Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme

Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme, Designs, Features & Benefits

Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme:- Lalithaa creates a vast array of jewelry designs. One of the top producers of gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry in the business offers its customers both classic and innovative jewelry designs at Lalilthaa. One of the top manufacturers is Lalithaa, which creates silver artifacts and birthstone jewelry.

Considering the incredible savings that Lalithaa offers, we can easily afford all of these items. Customers can purchase and invest in gold with this program in a prudent and safe way. Another well-known moniker for the strategy is the Lalithaa Gold Saving Plan. Clients can add money to their accounts on a regular basis and build up enough money to buy the jewelry they want.


Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme 2024

There is a better method to utilize the possibilities of your outdated jewelry. You can replace your worn-out jewelry with brand-new pieces at no additional cost with the Lalitha Jewellery Scheme 2024.

You can join this program in addition to the exchange by paying once and getting the jewelry of your choosing. Furthermore, you will be credited with either rupees or grams of gold, contingent on the amount you paid for the 22-carat gold rate on that particular day.

Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme

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About Lalitha Jewellery 

Lalitha Jewellery is a unique, upscale, and sophisticated industry in India. In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kiran Kumar founded the Gold firm in 1985. Currently, it functions in Telangana, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, among other Indian states. The company provides affordable assortments of high-quality accessories. Because of the uniqueness of her collections, Lalithaa is the greatest jewelry merchant in the country.

Lalithaa Gold Designs

The Lalithaa Company offers the following designs:

  • Polki collections.
  • Temple collections
  • Antique Jewellery
  • Kolkata Jewellery.
  • Vigraha collections
  • Kerala Jewellery
  • Lightweight
  • Rajkot collections
  • Ethnic collection
  • Stone collections
  • Avatar collections.

Lalitha Jewellery offers a wide assortment of bracelets, coins, earrings, bangles, and jades for its customers. different chains The items are exquisite and exclusive to each user. Lalitha Jewellery Scheme 2024 offers great payment options so that every consumer can afford to buy jewelry. The company provides a few savings options to let customers purchase gemstones stress-free.

1. Jewel Saving Plan

Another name for the Lalithaa free gold savings plan is the Jewel scheme. The plan’s goal is to help buyers contribute a certain amount each month to the chosen Gems.

Features of Jewel saving plan

  • You can save as low as Rs. 1,000 and up to Rs. multiples of Rs. 1000 with this business.
  • The customer’s money will be turned into gold at the going rate.
  • The Lalithaa Company assists clients with the 17th installment payment after the gold has reached maturity.
  • The customer has to promise to pay the 16 installments each month in order to get the advantage.
  • Customers can also purchase gold coins featuring the 916 virtue after the development is complete.
  • On-time payment of each installment is essential.
  • No percentage of the money should be sent on by the buyers.
  • Advance payments are not accepted by the company.
  • Lalithaa Company accepts cash, cheques, demand drafts, and pay orders made payable to Lalithaa Thanga Maaligai.

Benefits of Jewel Saving plan

  • Gold previously obtained at the current monthly rate of Lalitha Jewellery Scheme 2024 is instantly credited to the user’s account.
  • This helps the user avoid the escalating cost of gold.
  • Thirty days following the sixteenth installment, the business will credit the free gold.
  • Gold is free of waste charges for up to 14% of the chosen jewelry.
  • Nevertheless, if the weight exceeds the usual garbage charges. The fixed costs should be borne by the consumer.
  • Customers do not pay for the making of charges.
  • The Lalithaa will pay any value-added taxes that may be applicable.

Things to note

  • The savings plan expires 24 months from the date of the final payment.
  • Lalithaa Company does not issue cash refunds, and it is not possible to postpone maturity dates.
  • The program cannot be combined with any other promotions.
  • when the weight of the jewelry you select is greater than what you receive.
  • The discrepancy is the customer’s responsibility in addition to the extra weight waste fee.
  • Customers can use the plan to buy extra jewelry from other categories.
  • However, they are responsible for covering the costs and waste.
  • The customer must pay waste, making costs, and VAT if they default in order to receive the jewelry.
  • Be aware that at maturity, the customer’s signature and registration should occur at the same time.
  • For future reference, maintain payment records and make sure the passbook is current.
  • An additional Rs. 50 will get you a duplicate passbook in addition to the affidavit.
  • Customers should regularly check the passbook to ensure proper recording.
  • Via the Chennai judicial system, disputes are settled.
Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme

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2. Gold Plus Saving Scheme

Customers can save the estimated amount needed to purchase their desired gemstones by participating in the year-long Gold Lalitha Jewellery Scheme 2024.

