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DigiPay has collaborated with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) to launch Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) in the least CSC locations across the country. this technique is predicated on demographic and biometric/iris information of a private, which eliminates the threat of any fraud and non-genuine activity. Aadhaar will facilitate ‘anytime, anywhere’ authentication to its beneficiary. So the aim is to realize interoperability between banks for Aadhaar based payment transactions. The DIGIPAY application will provide a chance for CSCs to earn and serve the community where there are not any banking access points. VLEs also can leverage on the footfall at their Centre and play an important role in making a cashless society as per the vision of the state. Digi Pay may be a simple, secured and seamless way of AEPS transaction.

What is DigiPay?

DIGIPAY may be a fast-growing digital payments and financial services platform with a mobile wallet, a payment ecosystem with over 350 billers, and an interoperable backend. DIGIPAY is owned by FSG Technology Ventures, Inc.

How do I buy DigiPay?

First of all, click on the Google search bar and sort “DigiPay”. Then, click on the URL of the official website. The homepage will appear. So click on the download option and download the software of DigiPay.

What is payout in DigiPay?

For settlement/payout of amount VLE has got to follow the below-given points: If VLE wants to transfer his DigiPay balance in his checking account then click on Passbook and VLE will request for Payout process. After putting request the quantity will get credit in VLEs checking account which is registered in DigiPay.

How does DigiPay CSC work?

To check-in into DigiPay account, VLE has got to enter the OTP sent on his/her registered mobile number and click on on the ‘VERIFY OTP’ button as shown in ‘figure3’ to validate the CSC id and Aadhaar Number. So user/VLE has got to click on ‘Checkbox’ field and supply his/her explicit consent.

What is the utilization of DigiPay?

Digi Pay, earlier referred to as Apna Dhan, has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in association with IndusInd Bank and allows any bank transactions using Aadhar authentication. Cash withdrawals, money transfers, net banking, balance enquiry, point-of-sale payments, etc.

What is remitter in DigiPay?

The system identifies a customer on the idea of the mobile number provided by the customer. The OTP received by the remitter will need to bee entered within the Digipay application to authenticate the customer. Maximum Limit per Transaction – A customer/remitter allowed to transfer maximum Rs.

What is RD service?

The Registered Device (RD) Service keeps security at the forefront by allowing secure registration of all devices without storing any data on the device. Eliminating use of stored biometrics – biometric data is captured on the device using the provider key for security.

How do I do know if my Rd is running?

Press + R button from your keyboard, and sort services. msc in your run window then press enter button. Step 7 : this may open Services Manger and look for “SecuGen RD services”, right click on this and choose Restart button this may restart SecuGen RD services.

What is RD service registration?

Registered Device Service (RDS) enables customers and end-users to register their fingerprint devices with UIDAI. This service required for Aadhaar authentication/eKYC.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Desktop/Laptop and Internet connectivity
  • Biometric Device (Fingerprint/Iris)
  • Printer.


  • VLE must offer the receipt to the customer for all the transaction, either a hit or failure.
  • VLE must update his take advantage hand under the setting tab on regular basis.

Installation Procedure:

  • Download DigiPay setup from https://digipay.csccloud.in/ by clicking on Download Application
  • Extract setup from Digipay_v4.1.zip
  • Double click on the Digipay_v4.1 folder created after extraction.
  • Right-click on setup and click on on “Run As Administrator”.
  • DigiPay installer will start. Click on Next to continue.
  • Click on Next to continue.
  • So click on Next to continue.
  • Click on Finish to finish the installation.
  • Shortcut DigiPay Icon will appear on the desktop.


Cash Withdrawal

This facility will enable the VLE to withdraw cash for the purchasers from their respective Aadhaar linked account number. The VLE must enter the subsequent information from the customer

  • Bank Name: The Customer Bank Name for cash withdrawal.
  • Amount: Enter the quantity withdrawn by the customer.
  • Customer Aadhaar: Aadhaar number of the customer.
  • Biometric: Authenticate Customer’s Fingerprint or Iris using the biometric device.
  • When biometric identification successful, the quantity deducted from the customer’s checking account and cash provided by the VLE.
  • The VLE also can print/check a replica of the receipt for the customer from C:\CSC e-Governance Services India Limited\DIGIPAY\printlog.
Balance Enquiry:

This facility will enable the VLE to see the balance for the purchasers in their respective Aadhaar linked account number. So the VLE must enter the subsequent information from the customer

  • Bank Name: The Customer Bank Name for cash withdrawal.
  • Customer Aadhaar: Aadhaar number of the customer.
  • Biometric: Authenticate Customer’s Fingerprint or Iris using the biometric device.
  • When biometric identification successful, the balance was shown to the customer.
  • The VLE also can print a replica of the receipt for the customer.
Payout Request:

Payout Request feature enables VLEs to credit their Digipay balance for the amount in their CSC registered checking account.

To generate Payout Request

  1. Enter CSC ID
  2. Enter Amount
  3. Select Transaction type (NEFT/IMPS)
  4. Then Click on consent message then Click on Scan Button to authenticate and initiate the payout request.
  • After submitting the request, the requested amount will get credited in VLE’s account.
About Digital Seva CSC:

Digital Seva CSC is one of the essential empowering agents of the Digital India Program. They are the passageways for the conveyance of different e-administration and business administrations to residents in rustic and far off regions of the nation. So it is a skillet India network obliging local, geographic, phonetic and social assorted variety of the nation, in this manner empowering the Government’s command of a socially, monetarily and carefully comprehensive society. CSCs offer helped admittance of e-administrations to residents with an emphasis on improving administration, conveying fundamental government and public utility administrations, social government assistance plans, monetary administrations, instruction and ability advancement courses, wellbeing and farming administrations and computerized education, aside from a large group of B2C administrations.

