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Before the introduction of NVSP Login, there was neither a centralized public interface for the citizens for applying for a Voter ID card nor for seeking modification in their data because it is out there today. There was no online form processing and form status tracking system available within the property right. In 2015, an urgent need was felt to supply citizens with such a service that enabled them to look their names within the electoral roll. National Voters Service Portal (NVSP Login) pressed into action to supply a citizen-friendly online interface for form submission and electoral search.

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National Voters Service Portal or NVSP briefly, developed to supply single-window service through a user-friendly interface for citizens for the convenience of access and doing business. The utilization of cloud services made the National Electoral Search significantly fast and provide search services for over quite 92 crore electoral data within a blink of an eye fixed. The national electoral search features a responsive interface (UI) that works for both desktop and mobile.



Through NVSP Login, a user can avail and access various services like access the electoral list, apply for voter id card, apply online for corrections in voter’s card, view details of booth , Assembly Constituency and Parliamentary constituency, and obtain the contact details of Booth Level officer, NVSP Electoral Registration Officer among other services.

What is the voter ID?

The voter ID may be a valid ID that’s recognized by all government offices and banks for an individual’s identification purposes and has the issue to the registered voter pursuant to Section 25 of Resolution No. 8189. It shall function a document for his identification.

Is a voter ID card a requirement for voting?

No. A voter ID card isn’t a requirement for an individual to vote. However, if questioned by the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) on polling day , a voter may present his (or her) voter ID or the other valid ID.

Why does ID generation take so long?

The ID generation process includes a fingerprint-matching procedure to filter voters that have multiple records. This involves matching each new record with the prevailing 52 million records within the national voter database. Only then will the generation of the ID happen . The length of the ID generation activity depends mainly on the quantity of records received for processing.

Is there a payment for claiming the voter ID?

The voter ID is free-of-charge and already laminated upon release. No fee should charged by the local COMELEC office to the voter. Only ID reprints thanks to loss or damage charged a minimal fee of PhP 100.00, which should be issued with a politician receipt upon payment.

Can I submit a photograph to be used on my voter ID?

No. Applicants for registration required to submit themselves for live capture of biometrics data using the Voter Registration Machine (VRM). The photograph from this live capture are going to be the one to printed on the ID.

What is an Epic number?

SMS < ECI > space to 1950 (EPIC stands for Electors Photo card also commonly referred to as Voter ID card).

National Electoral Search:

Electors can search their name in Electoral Roll

  • By Entering their demographic details
  • By their EPIC Details
  • On-line Registration/Modification/ Deletion/Transposition
  • Voter can apply online to register / modify / delete / transposition within the electoral roll using various forms like form 6, 6a, 7, 8 and 8a. The user given the choice to upload the supporting documents. The user also can fill the shape partially and reserve it on desktop, this file often uploaded to start out the shape filling again, from the purpose where it had saved the last time.

For all the applications submitted on NVSP Login Portal a singular reference number generated and given to the applicant on email also as SMS. Using this reference number applicants can track the status of the appliance.

Tracking Status of Application:

Applicants can track his/her application status, the status of EPIC delivery by providing reference id.

How am I able to check my voter ID card status?

  • Confirm Your Voter Registration Status
  • Visit am i able to Vote and choose Voter Registration Status.
  • Go to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s Register and choose Your State page and choose your state.
  • Visit your state’s voter registration page on your state or local election office website.

How am I able to check Aadhar linked with voter ID?

Visit the official website of the UIDAI to see whether your Aadhaar card linked to voter ID. The way to link Aadhaar to voter ID card? Visit the portal seeding website of the UIDAI and submit your details. Complete verification process using OTP verification.

Where do I buy an Epic card?

To get New or updated EPIC Card, citizen can visit to the Bangalore One Center. EPIC Card are going to issued to the respective candidate only. It’ll not handed over to the other person on behalf of someone. Citizen has got to furnish Constituency, Candidate Name and Relation Name.

What is the reference number in NVSP?

