers of Delhi
ObjectiveProviding benefits of various government schemes
Official Website
CategoryGovt. Scheme
Year/Union TerritoryDelhi
Application ProcessOnline/Offline

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The main objective of this project is to provide government scheme benefits to the workforce in Delhi. The government would be able to conduct several projects by using the Delhi Labour Card to build a database of workers. All cardholders would receive benefits from initiatives such as the Student Award Incentive Scheme, Critical Illness Assistance Scheme, Pension Scheme, Disability Assistance Scheme, and so on. This card will help the workers in Delhi’s financial circumstances. Moreover, this card will improve the beneficiaries’ lives. Employee empowerment and independence will also be possible with the execution of this plan.


  • Blacksmith
  • Electronic mechanic
  • Carpenter
  • Carpenter
  • Dam builders
  • Polisher
  • Tailor
  • Builders
  • Road builders
  • Rock workers
  • Hammer wielder
  • Chosen makers
  • Well diggers
  • Those who splash
  • Welder
  • Plumber
  • Paint workers
  • Raj Mistri
  • Cement carrying workers etc.

These programs’ benefits will be given via the Delhi Labour Card.

  • Medical facility scheme
  • Cycle Assistance Scheme
  • Labor housing assistance scheme
  • Laborer girl marriage scheme
  • Disability Assistance Scheme
  • Pension scheme
  • Insurance Policy Premium Assistance Scheme
  • Critical Illness Assistance Scheme
  • Student Award Incentive Scheme
  • Maternity Benefit Benefit Assistance Scheme
  • Labor house repair scheme etc.
Delhi Labour Card

Features and Benefits

  • The Delhi Labour Card Scheme is set to be launched by the Delhi government.
  • Workers above the age of 18 will receive labor cards under this plan.
  • Each employee’s identity card will be this card.
  • to give the government access to the employee’s personal information.
  • The government can implement several kinds of worker-benefiting programs with the help of this data.
  • The Delhi Government will provide the recipients of this card access to the advantages of several laborer-focused initiatives.
  • The economic circumstances of Delhi’s labor force will be improved by this card.
  • In addition, as this program is implemented, employees will gain autonomy and independence.
  • Benefits from numerous government programs, including the Medical Facility Scheme, the Cycle Assistance Scheme, the Labour Housing Assistance Scheme, etc., are available to Delhi Labour Card holders.
  • The worker would receive ₹15,000 in financial aid if their wife is sincere.
  • The Delhi government will give free bicycles to the workers.
  • Children of laborers will receive an incentive payment.
  • Should the employee obtain any kind of policy, the government will cover the cost of the policy’s premium.
  • A worker may receive up to ₹ 50,000 in support for his daughter’s marriage.
  • The Delhi government would take care of the employees’ medical needs if they have any illnesses.

Required Documents

  • The worker must be a permanent resident of Delhi.
  • Aadhaar card
  • identity card
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo
  • Ration card
  • bank passbook
  • Domicile certificate if any
  • caste certificate
  • Proof of working for any contractor
  • Proof of 90 days of work under MNREGA

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Delhi Labour Card

How Do I Apply Online for the Delhi Labour Card Scheme?

Interested parties can apply for benefits under the Delhi Labour Card Scheme by following the simple instructions provided.

  • You must visit the Delhi Labour Card official website first.
  • You will now see the website’s homepage on your screen.
  • The “Online Registration” option needs to be chosen on the homepage of the website.
  • Following this, an application will appear in front of you.
  • You must now input all required data in this application form, including name, address, city, state, phone number, email address, and so forth.
  • Following this, you must select the “Continue” option.
  • It is now possible for you to apply for a Delhi labor card.

How Can I Apply Offline For A Delhi Labour Card In 2024?

  • Go to the Delhi Labour Card official website.
  • On the main page, select the “Forms” section by clicking.
  • Print the PDF after opening it.
  • Complete the form with the necessary information.
  • Add the required documents.
  • Give the Labour Department the completed form.
  • We will handle your Delhi Labour Card Scheme application appropriately.


To sum up, the implementation of the Delhi Labour Card Scheme 2024 represents a major advancement for laborers in the city. Those who meet the requirements can easily apply online for a variety of government benefits. This program improves the socioeconomic circumstances of laborers and demonstrates the government’s commitment to their well-being. When laborers make use of the benefits offered by the Delhi Labour Card, it not only makes their lives easier but also helps them become more empowered and independent. The program is evidence of the government’s commitment to improving Delhi’s labor force.

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Q.) Who can apply for a Delhi Labour Card?

Ans. Anybody working in Delhi who is over the age of eighteen is qualified.

Q.) How do I apply online for a Delhi Labour Card?

Ans. Go to the official website, fill out the forms, and upload the appropriate files.

Q.) What privileges does the Delhi Labour Card offer?

Ans. Cardholders get access to a range of government programs, including healthcare, bicycle aid, and housing support.

Q.) What labor laws apply in Delhi?

Ans. Delhi’s labor laws address a wide range of topics, including employment, pay, working conditions, and labor relations.

Q.) How do I get in touch with Delhi’s Labour Commissioner?

Ans. You can get in touch with the Delhi Labour Commissioner by visiting their official website or local labor offices.

Q.) How can I obtain a labor card?

Ans. To get your labor card, apply online or in person at the labor department office with the required paperwork.

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