PM Shri Scheme

PM Shri Scheme, All Features, Benefits, and Objective

PM Shri Scheme:- The approval of a substantial amount of funding for school renovations by the cabinet is great news for our educational institutions. The state governments of India have recently introduced several initiatives aimed at improving and elevating schools. This is one of the programs that focuses on schools’ long-term objectives as well as their financial needs. The Indian government provides central sponsorship for the PM SHRI Schools. The project will establish over 14500 PM SHRI Schools, which will come under the jurisdiction of federal, state, and local governments. The central government-funded PM Shri Scheme will assist a large number of students. This article will address the objectives, characteristics, and advantages of PM SHRI Schools. You will also discuss the applications of this strategy.


About PM Shri Scheme

The PM SHRI Schools would use the Samagra Shiksha, KVS, and NVS administrative framework that is currently in use for implementation. These schools will set the standard for others to follow because of their cutting-edge technology, creative teaching strategies, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. With the launch of the PM SHRI Scheme, a substantial amount of funding is available for innovations and improvements in schools. One could classify this program as a green school project. In general, local schools will benefit from this program. The plan will also promote awareness of the many facets of high-quality education while guiding policy, practice, and implementation.

Highlights Of PM Shri Scheme

Launched ByCentral Government
Name of SchemePM Shri Scheme
ObjectiveSpending on improvements and innovations in schools
Benefits17,000,360 crores will be spent to upgrade 14,500 schools
Launcher DateSeptember 2022
BeneficiariesSchools that will be run by the federal, state, and local governments
Official WebsitePM Shri
PM Shri Scheme

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PM Shri Scheme Implementation 

Mr. Narendra Modi, the Honourable Prime Minister of India, introduced the program. The program will launch on Teachers’ Day, September 5, 2022. On September 7, 2022, the Union Cabinet approved the plan. The government plans to modernize the schools under this program. Central funding is provided for the entire program. The government has made the decision to start this program in the current academy year, 2022–2023. The government plans to invest rupees 27,360 crores over a five-year period in the PM Shri schools project.

The current Samgra Shiksha, KVS, and NVS administrative frameworks would be used to build PM Shri Schools. These schools will closely monitor in order to evaluate the state of affairs and comprehend the obstacles that face the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020.

Objective Of PM Shri Scheme

The initiative aims to establish over 14500 PM SHRI Schools, managed by local, state, and federal governments, along with community organizations such as KVS and NVS. These schools will provide a safe, stimulating learning environment, a wide range of learning opportunities, and good physical infrastructure and resources that support learning for all students. Apart from the necessary instruction, little emphasis will be given on the grades of the students in each grade.

Benefits Of PM Shri Scheme

  • The Indian government is the primary sponsor of the PM SHRI School initiative.
  • In a warm, inclusive learning environment that respects each child’s unique background, language needs, and academic aptitude and encourages them to participate actively in their own education, PM SHRI will offer a top-notch education.
  • According to the National Education Policy 2020, it will develop students to become successful, engaged, and valuable contributors to society.
  • Under the PM-SHRI project, 14,500 schools would undergo renovations over the course of five years, at an estimated cost of Rs 27,360 crores.
  • Constructed as green spaces, the schools will feature solar panels, LED lighting, nutrition gardens, organic farming practices, trash management, plastic-free surroundings, water conservation, and harvesting.
  • The program will include workshops on climate change, more research on environmental practices, and effective knowledge management to take a healthier tack.
  • Every grade will place a strong emphasis on learning objectives. Practical application and conceptual understanding will be prioritized in all competency-based assessments.
  • Any shortcomings will be methodically and strategically addressed. Together with assessing the efficiency of the current resources, each area’s major performance requirements will be examined.