For all the applications submitted on NVSP Registration Portal a singular reference number generated and given to the applicant on email also as SMS. Using this reference number applicants can track the status of the appliance.

How do I check my Epic details via SMS?

In the same line, services through SMS also can availed by citizens by sending SMS with none cost to 1950. Formats during which such SMSs are often sent are: ECI

How do I check my epic details via SMS?

In the same line, services through SMS also can availed by citizens by sending SMS with none cost to 1950. Formats during which such SMSs often sent are: ECI

What is the reference ID?

Reference ID may be a very effective way of tracking form submissions (sent and received emails) concerning a specific subject. If this feature activated; the topic of the e-mail you receive will contain a singular identifier, supported the time stamp, e.g.: Ref: ABC-1206090399.

How long does it take to get a voter’s ID?

Your Voter Registration Card. After you apply, a voter registration certificate (your proof of registration) are going to mailed to you within 30 days. Check your certificate to make certain all information is correct. If there’s an error ; make corrections and return it to the Voter Registrar immediately.

Elector Verification Programme (EVP):

Elector Verification Programme launched from 01.09.2019 for electors with the subsequent objectives:-

  • View, Verify and authenticate ER details of existing Entry.
  • So provide Feedback on Polling Station.
  • View, verify and authenticate ER details of relations after creating the family group.
  • So submit forms for unenrolled Electors ( Above 18 years age as on 1/1/2019) and submit details of relations with age bracket 16 years and 17 years.
  • So the NVSP portal played a serious role in bringing a web tool for verification; registration and updation.

Printing of Voter Information Slip:

The voter information slip provided an electoral search so which is bilingual in nature and provides all the specified information to the candidate which he can print and carry to the polling station.

After searching the record in electoral search, so the result list displays the elector’s details and consider details button. So after clicking on the View Details button the elector’s information displayed along with the button to print the voter information slip.

Know your BLO/ ERO/ DEO/ CEO and Constituency/ Part:

User can get BLO/ ERO/ DEO/ CEO and also constituency & part information by providing details of State, District, AC, Polling stations Mode to supply this service On-line through the portal; from a mobile phone through SMS.

Services offered in NVSP:

Various services being offered through NVSP Login are:

  • So search the name in Electoral List.
  • Deletion or objection in an electoral roll- Application for objecting inclusion or seeking deletion of name in the electoral roll.
  • Correction of entries in an electoral roll- Application for correction to particulars entered in the electoral roll
  • Application for transposition of entry in electoral roll (in case of Shifting from One Place of Residence to a different Place of Residence within the Same Constituency )
  • Apply online for new registration. – Application for Inclusion of Name in Electoral Roll for First time Voter OR on Shifting from One Constituency to a different Constituency.
  • So apply online for registration of overseas voter- Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll by an overseas elector
  • Apply online for Enrolment, Modification, Deletion, and change of address in the electoral roll
  • So track the Status of applications
  • Print vote information slip- through entering your name, date of birth, constituency OR by entering your Electoral Photocard (EPIC) Number.
  • View details of the booth, Assembly Constituency and Parliamentary constituency, Booth Level officer, Electoral Registration Officer, and another Election officer.
  • So view links to State / UT CEO offices websites
  • View awareness information on polling processes; Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), etc

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How do I apply for NVSP?

Visit https://www.nvsp.in/ for voter registration. So please fill Form 8 (Link to online form) for any change in (Name, Photo, Age, EPIC Number, Address; Date of birth, Age, Name of relative, sort of relation, Gender).

What is the reference number in NVSP?

For all the applications submitted on NVSP Login Portal a singular reference number generated and given to the applicant on email also as SMS. So using this reference number applicants can track the status of the appliance.


NVSP Login portal has established the service delivery platform for all Voter Services. So a user from any part of the planet is in a position to fill the requisite forms and reach bent Electoral Roll officers.

Similarly, the NVSP Login Portal has extensively use for searching the name within the electoral roll. During the recently concluded Electoral Verification Program; so the NVSP Login was a serious tool within the hands of the Voters.


