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eDistrict Delhi, eDistrict Status Check


What is eDistrict Delhi?

It is a facility provided by eDistrict Delhi e-Governance Society, Information Technology Department, Govt of NCT of eDistrict Delhi for online delivery of services to citizens during a time bound and hassle free manner.

What are the technical specifications for uploading documents?

The file size shouldn’t be quite 100 KB. The document should be clearly legible.

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What to try to once I cannot find my locality within the list?

Click on the link provided along side the locality drop down otherwise you can contact us via the given phone no or email-id to send request for including your locality.

What should I do if my application has been rejected?

You will need to apply again after completing the documents/procedure because once the appliance rejected by the concerned authority, no further action often taken.

What should I do if my application remains for quite the required number of days?

Please contact the concerned authority on the contact numbers or email address provided within the contact us.

How am I able to view the status of my application?

This can seen from the ‘Tract Your Application’ link on the house page. Your also can check this by sending an SMS – EDISTDL to 7738299899.

How am I able to apply/register if i’m but 18 years old?

If you’re but 18 year old then anybody of your parent or trustee can add your profile to his/her registered account then apply through it.

What do I do if I don’t have a legitimate Aadhaar Number?

Aadhaar Number isn’t mandatory for registration or applying for services, you’ll do that through other available identity documents also. Just in case of any difficulty, you’ll apply at the Sub Division/Tehsil counter also.

I am applying online, what documents do I want to submit at the counter for processing my application?

You need to submit documents, the first affidavit (wherever required) and self-attested copies of other supporting documents required within the instruction sheet of the concerned form at the counter window during the official working hours. You’ll also send an equivalent by post to the concerned SDM office but you want to write application number at the highest of the envelope before sending it to the SDM office. For documents which may verified from online database, no supporting documents got to submitted at the counter.

What happens to my application if I don’t send the supporting documents and affidavit (wherever required)?

Your application will get rejected if necessary attachments aren’t received within SLA time-lines at the concerned Sub-Division office.

Can I delete the uploaded documents?

No, once the document uploaded it can’t removed.

My document can’t be verified online from the concerned department. What should I do?

Check your document number, or contact the department concerned thereupon document. You’ll still proceed by uploading a scanned copy of your document.

How am I able to register at e-District Portal?

On e-District portal Home Page click New User, then enter your details and follow the instructions as they seem on the screen.

Can I edit my application after submission?

No, you can’t edit your application after final submission.

Which browser version required is best fitted to the e-District website?

e-District Delhi runs best on IE 8+, Firefox 3+ and Chrome 4+ browsers. However IE 11+ you would like to enable the compatibility view.

What do I do if an objection has been raised on my application?

You can visit the web portal to see the explanations for objecting to the appliance provided by the competent authority. This might flow from to incomplete documents. You’ll also visit the Counters at the Sub-division office or make a turn the amount provided to understand what additional documents are required to be submitted.

What is the time-frame during which a citizen can reapply for a service?

A citizen is allowed to re-apply for a service once if his previous application has been rejected by the competent authority. Citizens are advised to not re-apply, if they are doing not meet the eligibility criterion for the appliance.

What is the appliance doesn’t work on my system?

Either your browser is outdated and doesn’t meet the system requirements or your internet connection is just too slow. e-District Website should be viewed during a screen resolution of 1024 by 768. Your browser version should be either IE 8 or higher, Firefox 3 or higher and Chrome 4 or higher.

How do I receive my Certificate?

Once your application approved you’ll download the digitally signed certificate from the eDistrict Delhi portal using your application number provided to you at the time of applying (online or at the counter) and download the certificate from the portal. Authenticity of the certificate are often verified by the user-agencies online using the certificate number.

What happens to my profile if I forget the login details?

Your profile often retrieved at any point of your time. You would like to possess the mobile number and therefore the document number used for registration that you simply submitted at the time of making the profile. If your mobile is not any longer valid then you’ll contact the eDistrict Delhi team to retrieve your account. Please note that no duplicate accounts often created using same identity documents.

What happens to my profile if my document isn’t verified online?

The system allows you to make a profile if the document number isn’t verified in real time. However the system won’t allow you to boost any service request till the time the small print are verified online. If the citizen details aren’t verified online from department database, the profile gets automatically deleted within 72 hours. The citizen may raise a fresh request on the portal with correct details thereafter.

Can someone who doesn’t belong to OBC category claim so on the virtue of marriage?

