Jhatpat yojana

Jhatpat Yojana 2024: Objective, Benefits, Eligibility, Documents, How to Apply and All Information

Jhatpat Yojana: The Uttar Pradesh government launched the UP Jhatpat Bijli Yojana in response to these issues. Assistance with electrical connection would be given to Uttar Pradesh homes in the APL and BPL categories under this project. All citizens have received comprehensive information on the UP Jhatpat Bijli Yojana 2024 through this page, including information on its goals, advantages, features, eligibility for applications, necessary paperwork, etc. Any inhabitant of the state of Uttar Pradesh who wishes to apply for benefits under the Jhatpat Bijli Yojana must read it through from start to finish.

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Uttar Pradesh instant electricity connection

In this era of comprehensive digitalization, the Uttar Pradesh government’s Energy Minister, Shrikant Sharma, introduced the UP Jhatpat Bijli Yojana on March 7. In the past, to obtain an energy connection, residents had to visit the power department. However, the citizen will now receive an electrical connection through Uttar Pradesh Jhatpat Bijli Connection after submitting an online application within ten days. Only families in the APL and BPL categories are eligible for the Uttar Pradesh Jhatpat Electricity Connection Scheme. State residents who wish to apply for an electricity connection can do so by going to the program’s official website, which will help them save time and money. The online system will be transparent as a result of its computerization.

Jhatpat Yojana

Overview of UP Jhatpat Bijli Yojana

Name of SchemeUttar Pradesh Instant Electricity Connection Scheme
was startedby Uttar Pradesh Government
BeneficiaryAll APL and BPL category families who have There is no electricity connection.
application procedureOnline
ObjectiveElectricity to all APL and BPL category families provide connection
BenefitElectricity to all APL and BPL category families connection will be provided
BenefitUttar Pradesh Government Schemes
official websitehttp://apps.uppcl.org/jhatpatconn/

The objective of Jhatpat Connection Yojana 2024

Certain impoverished families in the state live in this manner since they are unable to afford an electricity connection for their homes. To obtain an electricity connection, they must visit government authorities. Several issues arise, causing individuals to lose a lot of time. In addition, it can take up to a month to receive an electrical connection. Fortunately, the state government has introduced this programme to shield low-income families from these issues. The Jhatpat Connection Yojana for 2024 has commenced. People don’t need to travel anywhere anymore. Under the Jhatpat Connection Yojana, simple access to power is provided to families in the APL and BPL categories.

Benefits of UP Instant Electricity Connection Yojana 2024

  • Individuals from low-income families in the state are eligible to participate in this programme.
  • You can apply under the Jhatpat Connection Yojana for supplies ranging from 1 kW to 49 kW for a charge of Rs 100/-.
  • {BPL} Candidates may apply online for supplies ranging from 1 kW to 49 kW in exchange for a Rs. 10/-fee.
  • This is a very significant programme that Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation is launching to assist stop customer abuse at its offices.
  • With the new online facility, individuals can now receive a guaranteed electrical connection in just ten days.
  • The Jhatpat Connection Yojana has prevented applicants from being taken advantage of when they visit government offices to submit applications, saving them both money and time.
  • Thousands of families in Uttar Pradesh have so far been able to receive timely energy service thanks to this programme.
Jhatpat Yojana

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Eligibility Criteria to Apply

  • The candidate must be a permanent resident of the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The candidate ought to fall into the APL and BPL groups.
  • An application for an electricity connection is not acceptable if the applicant owes money to the power department.
  • Applications are only accepted for a single residence and store.

Important documents of Uttar Pradesh instant electricity connection

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • BPL category and APL category ration card
  • PAN card
  • Voter ID card of the applicant
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo

How to apply for UP Jhatpat Electricity Connection Scheme 2024?

People in the UP who fall under the APL or BPL categories and wish to apply online for an energy connection must follow the easy steps listed below:-

  • You need to navigate to the consumer corner area of this page so that you can see the following for the brand-new power connection option. pick out this feature by clicking.
  • Your login and registration web page will open after choosing this option. you can click here to create a brand-new account.
  • Following that, the registration shape will appear in front of you, and you may need to fill it out with all of the asked records, together with your call, date of start, and cellular phone variety.
  • You ought to click the “registered” Button once you have entered all the required records. your registration will then be finished.
  • Within ten days of your application being approved, the client’s house can have an electricity meter equipped. and you are welcome to benefit from this plan.

Apply for new electricity connection and load increase

  • The homepage of the website will open in front of you once you have first visited the official Bijli Connection website.
  • The website has a section titled “Connection Services” on its homepage. This is a must-click option.
  • The Apply for New Electricity Connection & Load Enhancement option must be selected from the drop-down menu in this instance.
  • Following this, a new page will appear in front of you, and you will need to select the “Click here for new registration” option.
  • You will once more be presented with a new page that needs to be filled out with all the requested information, including name, date of birth, email address, mobile number, and captcha code.
  • Next, select “Register” from the menu. This will finish the registration process for increasing the load on your electrical connection.

Login Process

  • In the first instance, you must visit Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited’s official website (UPPCL). The website will now open to its homepage for you to view.
  • It will then be necessary for you to select the “Login” option on the homepage. Right now, your screen will show the login page.
  • You must now input all the required data requested on this login page, including your account number, password, and details for the captcha code.
  • You will then need to select the login option before you can log in.

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Helpline Number

You can contact the toll-free number (1942) if you have any additional questions about the Uttar Pradesh Jhatpat Electricity Connection Scheme.

Faq’s for Jhatpat Yojana

Q. How much does it cost to install an electricity meter?

Ans: Instead of paying Rs 350 to install a new metre, consumers with single-phase connections will now have to spend Rs 900. This is going to take effect on April 1. Actually, on February 3rd, the Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission enforced the Electricity Supply Code. Subsequently, Jodhpur Discom raised the metre rate while pretending to enforce the Term Condition of Supply (TCOS).

Q. What needs to be done to get a new electricity connection?

Ans: He must download the Urjas app and apply to achieve this. In addition, you can apply through the electrical company’s website. Following this, the applicant will receive connection facilities from the power company. The applicant will be able to apply online for new connections of all categories, as well as for code increases and decreases, name changes, and category changes, according to representatives of the electrical business.

Q. How much does it cost to get an electricity connection in MP?

Ans: The contract letter will now need to be paid five times the stamp duty to obtain a new power connection. The government of Madhya Pradesh has raised the stamp duty. Up till now, obtaining a new electrical connection just required stamps worth Rs 100.

Q: What is the meter replacement charge?

Ans: The person replacing the metre responded that there are numerous ways for the metre to become blocked when questioned about its regulations. It is being altered in this circumstance. It would cost you Rs 6100 to get a new connection, while it will cost you Rs 1800 to replace the old, burned-out metre with a new one.


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