Key Features of PM Shri Scheme

  • As part of this initiative, schools are modernizing their facilities to provide excellent education in a warm, inclusive, and fair environment.
  • These upgraded schools will cater to the children’s diverse backgrounds, multilingual needs, and varying academic abilities.
  • Additionally, these upgraded schools will act as role models for other schools in their respective regions by offering mentorship.
  • Schools will be designed to be “green schools,” with eco-friendly components.
    • LED lighting and a solar panel
    • Natural farming combined with a nutrition garden
    • Water resource management
    • Without plastic
    • Talking about and gathering water
    • study of customs and behaviors pertaining to environmental protection
    • Hackathon pertaining to climate change
    • raising awareness of the need to live a sustainable lifestyle
  • These schools will implement more flexible, enjoyable, experiential, holistic, inquiry-driven, play- and toy-based, learner-centered, discussion-based, flexible, and inquiry-driven pedagogy.
  • Every student’s learning outcome in every grade will be the main focus of the schools.
  • At every level of assessment, conceptual comprehension and the application of knowledge to practical situations and competency will serve as the foundation.
  • These schools will connect with local industry and Sector Skill Councils to improve employability and offer better job opportunities.
  • To determine the main performance indicators to be used in measuring the results of this program, a School Quality Assessment Framework (SQAF) is being established.
  • The intended standards will be ensured by conducting regular quality evaluations of these schools.
PM Shri Scheme

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Launch of the PM Shri Scheme Portal

Today, November 3, 2022, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan unveils the platform for choosing Pradhan Mantri Schools for Rising India (PM SHRI) schools. Through the portal, state governments can choose which schools would become PM SHRI schools. The schools will act as role models for other educational institutions, exemplifying the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

PM Shri Scheme Interventions 

The main areas in which the educational system has intervened are as follows:

  • As everyone knows, upgrading the country’s infrastructure is of utmost importance.
  • The program includes capacity development, internships with local artists, innovative teaching, comprehensive progress cards, and learning enhancement. Everything will help students define their career pathways.
  • Maths and science supplies will be provided by the PM SHRI Schools.
  • Annual Grants for Education: CWSN and women-friendly infrastructure for early childhood development that uses technology to facilitate communication between teachers and students who have different language barriers.
  • To apply digital pedagogy, you’ll need ICT, smart classrooms, and digital libraries. Every PM SHRI school will have digital activities, smart classrooms, and ICT.
  • Every school will have access to science labs, a library, ICT resources, and vocational labs in addition to other amenities.

PM Shri Scheme Application Process

Schools can self-apply on the program’s website. The selection process for PM SHRI Schools consists of three steps:

  • While States or Territories complete NEP implementation, the Centre assists schools in attaining quality assurance.
  • Fundamental guidelines will serve as the foundation for the PM-SHRI application procedure. Pool schools need to overcome obstacles. There are physical examinations.
  • The chosen schools would face off against one another to see who could fulfill the strict guidelines set by the national government.

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Login for National, State, and District Users at PM Shri Scheme

  • To log in, any authorized user from a country, state, or district must visit the PM SHIRI website.
  • On the homepage, users who are national, state, or district must click the login button.
  • The user is then required to enter their registered mobile number on a new page.
  • After the OTP is sent, the user must verify that they received it.
  • After that, the user’s login will be successful.

Procedure for PM Shri Scheme Users’ Login Information

  • To log in, users of the school must visit the PMC schools’ official website.
  • They have to locate and choose the school user login option on the homepage.
PM Shri Scheme
  • A new page will load and ask users to enter HM’s cell phone number and UDISC code.
  • Next, click the OTP transmit button.
  • After accepting the OTP, the user will be able to log in as a school user with success.


Q. How much does the PM Shri program cost all in all?

Ans- Rs 27360 crore. The project would cost a total of Rs 27360 crore over five years, of which Rs 18128 crore will be the central contribution.

Q. How long ago was the PM Shri program introduced?

Ans- On September 7, 2022, the Centre announced the beginning of the PM SHRI program.

Q. For India’s PM Shri program, how many schools are chosen?

Ans- Over 35 lakh kids are benefiting from the selection of 6207 schools from 27 States/UTs and KVS/NVS in the first phase of PM SHRI school selection.

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