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Economic Survey CSC, Check CSC ECI Project Payment, 7th Economic Census Survey: 2022

Hi, companions If you have a CSC VLE you had worked in CSC Economic Census Survey Project! So you have major uplifting news on this Deepawali spot for all companions! The Economic Census Survey Payment of CSC VLE was ended for quite a while! She has been shipped off the CSC VLES Account! You can actually take a look at your CSC ECI Payment as per the dearest Process! What’s more, on the off chance that your instalment has not been gotten for reasons unknown! So as indicated by the darling Process, your ECI instalment can be gotten!


Step-by-step instructions to Check CSC ECI Project Payment:

  • Open CSC DigiPay
  • Login Using CSC ID
  • Go to Leader Sync
  • Visit the Passbook/Ledger Section
  • Also, Click on Sync
  • Presently all your forthcoming ECI Payment Will Displayed
  • In the event that not got in Digipay Also Check CSC Wallet

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ECI Payment Does Not Come, What To Do:

Folks, practically all VLES instalments from CSC have been shipped off their CSC Digipay! However, on the off chance that you lack your CSC Digipay Payment! So you require 1-2 days loads! There might be no great explanation under any circumstance that your instalments have not been made! What’s more, on the off chance that your instalment doesn’t come even after so many times! So you realize your District by reaching the CSC District Manager! What is your CSC ECI Payment Hold for the benefit of CSC! Also, assuming your instalment has been halted for reasons unknown! Then settle your CSC DM by specifying it! Your Payment will come!

Justification for Economic Census CSC Payment Hold:

Dear VLE, you are educated to all the boss siblings! That you cautiously take a look at all the ECI gateways that any study isn’t really! Which has not been done as such far! Since in such a case a solitary study is found on your ECI entryway! So your instalment will halt! Whose full commitment will be yours! Thusly, every one of you is mentioned to finish the said work today so that settlement ahead of time interaction should be possible.

CSC Dava Gram Medicine Store Project: CSC Dava Gram – 10-30% Commission Sell Branded and Generic Medicine: Friends If you have a CSC VLE! What’s more, you need to manage Medicines and OTC items! So you have a brilliant opportunity to sell marked and nonexclusive medication by opening a Medicine Store in with CSC!


  • 10-55% Upfront Commissions on Medicines and OTC Products
  • Charging and Inventory Software
  • Both Branded and Generic Medicine Available

The most effective method to Open A Retail Medicine Store Through CSC:

  • Most importantly Visit – (Link Given on 5 Feb, 21 CSC Newsletter)
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • Vle Pan Number
  • Drug specialist accessibility – yes/no
  • Drug permit accessibility – yes/no
  • IF Yes, Share Drug License Number

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7th Economic Census Survey: 2022

The provincial business person of the Common Service Center (CSC) will bring up the country’s financial estimation calculates this year. The public authority has begun the activity of setting up the framework of estimation through around 15 lakh provincial business people. Crafted by preparing these business visionaries has begun CSC.

This year, crafted the seventh monetary computation must finish raising financial figures from 20 million families the nation over. The public authority is searching for an extremely durable foundation to compute more than over two million CSC networks the nation over. This is the explanation that the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation has been named with CSC E-Governance Services India Limited under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Measurements and Program Implementation Camera coordinated a studio for state-level delegates of CSC. Notwithstanding the authorities of the Ministry, NSSO and different agents of the States additionally took part. Secretary Praveer Shrivastava in the Ministry said that the ongoing number of CSC in the actual country has extraordinary strength. As a matter of fact, the Ministry of Statistics knows in light of the nature of its figures. In any case, the service has just 160 officials organization. After the concurrence with CSC, the Ministry can not just gather the information the nation over in a brief time frame, however, the CSC will likewise be ready as a public resource.

Appointee Director-General of the Department of Economic Department in Statistics Department, Dr Pankaj Shrivastav said that the quality information got from financial estimation helps in strategy building. In this computation, the advanced strength of the CSC will actually want to get better since now the primary unit will begin getting information in the computerized design.