Vision of DigitalSeva SPV:

To create CSCs as a trustworthy, solid and omnipresent IT-empowered organization of resident help focuses associating nearby populace with government divisions, business foundations, banks, insurance agencies and instructive establishments, with an effect on essential, auxiliary and tertiary parts of the nation’s economy.

How would I get my Digimail ID and secret key?

Digital’s mailing administration by CSC sends you your login qualifications on the email address referenced in your Aadhaar Card. So this is a ‘No answer’ which give you ID and secret word. Utilizing those accreditations you can undoubtedly login into Digital. On effective Login, you will see an affirmation mail either in your Inbox or Junk.

What is the utilization of CSC ID?

The CSC Connect component would make it workable for CSCs utilizing their interesting CSC ID/Password to access the SAP Portal and will likewise assist DIT with estimating the utilization of administrations of different SAP locales at different CSCs.

How to enlist as a Go DigitalSeva client?

The structure will request that you fill in some data concerning yourself. On the enlistment structure, it is called ‘individual profile’ data. So the structure will request that you set up a secret word. The more grounded the secret phrase is the safer your record will be.

What is the full type of CSC?

DigitalSeva CSC are physical offices for conveying Government of India e-Services to country and distant areas where accessibility of PCs and Internet was immaterial or generally missing.

How would I check my CSC?

You can check the CSC of your Galaxy gadget by dialling a code on your gadget’s dialer itself. The mystery code you have to dial is *#1234#. When you type ‘#’, you’ll see a screen like demonstrated as follows. So the initial 3 letters in order after your gadget model establish the CSC code for your gadget (see underneath).

How would I sign into my DigitalSeva Portal?

Given beneath are the bit by bit login system to sign in to the Digital Seva Connect. The client needs to login to the official site. So the client needs to enter the client name and the secret word. When all the qualifications are entered, the client needs to tap on the ‘Sign In’ catch to sign in.

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How would I use DigiPay?

To join into DigiPay account, VLE needs to enter the OTP sent on his/her enlisted mobile number and snap on the ‘Check OTP’ button as appeared in ‘figure3’ to approve the CSC id and Aadhaar Number. So client/VLE needs to tap on ‘Checkbox’ field and give his/her unequivocal assent.

How would I join a SHG gathering?
  • From one family, just a single individual can turn into an individual from an SHG. (More families can join SHGs along these lines.)
  • The gathering regularly comprises of either just men or of just ladies.
  • Individuals ought to have a similar social and budgetary foundation.
  • So some Common elements for Membership in an SHG.
Would I be able to streak just CSC?

On the other hand, you can likewise streak the CSC record just yet all things considered, ensure you download the firmware for a similar programming adaptation as of now introduced on your gadget. You’ll actually need to download the full firmware since you can download the HOME CSC or the CSC document independently.

What is CSC Digital Seva Portal?

Digital Seva Common Services Centers (CSC) are ICT empowered passages for conveyance of different Government and business administrations to residents. So CSC will give ability advancement, computerized education, wellbeing and monetary administrations to rustic India.

How Do Reset Digimail Password?
  • Enter Your CSC ID Here and Fill Captcha at that point Click on Submit Button.
  • So here you need to enter your CSC ID and fill the capchal and submit it!
  • You will Get OTP on Your Registered Email ID, Enter Email OTP and SUBMIT.
  • So you will get an OTP on CSC enlisted email, enter it, submit it!
How introduce DigiPay measure?
  • Download the DigiPay from CSC entryway. Or on the other hand, CLick Here (Link Updated)
  • So concentrate Rar File.
  • Right Click on Installer and click on Run as Administrator.
What is payout in DigiPay?

For settlement/payout of sum, VLE needs to follow the underneath given focuses: So if VLE needs to move his DigiPay balance in his financial balance at that point click on Passbook and VLE will demand Payout measure. So in the wake of putting demand, the sum will get credit in VLEs ledger which enlisted in DigiPay.

How would I enact DigiPay?

To finish enlistment Authenticate yourself by utilizing Biometric. After effective enrollment, restart the DigiPay application. So enter CSC Digital Seva Id and validate yourself utilizing unique mark. OTP will send on your enlisted mobile no.

How Reset Digimail Password?
  • You will get an OTP on your enrolled Email ID.
  • So enter OTP, Fill Captcha and Click on Validate button.
  • After effective better print validation, you will see your CSC Digital Seva My Account Dashboard.
  • Presently click on MY Account Setting.
  • So you will see on screen two alternatives.
How to Reset My Digimail Id If I Forgot the Password?
  • To begin with, go to register.csc.gov.in.
  • So at that point, type your 12 Digit Aadhaar Number.
  • Pick “Unique mark” From Authentication Type.
  • Fill in the Captcha when provoked.
  • So hit “Submit”
  • Pick your scanner from the dropdown menu.
  • Output your unique mark when provoked.
  • You will see a popup message.

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