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MahaOnline, MahaOnline Setu, Registration

MahaOnline was built up in March 2010 as a joint endeavor between the Government of Maharashtra and Tata Consultancy Services (an IT organization, a business arrangements and redistributing firm). MahaOnline is moving in the direction of expanding the utilization of digitization and data innovation in different branches of the Maharashtra State Government. So MahaOnline is putting forth true attempts to make home conveyance benefits effectively accessible to different government offices and residents in the state.


Advantage from online administrations:

MahaOnline upset the cycle of re-designing by making a progressive stride. The arrangement of getting administrations by lining before government office windows was broken and every one of these administrations opened up on the web. Today, around 75000 residents are profiting on the web benefits each day through the MahaOnline entrance.

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Administrations of 25 government divisions are accessible through MahaOnline. Residents can without much of a stretch profit online enlistment, online lottery, web based tagging for public parks and some more, and this has expanded straightforwardness in government work.

Sites of different offices:

MahaOnline offers a wide range of help to all administration offices identified with the field of data innovation, from creating straightforward sites to creating complex web applications. So MahaOnline has made accessible SMS passage and installment door offices to all divisions and municipal bodies. MahaOnline is additionally taking a shot at GIS and BI administration related undertakings for different offices. So MahaOnline is likewise creating portable applications that will be valuable for m-administration utilizing e-KYC.

CSR represents Corporate – Social Responsibility:

MahaOnline Limited, a joint endeavor between the Government of Maharashtra and Tata Consultancy Services, has consistently known about its social obligation. Perceiving its duty towards the general public, the organization has set down arrangements and systems in such manner. As a major aspect of this social obligation, the organization contributed Rs. 27,55,824/ – has contributed.

Do all the Sarkari Exams go under Central Government occupations?

The Sarkari Exam changes as needs be with the kind of test the applicant is showing up for. Essentially there are two sorts of Sarkari test – State Government and Central Government. The applicant ought to make certain about the sort of test before applying.

Would anybody be able to be a sarkari worker?

All administration bodies direct different assessments consistently, which has shifting qualification models. Any individual who satisfies the qualification standards explicit to that specific assessment can show up for the test, and whenever chose, can be a Government worker.

I am 170 cm in tallness, am I qualified for MPSC SI post?

Indeed. According to the MPSC Standards, applicants who are over 165 cms are qualified for SI posts and for females, it is 157 cms.

How might I apply for MPSC Exams?

The competitors who wish to apply for MPSC Exams can apply online on their official site once the official warning for enrollment delivered.

What is the test charges for MPSC Exam?

For the overall class, the test charges is Rs 374/ – and for the open classification, it is Rs 274/ –

What number of rounds should I give for getting chose in MPSC?

There are 3 rounds altogether for MPSC Selection. They are the Prelims Examination, Main Examination, and Personal Interview. Applicants shortlisted in each round.

What are the articles and purposes behind which the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 has confined?

Ans: The Real Estate Act expected to accomplish the accompanying targets:

  • Guarantee responsibility towards allottees and ensure their advantage;
  • Inject straightforwardness, guarantee reasonable play and lessen fakes and deferrals;
  • Present polished methodology and container India normalization;
  • Build up evenness of data between the advertiser and allottee;
  • Forcing certain obligations on both advertiser and allottees;
  • Build up administrative oversight instrument to implement contracts;
  • Build up quick track question goal system;
  • Advance great administration in the part which thusly would make financial specialist certainty.
Which regions of Maharashtra remembered for the Planning Area as characterized in the Act?

Ans: In agreement with warnings gave by Urban Development Department of Government of Maharashtra; MR and TP Act is material to all the areas of Maharashtra. Subsequently, all territories of Maharashtra remembered for Planning Area as characterized in Section 2(zh) of the Act.

Does the meaning of ‘advertiser’ incorporate public bodies, for example, Development Authorities and Housing Boards?

Ans: The Act covers all bodies (private and public) which grow land anticipates available to purchased to the overall population. Area 2(zk) characterizes the term ‘advertiser’ which incorporates both private and public land advertisers. In this manner, both Development Authorities and the Housing Boards, when associated with deal secured under the Act.

In the event that a land venture has land zone more than 500 sqmts however containing under 8 condos. Does it despite everything should be enlisted?

Ans. Indeed. Each land venture which has land region more than 500 sqmts or has in excess of 8 lofts should be enlisted.

Does notice incorporate requesting by messages and sms? Is issuance of outline view as an instance of ‘notice’?

Ans: according to area 2(b), which characterizes ‘promotion’; any medium embraced in requesting available to purchased would secured under the said definition, including sms and messages. Outline, which expected available to purchased of condo in land venture, will likewise secured.

Would advertisement be able to given for another venture after first May, 2017 without enrolling the said venture?

