GRT Gold Scheme

GRT Gold Scheme, Flexi Plan, Features, and Benefits

GRT Gold Scheme:- One of the most well-known jewelry companies in the nation, G.R. Chennai, a southern city, is home to Thanga Maligai, also known as GRT Jewellers. Founded in 1964, this is one of the fastest-growing corporations in the nation. GRT Jewellers, which has locations in multiple cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru, is well-known for providing exceptional designs at affordable prices in addition to exceptional quality.

Furthermore, GRT Jewellers offers four distinct programs that enable clients to efficiently allocate their savings towards acquiring the newest styles.


GRT Golden Eleven Flexi Plan

The Golden Eleven Flexi Plan, a novel initiative from GRT Jewellers, allows customers to purchase the jewelry they want. To participate in the program, students will only need to complete the necessary form

GRT Gold Scheme

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GRT Golden Eleven Flexi Plan Scheme Features and Benefits:

  • After participating in this system, participants can choose an advance monthly payment amount, starting at Rs. 500, of their choosing. To further enable the monitoring of each payment, a passbook will also be provided.
  • Eleven equal advance payments are due each month.
  • After receiving payment for the previous month, people can buy the jewelry they want, except for a few items such as uncut diamonds, jewelry from vintage and ethnic styles, articles made of silver, Pooja items, diamond, ruby, platinum, and emerald, and silver jewelry that doesn’t waste or add value.
  • People have the choice of selecting gold depending on value or weight.

Terms and Conditions

  • The installment is due in full each month for a total of eleven months.
  • Once these installments are completed and paid for, which occurs one month following the final installment payment date, the customers can purchase jewelry for the specified amount.
  • There is no cash return available.
  • Members who miss payments have the option to get a “discount on purchase,” but only after making all of their installment payments.
  • The number of months that they have gone behind will decide how long they can make purchases.
  • If they decide to stop within seven months of signing up, they won’t be able to use the “discount on purchase” option.
  • Members are eligible to get a reduction equivalent to 60% of the monthly installment amount if they stop participating at any point between the eighth and tenth month.
  • According to the kind of jewelry that is bought, waste and manufacturing costs will exist.
  • The member’s signature will be verified after they reach adulthood.
  • Government taxes and VAT are the member’s responsibility.
  • Terms & conditions are subject to change, modification, amendment, or deletion at GRT Jewellers’ sole discretion.
  • Chennai’s competent courts will hear disputes.
GRT Gold Scheme

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GRT Golden Seed Savings Scheme

This is another scheme by the GRT Jewellers.

  • The current gold rate will be used to credit the account with gold, and installments are due each month.
  • In lieu of maturity, it would be ideal if you made a monthly purchase of gold.
  • The investment is immune to fluctuations in the price of gold.
  • Debit, credit, and net banking cards are accepted for online payments.

Terms and Conditions

  • Before the 15-month period, the consumer must make the installment payments.
  • Consumers can redeem their gold at any dealership, but they have to pay at the same showroom where they signed up for the program initially.
  • The installment schedule is set to remain unchanged.
  • It is essential to monitor the day of recognition in order to determine the gold rate in the event that the cheque is not honored. It is not possible to alter or modify the maturity date. As the cause of the default occurrence, the default payment will extend the maturity date in accordance with the month’s numbers.
  • The customer gets a full month to convert the equivalent weight of gold that has been deposited into the account once the last installment is paid back.
  • Cash refunds are not provided.
  • Customers may apply for the gold rate that will be in effect on the subsequent exchange date.
  • Compared to other schemes projected in the market, this one is quieter.
  • Should the weight of the acquired gold jewelry exceed the total weight of accumulated gold, there will be a fabrication and waste fee.
  • Customers will be responsible for paying the waste charge if the plain gold’s rate of waste exceeds 18%.
  • The corporation may change the terms and circumstances outlined in this plan.
GRT Gold Scheme

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FAQs on GRT Gold Scheme

Q. What is the GRT Gold scheme?

Ans- Known by its common name, G.R. Thanga Maligai, GRT Jewellers is one of the most well-known jewelry manufacturers in India. Chennai is home to the company. Since its founding in 1964, the company has seen the fastest rate of growth in India. Additionally, they offer a number of gold schemes to their clients so they can safely buy gold.

Q. When did the GRT program start?

Ans- On January 22, 2012, GRT Jewellers introduced the program.

Q. Where can I visit a GRT Showroom?

Ans- South India is where you may find GRT Jewellers the most readily. They have showroom locations in a number of cities, including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and so on.

Q. What is GRT Golden Eleven Flexi Plan?

Ans- With this particular arrangement, you can purchase gold jewelry for less money. For this strategy, you would have to pay eleven advance installments every month. Following the conclusion of the sale

Q. Which products fall outside the purview of the GRT Golden Eleven Flexi Plan?

Ans- The scheme prohibits the sale of some specific products, such as silver, uncut diamonds, puja objects, vintage or ethnic jewelry, platinum, ruby, diamond, and emerald.

Q. What is the Installment period for the Golden Eleven Flexi Plan?

Ans- There is an eleven-month installment period.

Q. What are the features of the Golden Seed Savings Scheme?

Ans- Instead of maturity, you have to buy gold every month and pay for it in installments. The account will receive gold deposits in accordance with the current gold rate.

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