Features of the Gold Plus Saving Scheme

  • Coins made of gold, silver, and gold can benefit candidates.
  • This is a one-year plan only.
  • The user might choose to prolong the period after a year.
  • After the last payment is received, the customer will be able to buy 916 hallmark gold coins, silver, and gold jewelry by the end of the next month.
  • After the last payment, the plan is in effect for 24 months.

Benefits of the Gold Plus Saving Scheme

  • The customer should sign with the same signature for the duration of the registration and maturity periods.
  • The consumer must pay waste fees, VAT, and marking costs in advance of acquiring the jewelry if they are unable to make the payment.
  • Customers who purchase other products outside of the savings program are responsible for paying waste and making costs.
  • The plan includes diamonds, platinum, CZ stones, unique jewelry, ruby stones, and emerald stones.
  • Any postal payment should be noted right away to prevent errors.
  • In the event that the user misplaces their passbook, they must pay Rs. 50 in addition to the affidavit.
  • Chennai has authority over the resolution of any dispute.
  • The program ought to be utilized in addition to other deals.


Monthly InstallmentsAccumulation after 15 monthsBenefit upon 2nd monthBenefit upon 8th monthTotal Benefit upon Maturity
Rs.500Rs.7,5000.25-gram gold coin0.25-gram gold coinRs.7,500 + 0.5-gram gold coin
Rs.1,000Rs.15,0000.5-gram gold coin0.5-gram gold coinRs.15,000 + 1 gram gold coin
Rs.2,000Rs.30,0001 gram gold coin1 gram gold coinRs.30,000 + 2-gram gold coin
Rs.5,000Rs.75,0002.5-gram gold coin2.5-gram gold coinRs.75,000 + 5-gram gold coin
Rs.10,000Rs.1,50,0005-gram gold coin5-gram gold coinRs.1,50,000 + 10-gram gold coin

3. The Zero % gold Jewellery Purchase Plan

The scheme also assists consumers in setting aside money for future jewelry purchases. The scheme has no waste costs attached to it.

  • The plan provides coverage for a minimum of a year.
  • But after a year, the client is still able to ask for more months.
  • The 100% gold adornment buy plan is significant for a considerable amount of time following the final portion date.
  • The customer is able to purchase 916 hallmarks of gold coins, silver, and jewelry.

4. Lalithaa Golden Sparrow

Lalithaa Brilliant Sparrow is an arrangement going on for quite some time. No waste and no VAT expenses for the client. The client can choose the desired jewelry in the twelfth month.


  • The plan gives members membership cards and passbooks at registration.
  • The scheme’s installments are as follows: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000.
  • Before they may purchase any jewelry in the twelfth month, the consumer has eleven months to utilize the program.
  • if the assortment consists of unusual stones such as zircons, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. The user is responsible for paying stone charges.
  • The Lalithaa Company,, will pay 1% VAT.
  • After purchasing the jewelry, the customer must return the membership card.
  • The business permits another person to pick up the merchandise. But they have to show a letter of authority and identification.
  • Remember that the same person should sign the invoice.
Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme

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Q. What is the Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme 11-month program?

Ans- This protects you from changes in the price of gold during the course of the plan. We are in charge of all value-addition costs associated with each piece of gold jewelry in our collection. As a gesture of our love and gratitude for you, we are offering a bonus of 50% on the total amount of one month’s installment.

Q. What does the Lalitha Jewellery Gold Scheme represent?

Ans- Customers can open accounts with as little as Rs. 1,000 and in multiples of Rs. 1,000, according to the Lalitha Jewellery Scheme 2024 image. Every monthly installment will be exchanged for gold at the current rate. Upon the scheme’s maturity, Lalithaa will pay the seventeenth installment in gold. The payment must be made over a 16-month period.

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