No, anyone who doesn’t belong to OBC category cannot claim so on the virtue of marriage.

Which Castes can apply for OBC Category?

Caste applied for must be notified in Govt. of NCT of eDistrict Delhi.

Is someone who roofed under Creamy Layer category eligible for OBC Category?

No, the applicant must not covered under Creamy Layer category as specified by the govt of India time to time.

Shall the small print of individuals to whom SC/ST certificate has been issued put within the public domain?

Yes, the small print of all the people to whom certificate has been issued are going to be put within the property right.

What are the castes that are entitled for issuance of the SC/ST certificate?

An Applicant should belong to a caste which mentioned within the constitution (Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes) [(States/Union Territories)] orders issued until date as amended from time to time.

Can a private who doesn’t belong to ST/SC category claim so on the virtue of marriage?

No. A private who doesn’t belong to SC/ST category cannot claim so on the virtue of marriage.

What is a domicile certificate?

This certificate establishes the place of residence of a private.

What is minimum time of residing continuously in Delhi that a private entitled for Domicile Certificate?

An Individual who may be a residing continuously for the last three years within the territorial jurisdiction of NCT of eDistrict Delhi and he/she must be the citizen of India.

Where and for what purpose a domicile certificate required?

A number of educational institutions reserve seats counting on the domicile status of the applicant. Similarly, benefits also are available during a number of cases of recruitment giving preference to local candidates. This certificate required to avail such benefits. Institutions giving loan as a symbol of place of residence can also require this certificate. Some organizations/institutions have different modalities for e.g. different fee structure for NRIs (Non Resident Indians) and need this certificate for checking purposes.

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Is educational certificate for the three consecutive years considered for issuance of Domicile Certificate?

Educational certificate for 3 consecutive years not the sole document that considered for issuance of Domicile Certificate.

Incase a certificate has been issued to a private from any agency in India, is he/she eligible for the issuance of Birth registration order?

Individual shouldn’t have any certificate issued from any agency anywhere in India.

When can a private apply for issuance of birth registration order?

There should be a niche of minimum one year between the date of birth of the individual and therefore the date of applying for issuance of birth registration order.

Incase a Death Certificate has been issued to an applicant from any agency in India, is he/she eligible for the issuance of Birth registration order?

Individual shouldn’t have any Death Certificate issued from any agency anywhere in India.

When can a private apply for issuance of death registration order?

There should be a niche of minimum one year between the date of Death and therefore the date of applying for issuance of death registration order.

What is the minimum regulation for applying as a Civil Defence Volunteer?

A person joining Civil Defence must be a minimum of 18 years old. However, this regulation could also relaxed within the discretion of the competent authority up to a maximum of three years for any branch or category of the Corps.

Which of the forces personnel aren’t eligible for enrolment during a Civil Defence corps?

Members of the subsequent forces or services aren’t ordinarily eligible for enrolment during a Civil Defence corps:

  • Soldiers of the Union
  • Police
  • Fire Services
  • Territorial Army or Auxiliary Forces of any of the Defence services
  • Civilian personnel employed in reference to the soldiers of the Union
Do I even have to pay any fees for availing revenue department services via eDistrict Delhi portal or CSC?

Fees is applicable for registration of Marriage and Solemnization of marriage only.

What is Lal Dora Certificate?

This certificate establishes that an individual is that the owner of a specific property/land within the “Abadi” area of a village (i.e. area demarcated for habitation). This certificate additionally used for getting water / power connections during a village.

What is the validity of income certificate?

6 Months.

Do I want to urge attested the digitally signed certificates?

No, there’s no got to get the digitally signed certificates attested. These certificates are often verified from the “verify certificate” link of the eDistrict portal.

What is the aim of issuing Solvency certificate?

Solvency certificate issued to individual/firms declaring their financial standing for purpose like standing surety in favour of some body, securing loans, securing business contractors etc. Solvency certificate issued on the idea of salaries drawn by Govt. Employees/individuals, the properties owned by the applicants in their own name and Sales Tax/Income Tax returns.

What is the aim of issuing Surviving Members’ Certificate?

When a private has expired, the surviving members’ certificate usually required for the aim of settlement of claims in respect of the deceased by the surviving members of the deceased family.

What is Marriage Registration Certificate?

Marriage Registration Certificate issued to both Husband and Wife whose marriage has already been solemnized. The registration completed under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable in cases where both husband and wife are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs or where they need converted into any of those religions. Where either of the husband or wife or both aren’t Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs the wedding registered under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

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