Ans: No. The commercial gave after1st May 2017 must convey the MahaRERA Registration Number of the undertaking.

Does the term ‘allottee’ incorporate auxiliary deals?

Ans: according to segment 2(d) an allottee incorporates an individual who gets the said ‘condo/plot’ through exchange or deal; however does exclude an individual to whom such plot, loft given on lease. The Act does exclude rental undertakings, rent/leave and License bargains.

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What is the commitment of the advertiser towards return of sum and remuneration to the allottee?

Ans: Section 18 of the Act accommodates arrangements as respects different circumstances in which the allottee would be remunerated by the advertiser because of postponement in consummation of the venture and so forth.

Can a complainant approach both the Regulatory Authority/mediating official and the purchaser discussions for similar debates?

Ans: An abused individual can just move toward one of the two discussions for redressal of his complaint.

Is there some expense, notwithstanding the expenses recommended in the Rules, to charge from advertisers, realtors and complainants for the MahaRERA site transferring and online administrations?

Ans: Yes. It has itemized in the MahaRERA Order accessible on the MahaRERA site.

Is it required for the advertiser to get consents for the land venture before applying for enrollment to MahaRERA?

Ans: Yes, the format of the land venture must be affirmed. Be that as it may, the advertiser may remember a few structures for his utilization of enrollment where lofts proposed and the Building endorsements are forthcoming. Building Approval for the loft must gotten before the arrangement available to purchase mark between the advertiser and purchaser, with respect to the said condo.

What is the punishment endorse for non-enrollment of an undertaking under the Act?

Ans: If any advertiser neglects to enlist according to Act, he will be at risk to a punishment which may stretch out up to 10% of the assessed cost of the land venture. On proceeded with infringement, he will be culpable with detainment for a term which may reach out as long as three years or with fine which may stretch out up to a further 10% of the assessed cost of the land venture, or with both.

By what means will a level purchaser know, if the land venture appropriately enrolled under MahaRERA?

Ans: The MahaRERA site would show all the enrolled ventures. It is obligatory that the commercial for showcasing of condos in the land venture must convey the MahaRERA enrollment number.

Regardless of whether enrollment of realtors would be venture explicit, area explicit or singular explicit?

Ans: Real bequest operators need to get enrol with MahaRERA either as an individual or as “other than person”. Advertisers while applying for enrollment of any land undertaking should show the names of enlisted realtors who will be filling in as specialists in the said venture. Names of such operators will shown alongside other venture details on the MahaRERA, endless supply of the task.

What are the punishments that a Real Estate Agent would confront in the event that he neglects to hold fast to the orders endorsed by MahaRERA?

Ans: If any realtor neglects to enlist and negates the arrangements of area 9 or segment 10 of the Act, he will be at risk to a punishment of 10,000 rupees for consistently during which such default proceeds, which may aggregately reach out up to five percent of the expense of plot, condo or structures, all things considered, of the land venture, for which the deal or buy has been encouraged as controlled by MahaRERA.

Is the advertiser needed to give any endeavor to MahaRERA for finishing his undertaking inside a predetermine period?

Ans: Yes, as per the arrangements of the Act, the advertiser, while applying for enlistment to MahaRERA, needs to give an assertion, upheld by an affirmation, showing the timespan inside which he attempts to finish the undertaking or stage thereof, by and large.

In the event that the enlistment of a land venture renounced in any way, shape or form, by what means will the enthusiasm of the purchaser, in such undertaking, ensured by MahaRERA?

Ans: MahaRERA will make a move as per segment 8 of the Act.

If there should arise an occurrence of deferral in getting ownership from the advertiser, will the purchaser be qualified for get enthusiasm on the sum paid by him, for such postponed period?

Ans: Yes. As per the model type of arrangement, if the Promoter neglects to maintain the time plan for finishing the venture and giving over the [Apartment/Plot] to the Allottee, the Promoter consents to pay to the Allottee, who doesn’t expect to pull back from the undertaking, enthusiasm as indicated in the Rule, on all the sums paid by the Allottee, for each long stretch of deferral, till the giving over of the ownership.

Will such intrigue installment by the advertiser to the purchaser programmed or the purchaser should approach MahaRERA?

Ans: The intrigue installment is as per the model type of arrangement and subsequently ought to be consequently paid. The purchaser may need to document a grumbling to MahaRERA if there is a complaint.

Is there a roof on the enthusiasm to collected by the advertiser in the event of default in installment of any portions by the allottee/purchaser?

Ans: In understanding with the model type of arrangement, the Allottee needs to pay to the Promoter, a pace of premium equivalent to the State Bank of India most elevated Marginal Cost of Lending Rate in addition to two percent, on all the sums which become due and payable by the Allottee to the Promoter under the particulars of the Agreement from the date the said sum payable by the allottee(s) to the Promoter.

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