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MP Ration Card:- The state administration has made the MP Ration Card application process available online. Madhya Pradesh residents can easily apply online by going to the official website of the Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department of Madhya Pradesh if they wish to obtain a new ration card or renew their current one. We’re going to tell you today that Madhya Pradesh accepts online applications. What documentation is needed, and how can I apply online for a new ration card?


MP Ration Card 2024

Ration cards allow the impoverished to receive rations at reduced costs. Rations come in three varieties. Three cards: APL, BPL, and AAY. Participation in many government-run initiatives requires the MP Ration Card. The MP government distributes ration cards based on the state’s family income. Each member of the applicant’s family must have a complete ID to receive a Madhya Pradesh ration card. For all of us, a ration card is a vital document that is necessary to access several government benefits.

Highlights of the MP Ration Card List

Name of the schemeMp ration card
Started byMadhya Pradesh Government
StateMadhya Pradesh
CategoryCitizens of Madhya Pradesh
BeneficiaryWomen of the state
Official Website

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How many types of MP Ration Cards are there?

When it comes to ration cards, all of Madhya Pradesh’s residents are classified into three categories. As a result, the government issues three kinds of ration cards based on various qualifying requirements. These are as follows:

  • MP BPL Ration Card (Below Poverty Line): In Madhya Pradesh, families that earn less than Rs 10,000 per year and are below the poverty line are classified as BPLs and are required to register with the government. Cards are provided by BPL.
  • MP APL Ration Card (Above Poverty Line): The department issues APL Ration Cards to families in the state that earn more than Rs 10,000 annually and live above the poverty line.
  • MP Antyodaya Ration Card: The state’s poorest households that do not have a stable source of income are eligible to receive an Antyodaya Ration Card.
MP Ration Card

mp ration card new update

MP Ration Card As you are all aware, there is a coronavirus outbreak affecting the entire nation, which has led to a lockdown. As a result, people are extremely agitated, with the poor being the most affected. Given the situation, the Madhya Pradesh government has declared that free rations will be provided to the state’s poor residents, irrespective of whether they have a ration card, to allow them to live happy and fulfilled lives.

What is the Ration Card MP’s purpose?

The aim of providing low-cost ration cards to the state’s poorest and lowest-class families, as well as identifying and connecting these people with other central and state-level programs, is the goal of Madhya Pradesh’s ration card program for all inhabitants. In addition, the ration card is regarded as a significant ID that is utilized as a document in numerous projects.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant needs to be a Madhya Pradesh resident.
  • The applicant’s age must be greater than eighteen.
  • The applicant must be married.
  • To be eligible for an APL card, an individual must earn more than ten thousand rupees per year.
  • The applicant’s annual income must be less than $10,000 to be eligible for a BPL card.
  • An Antyodaya Card candidate shouldn’t work a full-time job.


  • Ration cards are used to identify impoverished families.
  • This enables low-income and extremely low-income families to purchase goods like rice, wheat, sugar, paraffin, and other necessities at reduced costs.
  • Ration cards are used by low-income households to access a wide range of federal and state programs.
  • Students enrolled in the family’s school are also eligible for scholarships via the MP Ration Card.
  • An identity card, an Aadhar card, an income certificate, a caste certificate, and other documents can all be created using the ration card—a vital document.

Required Document

  • Address proof
  • income certificate
  • Aadhaar card of all family members
  • mobile number
  • Composite ID
  • passport size photo
  • The applicant must be a resident of Madhya Pradesh
  • Application address and other supporting documents
MP Ration Card

How can I apply for a ration card in Madhya Pradesh?

Applications can be submitted online or offline in Madhya Pradesh to create a ration card. Aside from this, other applications must be submitted using the same process for BPL and APL ration cards. Tell us about the MP Ration application process, both online and offline.

How can I apply online for a Madhya Pradesh Ration Card?

  • You will also have to include all of your family members. It is therefore necessary to visit the BPL Family Registration and Management System website to generate a fresh composite BPL card.
  • The “Apply online for entire BPL family” link will then appear. By selecting this option, the next page will appear in front of you. This page has forms that you must fill out, such as the composite ID and captcha code.
  • Following this, you must press the “Go” button.
  • You will then see details like the name of the district, the municipal area, the village/mohalla, etc. underneath this. Subsequently, you will need to indicate in the box below if you wish to apply for BPL.
  • This will cause a form to open in front of you. This form must have all mandatory fields filled out. After that, press the Apply button down below. You may apply in this manner.