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The framework of expert clarifications will be ready and it will be accessible for work amazing open doors for 15 million individuals:

As all of you realize that the CSC Economic Census Mobile App has been sent off, so how would you need to download it and how to function in it and take unique consideration of things, this application isn’t accessible on Google Play Store

1st Step:

While introducing the application, you need to begin the application and as per the photographs displayed before you, a screen will be open where your

  1. Name
  2. CSC ID
  3. Cell phone Detail
  4. State/District and Block
  5. Country Urban
  6. Ward/gram panchayat
  7. On the Continue button on the screen

2nd Step:

Tapping on Continue will come before you to open a screen where Start Survey EC 7.0 will write in a solitary line. You need to tap on that connection.

3rd Step:

From here your review begins, where you will get some Janakaria previously filled and some will fill like Basic Info; – State, District, City, Ward or Block Village You should pour the number of postal pins and blocks. On account of you should choose the name of your ward. Other data will fill as of now.

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4th Step:

At the point when you click on Continue, which is the principal screen that is Locality/Street/Premises Building No here; you need to place those postal addresses in which you are enumerating the Census House in the Ward

Next Option Purpose of EC HOUSE Here you will private/commercial and others here on such a house where there is no business activity, there will be residential chooses.

Information will show naturally in the Economic Census EC House number on your screen, for example, you have just 2 data on this screen which is an extremely durable leaf and home sort of occupant

5th Step:

Assuming you do this, there will be some screen open before you where you will find the SRN No of House previously composed, you compose Name of Head of Household what number individuals live in that house that a large number of names of Male/Female and so forth. Select and afterwards you need to put the quantity of the multitude of individuals residing in that house, which are monetarily dynamic or accomplish some work, which is procuring here Simply need to place their numbers and remember that the absolute family complete Should not be more than the number of individuals

Furthermore, after that, you need to put the number of financial activities or businesses running inside that house, yet on the off chance that somebody puts a shop outside the house, it won’t include in it, it is filling just about monetary exercises inside the structure.

On the off chance that No Activity Is Running, You Have To Fill Simply 0 – (Zero):

6th Step:

In the wake of filling such a lot of data, you need to submit it, so House Hold Marking Number will compose on your screen which you need to note in your journal or Notebook and afterwards on the OK button on the screen To click

7th Step:

Subsequent to accomplishing such a great deal, you need to draw photographs of buildings or designs in the event that the landowner has no photograph of protest or goes against them, in such a case you need to transfer yourself.

8th Step:

What’s more, after that you will see the subtleties of the data you cite, where everything the data you have been right affirmed and in the event that the family or the property manager concurs with the data, you will submit it If you really want a rectification, Edit can fill the right data.

Subsequent to presenting the data you can not get to this information once more and the information put together by you will go to Approve SUPERVISOR Data on your Supervisor where the enumerator can work on the information in the circumstance of the dismissal. The choice will find.

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How to download the Economic Public Calculation App?

  • First of all, you need to enlist enrollment enlistment in CSC Economic Census LMS.
  • CSC Economic Census Learning Management System has finished your review and gives you an exit.
  • In the tests, you will get a character card and a declaration along with your mobile; a connection will come from where you will download these Economic Census App.
  • CSC Learning Management System Click HERE: LINK1/LINK2

Three Types Of Fines Can Impose In Survey Work:

  • Referred region: Enumretor will give as a Village/Enumeration Area. In the event that it leaves some relatives or homes, it will force.
  • Quality of insights: ENUMARATOR and SUPERVISOR DATA are correct or not, on the off chance that you misunderstand or followed through with something, the punishment will force, albeit a period will give after the Supervisor Rejection. Punishment won’t force.
  • Delay in work: When a VLE/ENUMARATOR or SUPERVISOR is still up in the air and not entirely settled if/town or town, then it will finish in something like 2 months, generally the punishment will force and that region will give to some other enumerator.

Albeit the total instalment in both the circumstance is that the VLE will ship off the record connected to the gateway, after which VLE will actually want to disperse individuals working underneath.

FAQs on Economic Survey CSC:

Which state was not canvassed in the third Economic Census?

All States/UTs were covered, aside from Assam, where the populace Census, 1981 was not led

What amount of time will be required for CSC enrollment?

New CSC Registration 2020-21-Digital Seva CSC Registration. Presently in only 5 to 10 days, the CSC id secret phrase will be accessible. If you have any desire to do CSC enlistment, you really want CSC id secret key, then you should peruse till the last, you will all be aware. CSC VLE Registration was a couple of days after the fact.

What number of sorts of financial evaluation Houses are there?

The financial censuses of 1980 and 1990 were incorporated with the house-posting tasks of the populace registration.

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