Intercaste Marriage Scheme

Intercaste Marriage Scheme, Details, Benefits, Eligibility & Online Apply

Intercaste Marriage Scheme:- The goal of the Central and State governments’ programs is to end caste discrimination and encourage intercaste marriages. This states that those from the golden caste who marry a Dalit will be entitled to government benefits. First-time married couples are receiving lakhs of rupees in support from the central government.



The government launched the Inter-caste Marriage Scheme as a means of fostering social integration and intercaste marriages. Couples from different castes can receive financial assistance up to Rs. 75,000 when they marry under this scheme. The program seeks to advance social harmony and dismantle barriers related to caste.

Benefits of Intercaste Marriage Scheme

Physicians are eligible to participate in the Ambedkar Foundation’s intercaste marriage scheme. This states that in the event of a Golden Caste member marrying a Dalit, the Central Government will provide Rs 2.5 lakh on their behalf. The first launch of this program took place in 2013. In addition, the government of Haryana offers Rs 2.5 lakh in financial assistance. Under this scheme, the governments of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh provide Rs 50000 and Rs 2.5 lakh, respectively. Under this scheme, the government of Rajasthan also provides Rs 5 lakh. Recently, this amount was raised.

  • Eligible couples can receive up to Rs. 75,000 in financial assistance.
  • Two installments are made out of the money. Rs. 25,000 after three years of marriage and Rs. 50,000 at the time of marriage registration.
  • The couple may use the money for any other important purpose, such as paying household expenses or funding the kids’ education.
Intercaste Marriage Scheme

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Features of the Intercaste Marriage Scheme

  • The minister of social justice and empowerment and the chairman of the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation oversee this program, which approves grants for couples.
  • According to the law in effect at the time, providing the appropriate in-charge with false or fabricated information could result in prosecution.
  • A One-Time Financial Assistance of Rs. 30,000 Was Provided To Every Eligible Inter-Caste Married Couple As Part Of Various Grants, Which Included The Financial Assistance Done By The Respective Government Towards The Couples. The Couples Must Agree To An Arrangement And Submit it To LSGI In Order To Accept The Sum.
  • Building a home, purchasing land, or launching a business are among the uses for a grant under this program.

Degree of incentive

  • There would be a grant of Rs. for a lawful caste marriage. 2.50 lakh per marriage. After five years, the eligible couples will receive the parity of half of the grant and half of the grant as a DD in their joint name.
  • 500 of these relational unions will receive grants under the scheme in a single year. The 2011 Census states that the degree to which the SC population offers rates determines the physical focus for each state.
  • Every marriage will result in a payment of about Rs. 25,000 to the district authorities, who will then give it to the couple.

Eligibility and conditions for Intercaste Marriage Scheme

Only recently married Dalit individuals are eligible for benefits under the Intercaste Marriage Scheme. In order to accomplish this, the marriage registration process must adhere to the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. The benefit is only available to first-time married couples once. Each person who has used a state or center benefit under this scheme will have one benefit amount deducted from their account.

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Inter Caste Marriage 2.5 Lakhs How to Apply Online

There will likely be more applications for intercaste marriages as a result of the revised social integration scheme. The requirement of 5 lakh annually in income that was previously in effect has been eliminated. Couples who include a Dalit bride or bridegroom benefit from the scheme. This contributes to improving the low approval and response rates. The government intends to spread the word about the program for intercaste marriages. There are no requirements based on income. Applications can be submitted online or off. The marriage certificate and the Aadhar cards of both partners are necessary paperwork. A proposal must be filed within a year of registration, as per the Hindu Marriage Act. A Dalit partner will earn a couple of 2.5 lakh. The applicants must also submit proof of their joint bank account and Aadhar card.

You have to follow a few simple steps in order to submit your applications online.

  • Go to the official website to start with.
  • From the home page, select the option labeled “Online application process for marriages between different castes with a financial assistance of 2.5 lakhs”.
  • And then your screen will open to a new page.
  • Fill out the appropriate section with all the information you need.
  • Please remember to include all necessary documentation.
  • In the end, click the relevant button to submit your application.
  • Once your application has been verified, the responsible department will proceed.
  • Following approval, the agreed-upon sum will be directly deposited into your bank account.
Intercaste Marriage Scheme

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Application Process


  • In accordance with the Special Marriage Act of 1954, the couple must register their marriage.
  • Following marriage registration, the couple must complete the program application, which is available online or through the District Social Welfare Office.
  • The couple must turn in the application form and all necessary paperwork to the District Social Welfare Office.
  • The qualifying couples will receive financial aid following document verification.

Documents Required

  1. Original certificate. Cast certificate of the couple.
  2. Age certificate of the couple. Marriage certificate.
  3. A No Objection Certificate from the relevant district is necessary if any of them are from different districts.


Q. What is the new rule of intercaste marriage?

Ans- Inter-caste and inter-religious marriages have never been prohibited in independent India, according to the Supreme Court of India, which has also ruled that such unions serve the country’s interests and are a unifying force.

Q. What is the main problem in inter-caste marriage?

Ans- The couple’s views on religion, cultural customs, and parenting approaches might differ. These disparities could lead to arguments and have an impact on how their kids are raised. It is very hard to adjust to in-laws if the family does not accept the marriage.

Q. What is the benefit of inter-caste marriage?

Ans- Couples from different castes have different backgrounds, which gives them a wider and more contemporary outlook on life. Their parenting reflects this. Children will be able to learn from their parents to respect and make their own decisions.

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