How can I apply offline?

  • The state issues different ration cards to its rural and urban residents. To apply for a ration card offline, the candidate needs to gather all required paperwork.
  • After that, photocopies of all relevant documents should be provided to the applicant.
  • The candidates should report to their block or tehsil once they have photocopies of all the required paperwork.
  • The block employee will provide you with the ration card form there.
  • After that, thoroughly fill out the form with all the requested information.
  • Now, affix photocopies of every document you have with you to the form.
  • After that, you need to give the employee in charge of the block’s ration card this form and the application money.
  • Your form will now be verified and sent for further processing once all the data has been verified.
  • After a month or two, your department will provide the ration card if all the information is accurate. You can then view the Madhya Pradesh Ration Card List if you’d like.

Procedure for logging into the portal

  • You must first visit the Madhya Pradesh State Food Security Portal’s official website.
  • Will bring up the main screen for viewing.
  • You must click the login link on the main page.
  • A new page will now appear and ask you to enter your login, password, and captcha code.
  • You’ll need to click the login button after that.
  • You will be able to access the portal by doing this.

Are you aware of the MP Ration Card family’s BPL status?

  • Before anything else, you must visit Samagra Portal’s official website. When you go to the official website, you will see the home screen.
  • The BPL portal area can be found on this main page. You can find the family’s BPL status by selecting this section. This option needs to be clicked.
  • The following page will appear in front of you once you click on the option. The information requested on this page must be filled out completely.
  • You must click the “Search” button after entering all the necessary data. The family’s BPL status will show up after you click the search button.

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Eligibility Slip

An example of a list is the MP Ration Card Eligibility Slip, which is accessible via the NFSA. You can obtain all the information about your ration card by using this. As everyone is aware, the government is offering free rations in response to the coronavirus. You will need to have the eligibility slip if you wish to use this amenity as well. The eligibility slip can be downloaded by completing the steps listed below.

  • You must visit Samagra’s official website first.
  • The home page will open in front of you.
  • To download the eligibility slip for fertilizer material, you must click the link on the homepage.
  • A new page will now open and ask you to enter the ID, month, and captcha code for your family.
  • This is where you have to click the download link.
  • You can download your eligibility slip in PDF format as soon as you click the download link.
  • It is printable for you to use.
MP Ration Card

Using your MP Ration Card Process, you can see your family’s list.

  • It is necessary to first visit the official website of the Madhya Pradesh State Food Security Portal.
  • The home page will be shown to you.
  • Following this, to see the list of your family members, you will need to click on the link.
  • A new page will now appear, requiring you to enter your Samagra ID and captcha code.
  • You now need to select the family member list button.
  • On the screen of your computer will be the list of family members.

How to access the family profile

  • This will redirect you to a new page where you must input your captcha code and Samagra ID.
  • The main page will appear before you.
  • To view the family profile, you must click the link on the homepage.
  • This will take you to a new page where you have to enter your Samagra ID and captcha code.
  • You will then need to click the link to view it.
  • Information pertinent to the situation will appear on your computer screen.

How can I see the status of my MP Ration Card?

  • Initially, candidates visit
  • You then need to select the Main Menu button.
  • A new page will appear and you will need to enter your Samagra ID and the captcha code.
  • Following that, to view, you must click the link.
  • Your computer screen will display pertinent information.

Helpline Number

  • For any clarification related to pension schemes, schemes, or family cards please email:
  • Address:-Social Justice Directorate 1250, Tulsi Nagar 1250, Tulsi Nagar Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) Bhopal (M.P.)
  • Phone:- 0755- 2558391
  • Fax:- 2552665

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Q.) In Madhya Pradesh, how does one create a new ration card?

Ans. Applications for Madhya Pradesh Ration Cards can be submitted online or offline.

Q.) What paperwork is needed to obtain a ration card?

Ans. Samagra ID and Aadhar card. passport-size photo, mobile number, correspondence address, and certificate of domicile.

Q.) The poverty line ration card is made by whom?

Ans. Families that fall below the federal poverty line receive BPL ration cards from the Food and Supplies Department in every state.

Q.) In Madhya Pradesh, what is the average ratio?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh provides rations of five kilograms to every member for one rupee per kilogram. Because the state government sets the price of grains, there may be variations in grain prices per kilogram among different states.

Q.) A yellow ration card: what is it?

Ans. Families that fall below the poverty threshold receive a blue, green, or yellow ration card.

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