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The Income Tax Department has presented another drive called the E-PAN card. Clients can utilize the ePAN card office to in a flash acquire a PAN card by applying on the web. ePAN card application office is liberated from cost and is as of now being tried in Beta. To get an e-PAN card, it is compulsory for the candidate to have an Aadhar card as the Aadhar number of the PAN candidate compulsorily expects to acquire e-PAN. People previously having a PAN can’t make a difference for an e-Pan. Additionally, ePAN can’t get by an organization or LLP or association firm.

आयकर विभाग ने ई-पैन कार्ड नाम से एक और अभियान पेश किया है। ग्राहक वेब पर आवेदन करके तुरंत पैन कार्ड प्राप्त करने के लिए ईपैन कार्ड कार्यालय का उपयोग कर सकते हैं। ePAN कार्ड आवेदन कार्यालय लागत से मुक्त हो गया है और अभी इसे बीटा में आजमाया जा रहा है। ई-पैन कार्ड प्राप्त करने के लिए, उम्मीदवार के पास आधार कार्ड होना अनिवार्य है क्योंकि पैन उम्मीदवार का आधार नंबर अनिवार्य रूप से ई-पैन प्राप्त करने की अपेक्षा करता है। जिन लोगों के पास पहले पैन था, उन्हें ई-पैन से कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ सकता। इसके अतिरिक्त, ePAN किसी संगठन या LLP या एसोसिएशन फर्म द्वारा प्राप्त नहीं किया जा सकता है।

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Qualification for E-PAN:

ePAN card can apply simply to Indian inhabitants other than minors and individuals covers under Section 160 of the Income Tax Act. Henceforth, the ePAN cards can’t acquire by Hindu Undivided Families, firms, trusts, organizations and so on. E-Pan made in view of the subtleties entered in the Aadhar Card. Consequently, just people holding Aadhar can acquire an E-PAN and assuming the subtleties in the Aadhar Card is erroneous, the ePAN will likewise mistaken. Subsequently, if there should arise an occurrence of the amendment, the candidate can visit the authority site of UIDAI prior to applying for E-PAN.

ईपैन कार्ड केवल नाबालिगों के अलावा भारतीय निवासियों पर लागू हो सकता है और आयकर अधिनियम की धारा 160 के तहत व्यक्तियों को कवर किया जा सकता है। अब से, हिंदू अविभाजित परिवारों, फर्मों, ट्रस्टों, संगठनों आदि द्वारा ePAN कार्ड प्राप्त नहीं किए जा सकते हैं। आधार कार्ड में दर्ज सूक्ष्मताओं को देखते हुए बनाया गया ई-पैन। नतीजतन, केवल आधार रखने वाले लोग ई-पैन प्राप्त कर सकते हैं और आधार कार्ड में सूक्ष्मता को गलत मानते हुए, ईपैन भी गलत होगा। इसके बाद, यदि संशोधन की घटना होती है, तो उम्मीदवार ई-पैन के लिए आवेदन करने से पहले यूआईडीएआई की प्राधिकरण साइट पर जा सकते हैं।

Methodology to Apply for E-PAN:

The accompanying advances must follow to apply for an e-Pan card:

Stage 1: Log on to the site

The candidate needs to sign on to the authority site http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.

Stage 2: Mobile number connected to Aadhar

The candidate needs to have the enlisted portable number that is connected with the Aadhar card.

Stage 3: Click on Instant e-Pan

Therefore candidate needs to tap on the Instant e-Pan choice.

Stage 4: Enter the subtleties

In the Aadhar e-KYC, the candidate needs to enter the subtleties as enlisted in the Aadhar card and the Aadhar Number.

Stage 5: Enter the OTP

Once, the Aadhar number places, an OTP will ship off the enlist Mobile number.

Stage 6: Uploading the mark

The candidate needs to transfer the filtered duplicate of the mark on a white paper with a goal of 200 DPI, with a document sort of JPEG of 10 KB with an element of 2×4.5 cm.

Stage 7: Acknowledgment Number

When every one of the subtleties is placed accurately, the candidate will get a 15 affirmation number to the enrolled portable number.

Really looking at Status:

To check the situation with the ePAN card, the accompanying advances must follow:

Stage 1: Log on to the site

The candidate needs to sign on to the authority site http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.

Stage 2: Click on Check Instant e-Pan Status

On this page, the candidate needs to enter the 15 digit affirmation number.

Stage 3: Knowing the Status

When the affirmation number is present, the candidate can see the situation with the e-Pan card.

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FAQs on E-PAN:

I have a PAN yet I have lost it. Could I at any point get another e-PAN through Aadhaar?

No. This help is just accessible in the event that you don’t have a PAN yet have a legitimate Aadhaar number and your KYC data is exceptional.

What records do I expect for the new e-PAN?

You just require a legitimate Aadhaar with refreshed KYC subtleties and a substantial portable number connected with your Aadhaar.

Who can apply for Instant e-PAN through Aadhaar?

Dish candidates who have an Aadhaar number from UIDAI and have connected their portable number with Aadhaar can apply for a moment e-PAN.

Are there any charges/expenses for e-PAN?

No. It totally liberates me from cost.

For what reason do I have to create an e-PAN?

It is required to statement your Permanent Account Number (PAN) while documenting your Income Tax Return. In the event that you have not been assigned a PAN, you can create your e-PAN with the assistance of your Aadhaar and a versatile number enrolled with your Aadhaar. Creating e-PAN liberated from cost, and online interaction and doesn’t expect you to top off any structures.

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The ongoing status of my PAN apportioning demand status is refreshed as – PAN assignment demand has fizzled. How would it be advisable for me to respond?

If there should be an occurrence of disappointment with your e-PAN assignment, so you might write to epan@incometax.gov.in.

I’m not ready to refresh my Date of Birth in my e-PAN. How would it be a good idea for me to respond?

If by some stroke of good luck year of birth is accessible in your Aadhaar, you should refresh the date of birth in your Aadhaar and attempt once more.

How might I know that my e-PAN age demand is submitted effectively?

A triumph message will show alongside an Acknowledgment ID. Kindly save a note of the Acknowledgment ID for future reference. Also, you will get a duplicate of the Acknowledgment ID on your portable number enlisted with Aadhaar.

Do I have to present the actual duplicate of the KYC application or verification of the Aadhaar card?

No. This is a web-based process. No desk work requires.

Assuming that my Aadhaar validation was dismissed during e-KYC, how would it be advisable for me to respond?

Aadhaar verification might get dismissed because of utilizing some unacceptable OTP. Therefore issues can settle by entering the right OTP. In the event that it actually dismissed, you need to contact UIDAI.

Will I get an actual PAN card?

No. You will give an e-PAN which is a legitimate type of PAN.

Do I have to do face to face confirmation (IPV)?

No. The interaction is totally on the web. You don’t have to visit any middle.

How would I get an actual PAN card?

In the event that a PAN has been dispensed, you can get a printed actual PAN card by presenting a solicitation through the connections underneath:

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