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MeeBhoomi maybe a land records portal started by the Revenue Department of Andhra Pradesh. It allows visitors to seek out information ashore, including ownership details. the web site is in the Telugu language.



How am I able to check my land record in AP?

Following are the steps to see the lands records:

  • Go to the link to look at the Official Website.
  • Now, click on Adangal option within the main menu bar.
  • In case you would like to understand the private Adangal or village details click on Adangal or Village Adangal option.
How am I able to check my 1b in Andhra Pradesh?

Meebhoomi is that the official website to see AP Land Records i.e. Adangal (Pahani), ROR 1B reports, Village Map (Bhunaksha) and FMB in Andhra Pradesh state. you’ll also download Mee Bhoomi app (Adangal App) in your mobile to access your AP Adangal and ROR 1B reports supported Survey number and Khasra Number.

How am I able to know my land number in Aadhar card?
  • Visit MeeBhoomi website.
  • Click on “Adangal”. Select”Adangal” from the dropdown.
What is Adangal land?

Adangal is additionally referred to as Pahani. It’s a crucial revenue record which has particulars concerning lands like the owners’ details, area assessment, water rate, soil type, nature of possession of the land, liabilities, tenancy, crops grown, etc.

How am I able to change my mobile number in Meebhoomi AP?

Follow this procedure: * Visit the Meebhoomi portal and click on on ‘Aadhaar/other identities’ from the highest menu and choose the second option ‘Mobile number linking/based on identity documents’ from the menu. *Mention the district, zone, village and account number. Click on ‘Get Details’.

How am I able to use Pattadar passbook in AP?

For the primary time within the country, farmers in Andhra Pradesh can get their Pattadar passbooks in quarter-hour flat at the Mee Seva centres by paying a nominal fee of ₹25. they have not made rounds to the offices of the Revenue Department to urge the passbooks that might be printed from the government’s ‘Meebhoomi’ portal.

How do I convert the land into AP?

Andhra Pradesh Land Conversion Procedure:

  • Calculate Conversion fee.
  • Pay just one occasion Conversion tax.
  • Application for Land conversion.
  • Receipt of Intimation.
  • Land conversion.
  • Inspection by Competent Authority.
  • Visit by District collector.
What is RSR copy?

RSR stands for Resurvey Settlement Register (field survey for land records) Suggest new definition.

How do I buy a Tippani copy?

It is issued by the Survey department alongside the survey, Tippani and Podi records. Each Taluk generally features a survey department and one can catch on from there on filing a document, attaching relevant documents and paying a nominal fee.

What is Survey No?

A land survey number may be a unique number assigned to a selected piece of land to take care of records. The record contains knowledge about the situation, size, shape, and ownership of the land, and is made by the surveyor.

What is Hissa no?

What is a Hissa Number? When a bit of land which has been assigned a Survey Number is split into multiple Sub-Divisions, each Sub-Division is assigned what’s referred to as a “Hissa Number”. No related posts.

What is land Patta called in English?

Patta may be a sort of land deed issued by the govt to a private or organization. The term is employed in India and certain other parts of South Asia for a little piece of land, granted by the govt to an approved cultivator with a land revenue exemption.

What is Adangal correction?

This service is employed to file an application for correction (Clerical Errors) within the Adangal and IB.

What is a register in land records?

Land registration generally describes systems by which matters concerning ownership, possession, or other rights in land often recorded (usually with an agency or department) to supply evidence of title, facilitate transactions and, prevent unlawful disposal.

How am I able to know my Khasra number in AP?

You can find these details by logging on to the MeeBhoomi website.

What is Dag or khasra no?

Dag/ Khasra no. may be a unique code assigned to a plot to seek out the small print associated with it like the registration time, ownership details, area, owners of plots adjoining the actual piece of land etc.

How am I able to check my Patta passbook in Telangana?

To check your land records online, follow the below process: Visit and choose the choice ‘Registered Document Details’. You will require to enter details like district, Sub-Registrar Office (SRO), book type, registration year, and document number.

What is e passbook?

