PM-Wani Scheme

PM-Wani Scheme 2024-25:  Apply Online, Login & Registration Free Internet

PM-Wani Scheme:- On December 9, 2020, our esteemed Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi Ji introduced the WANI Scheme, which aims to establish WIFI in public spaces. During the Corona-19 pandemic, students will be able to do their coursework online thanks to this WIFI facility. Hotspots will be distributed across the nation’s states. We will give you all the information you need to know about the PM WANI Scheme 2024 today through this post, including its goals, requirements for eligibility, advantages, features, and key documents. In addition, we will walk you through the online application process for this program. Read this article through to the conclusion to learn everything there is to know about the scheme.


PM-Wani Scheme 2024

Through the PM WANI Scheme, the Indian government is attempting to make WIFI available to its residents. Both the network and internet connectivity problems will be resolved with this plan. A fair price will be charged for internet access. In order to provide Indian citizens with access to the Internet, the Central Government has initiated the WANI Scheme, which aims to provide Internet and WiFi amenities to public areas. In order to successfully execute this plan, public data centers will be established throughout India, increasing internet connectivity speed.

PM-Wani Scheme

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Highlights of PM-Wani Scheme 2024

Highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

Name of the Scheme  PM-Wani Scheme
Launched byPrime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi Ji
Launched underCentral Government or Government of India
Launching date9 December 2020
Applicable to  India
Approved byUnion Cabinet
Allocated DepartmentDepartment of Telecom
Elements of WiFi HotspotPublic Data Office (PDO) Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA) App Provider Central Registry
 BeneficiaryCitizens of India
ObjectiveTo resolve the issues of internet connectivity
BenefitStudents will be able to access their online classes by WIFI facility
Form of BenefitWIFI and Hotspot allocation
Budget of device installationRs. 4720 Crores
Mode of applicationOnline
AddressC-DOT Campus Electronic City Phase 1, Bengaluru – 560100
Telephone number+91-80-25119898 +91-9971892626

Objectives Of Mantri WANI Scheme PM 2024

The primary goal of introducing the WANI Scheme is to address network and Internet connectivity problems. There will be WiFi available in each of India’s states. Public data centers will soon be opened by the government across India. Nobody will now have to deal with internet problems when using the internet. An additional goal of launching the Pradhan Mantri WANI Scheme is to give college and school students the chance to enroll in online courses in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. There are numerous towns and locations where internet connectivity is problematic.

PM-WANI Framework

Shri Narendra Modi Ji, the prime minister, launched the PM WANI scheme. The Union Cabinet has given its approval for this project to be implemented successfully. The National Digital Communication Policy (NDCP) applies to this program. WiFi hotspot consists of the following three components: PDO, PDOA, App Provider, and Central Registry.

Benefits Of PM-Wani Scheme 2024

The following are the scheme’s benefits:

  • The fact that students will have no trouble accessing their online classes is one of the scheme’s primary benefits.
  • The WANI Scheme PM will fix every internet connectivity problem.
  • Approximately twenty merchants will be chosen to acquire WiFi routers for installation.
  • This will improve network and internet connectivity.
  • Broadband and hotspots will be installed in several public areas.
  • There are currently about 5,000 WiFi routers in use.
  • In India, public data centers are set to open.
  • A license will be required to open a data center.
  • The provision would apply to twenty sites from the Delhi State.
  • Trade business will expand through the Pradhan Mantri WANI Scheme.
  • There aren’t any costs associated with registering for this program.
  • There will be internet access for a fair price.
  • The installation of devices will happen ward by ward.
  • Additionally, this plan will support the PM Digital India Mission.
PM-Wani Scheme

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Features Of WANI Scheme PM 2024

The following are the characteristics of this scheme:

  • The Central Government has introduced the Pradhan Mantri WANI Scheme.
  • This program is the brainchild of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji.
  • The system will go live on December 9, 2020.
  • The government will widely install WiFi routers, broadband, and hotspots.
  • In India, public data centers are scheduled to open.
  • Public data centers won’t open if suppliers and PDOA haven’t registered with the data centers.
  • Before the data center opening, registration is necessary.
  • You have seven days to finish the registration process.
  • At Delhi State, device installation has initially begun.
  • The installation of WiFi hotspots and routers has reached about 850 locations in Delhi.
  • The government has invested Rs. 4720 in the installation of wifi routers under the WANI Scheme.
  • The plan is to offer WiFi routers to twenty of the retailers.
  • Hotspot installations are set up ward-by-ward in a few different places.
  • The government will set low fees for providing internet services to its inhabitants.
  • Interested candidates may go to the program’s official website.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate needs to meet the requirements listed below to apply under the PM WANI Scheme:

  • The recipient needs to be an Indian permanent applicant.
  • The candidate must be BPL eligible.

Important Documents

Some of the important documents required to apply under this Scheme as per given below:-

  • Aadhar Card is mandatory
  • A PAN Card is a must
  • The income Certificate of the applicant is a must
  • Caste Certificate
  • Applicant’s passport-size photograph
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Voter Id Card

Process To Apply Online Under PM WANI Scheme 2024

Since the recent launch of this program, no such information about the PM WANI program application process has been obtained. The applicant may visit the official website of this scheme, but we will notify you of any information about the application process through this page as soon as any material linked to it becomes available through government websites.

Process To Apply Online Under PDO Portal

To apply online through the PDO Portal, the candidate must adhere to the following instructions:

  • The initial step for the application is to go to the scheme’s official website.
  • You are now going to be on this website’s homepage.
  • Select the PDO Portal option from the webpage.
  • Following that, a new page called the Enquiry Form will open on your screen.
  • Fill out all the requested information, including:
    • Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Pin Code
    • Where Development Is Occurring
    • Internet Accessible
    • Estimated Daily Traffic
    • Notes
  • After that, select the declaration box.
  • Enter the captcha that appears on your screen at the end.
  • Click the submit button option now.

Procedure To PDOA Login

The following procedures must be followed by the applicant to log into PDOA under this scheme:

  • You must first go to and view this scheme’s official website.
  • You are now able to view this website’s homepage.
  • Select the PDOA Login option.

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  • Following that, the PDOA Login page will appear, requiring you to fill in some of the requested information:- Password, Email Address, and Captcha Code
  • Finally, select the login option.
  • You will be able to log in under PDOA in this method.


Q. What is the scheme of PM Wani?

Asn- The Department of Telecom (DoT) introduced the PM-WANI in December 2020 as one of the main initiatives to support the adoption of public WiFi hotspots and build a strong digital communication infrastructure across the country, particularly in rural areas.

Q. When was PM-WANI established?

Ans- The Department of Telecommunication introduced the Prime Minister’s WiFi Access Network Interface (PM-WANI) in December 2020.

Q. How can I connect to PM-WANI WiFi?

Ans- How does one use PM-WANI Wi-Fi to obtain broadband? If a potential user wishes to use public WiFi for broadband access, they must download the necessary app, authenticate themselves, and then use any public wifi hotspot to get broadband.

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