With 900 million qualified citizens, India is certainly the biggest popular government on the planet. 2019, is an essential year for our popularity-based country given that the most noteworthy majority rule political decision will be held soon. As mindful residents, it is our obligation to protect our votes and so choosing the most commendable ideological group to administer the nation. To make a choice, we have to have a Voter ID card otherwise called Elector’s Photo ID card.

The elector ID card demonstrates so that you are an Indian resident over the age of 18 years recorded in the discretionary rolls, a rundown of individuals qualified to make their choice. The citizen ID card additionally helps in controlling misrepresentation and smooth out the democratic cycle, a vital advance because of the nation’s tremendous socioeconomics. So enlistment for an elector ID card is a simple cycle that should be possible on the web.


What is e-KYC?

eKYC is a vivacity check with irregular body developments, includes catching a live photograph of the individual progressively picture catch and contrast and Picture utilized in EPIC information.

What is needed for e-KYC?

It requires a cell phone/Tab with a Camera or Laptop/Desktop with a webcam.

What is e-EPIC?

The e-EPIC is a protected mobile record design (PDF) adaptation of the EPIC which can be downloaded on portable or in a self-printable structure on the PC. An elector would thus be able to store the card on his/her portable, transfer it as a PDF on Digi storage or print it and self-cover it. This is notwithstanding PCV EPIC being given at present.

Who is qualified for e-EPIC?

All broad electors who have a substantial EPIC Number. All new voters enlisted during exceptional outline amendment 2021 (for example the individuals who applied during Nov-Dec2020) and whose portable number gave while applying is remarkable will get an SMS and may download e-EPIC between January 25 and 31, 2021. Other general voters may download e-EPIC from February 1, 2021, onwards. So they will anyway not get any SMS.

What are the means to download e-EPIC?

You can download e-EPIC from http://voterportal.eci.gov.in/or https://nvsp.in/or Voter Helpline Mobile App utilizing the beneath steps:

  • Register/Login on Voter Portal
  • From the menu, route click on Download e-EPIC
  • Enter the EPIC number or Form Reference Number
  • So verify with OTP sent on enrolled mobile number (if mobile number enlisted with Eroll)
  • Click on Download e-EPIC
  • So if a Mobile number not enrolled in Eroll, click on e-KYC to finish the KYC
  • Pass the Face liveness check
  • Update your mobile number to finish KYC
  • Download e-EPIC

Would I be able to download e-EPIC on my cell phone?

Indeed, you can download e-EPIC utilizing Voter Helpline Mobile App.

What is Form 8 in citizen ID?

Structure 8 can be petitioned for rectification to points of interest of an individual entered in the constituent roll. The application can record after the draft distribution of the constituent move of the voting demographic. So the application has to record inside the particular days accommodated the reason.

What is structure 6 in elector ID?

Structure 6 – Application for consideration of name in Electoral Roll. – Forms for Registration in E-Roll – Election Commission of India.

How might I change my name in elector ID?

Visit https://www.nvsp.in/for elector enrollment. Kindly fill Form 8 (Link to the online structure) for any adjustment in (Name, Photo, Age, EPIC Number, Address, Date of birth, Age, Name of relative, Type of connection, Gender).

Would we be able to make elector cards on the web?

The political decision commission of India offers online elector enrollment for Indian residents who have accomplished the age of 18 on the passing date (first of January of the time of amendment of electing roll). Resident, can select himself/herself as General Voter and fill Form 6 online at National Voters’ Service Portal.

Is the Aadhaar card connected to the elector ID?

Aadhar can likewise be connected with Voter ID by applying for your particular Booth Level Officer (BLO). The data gave will be confirmed by the BLO and after check, so it will be reflected in the records.

Where do I get an Epic card?

To get New or refreshed EPIC Card, residents can visit the KarnatakaOne Center. So EPIC Card will be given to the individual applicant as it were. It won’t be given over to some other individual in the interest of someone.

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