ModeFinServer’s passbook may be a smartphone application available on both Android and iOS to access and explore account transactions instantly. it’s quite a standard passbook. It allows customers to look at transactions of all (multiple) operative accounts at one window.

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How am I able to get Pattadar passbook number in Telangana?

After digitisation of records, landowners can visit the Maa Bhoomi website to urge their passbook. An OTP is going to sent to their registered mobile number to download the e-passbook,” Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali told Telangana Today.

What is Nala permission?

Under the provisions of the law, fertile agricultural land could only use for agricultural purposes. To use it for a purpose aside from that i.e. residential, commercial or industrial use, the owner has got to seek approval from the authorities concerned and alter the “land use”.

What is land conversion certificate?

Hi, let me tell you that each one lands are agricultural lands. Apart from agriculture purpose, it’s mandatory to require permission for non-agricultural purposes which understood as Land Conversion i.e. changing the status of land from agriculture to Non-agriculture. 0 1. Report Abuse.

How is non-agricultural land converted to agricultural land?

Change of land use might be either for the conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural land or the other way around. However, the foremost step for land conversion involves seeking approval from the competent revenue authority which is that the Collector, Sub-divisional Officer (SDO) or Tehsildar.

How to Check RTC Online from Bhoomi?
  • Log in to the official Bhoomi website.
  • Click on ‘View RTC and MR’
  • This will take you to a replacement page which can request you to fill within the information.
  • Here, fill within the information consistent with your requirements.
  • Now, click on ‘Fetch Details’
What is the complete sort of RSR?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. RSR may be a three-letter acronym which can ask Radio Suisse Romande the Swiss-French public service radio group. So Railway Safety Regulator, workplace of the South African government.

How do I find survey number details?

To know about the land survey number in India, so one can check it online on the web portal made for Land Survey Number. As an example, so the govt of Karnataka has launched a mobile app “Dishaank” which allows the user to seek out the Land Survey No. of the present location within that state.

How do I find my Hissa number?
  • Type the Survey Number.
  • Select Surnoc.
  • Select Hissa number. Hissa is that the sub number of Survey number.
  • Select Period. By employing a period, a citizen can view present or Old RTC.
  • Select the Year that you would like to ascertain the RTC.
  • Click on Fetch Details button.
  • Click on the View button to look at entire RTC.
How am I able to get Pani?
  • Visit Bhoomi Online website.
  • Select “Services”. Click on “View RTC & MR”. ( RTC – Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop popularly referred to as Pahani or Paani).
How am I able to check my old Patta?

Visit the govt of Tamil Nadu’s official website developed for revenue services – So to look at the Patta copy/A-Register Extract, select ‘View Patta & FMB/Citta/TSLR Extract’.

How many sorts of Patta land are there?

There are many sorts of Patta. However, so the foremost common is that the “Extract from Permanent Land Register,” “Extract from Town Survey Land Register” and therefore the Patta issue in respect of holdings as per available records. This discussion confined to those sorts of patta only.

What meant by Kootu Patta?

Usually, Kootu Patta or joint Patta gave to agricultural land or pieces of land so which can’t be separated or not separated, as an example, ancestral property held by 3 legal heirs.

How am I able to check my Adangal online in Tamilnadu?

Tamil Nadu Records – Patta, Chitta and Adangal extract often accessed and downloaded from website. So you’ll also do Patta verification and check Poramboke land from in e-services.

How am I able to get the survey number of property in Tamilnadu?
  • Log on to the Tamil Nadu official land record website:
  • Click on the choice view Patta & Chitta TSLR extract.
  • Select the district and area type.
How am I able to find the history of my land?

You can research the history of a property by watching the register of deeds for the county to trace ownership. So you’ll also check the local zoning and planning office, the local inspections office, local historical societies and old journals and newspapers to piece together the property’s past.

How do I check my bank balance?

To get a mini account balance, so you’ll dial the toll-free number. Following services often availed through it. So you’ll check the balance enquiry on a toll-free number 18008431122 or provides a missed call thereto. You’ll check the mini statement of last 5 transactions using this toll-free number 18008431133.

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