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Rashan Card, Digital Rashan Card, RKSY-1

Rashan card is an official record gave by state governments in India to family units that are qualified to buy sponsored food grain from the Public Distribution System (under the National Food Security Act). They likewise fill in as a typical type of distinguishing proof for some Indians.


How am I able to check my Rashan card status in West Bengal?

Rashan Card Status Check:

  • Visit the Official Status checking Page.
  • Select your District, Municipality.
  • Either Enter last 8 Digits of the appliance number or Enter the entire 16 digits application number.
  • Now click on search to see WBPDS Application Status.
How am I able to apply for card in West Bengal?
  • Click on the GET OTP option.
  • Enter the OTP.
  • Click on the VALIDATE tab to validate the amount .
  • Select your option.
  • Fill within the form .
  • Click on the SHOW MEMBER button.
  • The details will appear.

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How am I able to check my card online?

Visit the official website of the Department of Food and Logistics, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh (https://fcs.up.gov.in/). List once you are taken to the homepage, click on the “NFSA eligibility list” which you’ll see on the proper side of the page.

What is the complete sort of RKSY ration card?

Sir, None of the member of my family has been included within the Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana (RKSY) / National Food Security Act (NFSA) List. I apply for inclusion of names.

How am I able to change my card online in West Bengal?
  • First of all, you’ve got to travel to the official website of the department.
  • Now link the acceptable link of Aadhaar to Aadhaar and a replacement page will appear.
  • After this, you’ve got to enter the small print of all the required information within the given space.
Who is eligible for AAY ration card?

All Households with no adult member between age 15 and 59 including all households headed by an individual of 60 years aged or more with no assured means of subsistence or-social support. Household headed by disabled member and with no able bodied adult member.

How am I able to get digital card in Kolkata?

To apply for the new digital card in West Bengal , the applicant has got to visit the closest card office within the state. they’re going to provide the applicant with the appliance form. The applicant has got to fill the appliance form with correct details of the relations .

How am I able to link my Aadhar card with card online in West Bengal?

Visit official Aadhaar linking website and click on on “Start Now”. Enter your address details including district and state. Select the benefit type as “Ration card” from the choices provided therein. Step 5: Enter your card number, Aadhaar number, email address and mobile number.

How am I able to update my card online?
  • Visit the official portal of UP, FCS- https://fcs.up.gov.in.
  • On the homepage of the portal, click on the “Eligibility list of NFSA” Tab given under the “Important links (NFSA)” section.
  • The district-wise number of eligible ration cardholders will appear.
  • Select and click on on the respective district.
How To Apply Online for card UP?
  • For card online apply, the beneficiary will need to attend the Official Site.
  • Now Click on Link card online apply.
  • Now Fill Mobile No and and click on next.
  • you will receive an OTP on your mobile number.
  • Fill the OTP No.
How to make changes in card ?
  • Download the appliance form for correction ( click here ).
  • Fill it and submit it to the nearby ration office.
  • Make sure that you simply got to have an all other original documents like income certificate , identity and former card also .
How am I able to convert my card to digital ration card?

Visit a bio-photo service center in your new taluk along side your “surrender certificate” . Open your card details online, update your address, RR number,member detail any, etc., at the photo center only, collect a computer generated, printed acknowledgement.

What is full form AAY?

In order to form TPDS more focused and targeted towards this category of population, the “Antyodaya Anna Yojana” (AAY) was launched in December, 2000 for one crore poorest of the poor families.

Does card expire?

Answer: No, It won’t be expired. If you found no use, you’ll surrender it in order that your allotment of the rationing articles are going to be reduced from the system else there are chances to misuse it by retailers.

How am I able to check my card status in Delhi?

In order to see the appliance status of the e-ration card, the applicant must visit the official website of the Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs. i.e. nfs.delhi.gov.in.

Who is eligible for card in India?

The families having annual income of Rs. 1 Lakh or above, any member of the family possess a four wheeler or the family aggregately holding quite 4 hectare irrigated land are eligible to urge white ration cards.

How am I able to make my card online in Bihar?

Candidates applied for brand spanking new card Apply Online and download the card Suchi from the official website at www.epds.bihar.gov.in, sfc.bihar.gov.in.

How am I able to add my name in card online?

Beneficiary can add new name in existing card by filling this type . Beneficiary can download the web form and submit it with necessary documents to close Zonal / Mamlatdar office.

How am I able to check my AP card status?

To Check AP card Status Online, candidates need to visit the official site @ spandana.gov.in. From there you’ll check the card Status button. By clicking it, you’ve got to enter your card Number Of Aadhar Card Number. Thus, you’ll check your AP card Status Online.

How am I able to write a replacement card letter?

Dear Sir, My family which consists of 5 members, has not any card here. However the small print of each member of my family is given bellow. kindly issue each of them necessary ration Cards after proper enquiry and oblige.

How am I able to update my card online in Karnataka?
  • Visit the department website using URL linkand then select e-services menu.
  • In the given page please Select “Amendment Request” from the e-Ration card option on the left side of the page to succeed in next page.

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How am I able to change my name in card online in AP?

How to change name in Andhra Pradesh card . you’ll directly obtain the card data correction form either from the Meeseva website or the official website of the Andhra Pradesh government then print it out.

What is the meaning of RKSY 1?

The food department will hold camps from September 9 to 26 at the block development offices (BDO) across the state for fresh inclusion of beneficiaries under the Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana –I (RKSY-I) scheme. The scheme allowed beneficiaries to avail of rice at Rs 2 a kg, said food minister Jyotipriya Mallick.

What is PR in ration card?

Under the National Food Security Act, 2013, card holders are identified as AAY families and priority household families (PR). AAY families cardholders are entitled to urge 25 kg wheat and 10 kg rice @ ₹ 2/- and ₹ 3/- respectively per card per month.

What is the color of Antyodaya ration card?

Once a family has been recognized as eligible, they’re given a singular “Antyodaya Ration Card”. This card, also called the PDS yellow card, acts as a sort of identification, proving that the bearer is permitted to receive the extent of rations the cardboard describes. the colour of the cardboard is yellow.

What is the color of APL card?

APL ration cards would be green and 42 lakh such cards would be made. Similarly, 24 lakh OPH ration cards would be made in khaki colour. the cardboard for SBPL (5.5 lakh beneficiaries) and CBPL (7.6 lakh) would be yellow in colour.

What is pink card in AP?

The pink ration cards are for the people that are above the poverty level . Persons having pink card cannot purchase rations at a subsidized cost.

Can I get ration with old ration card?

“#Reality: Old ration cards will remain valid throughout the state . “No new ration cards are being made under the One Nation One card scheme. the prevailing card are going to be accepted across the country to urge subsidised foodgrain,” he tweeted.

How am I able to get Cancelled ration card?

Beneficiary can cancel the card by filling this type . Beneficiary can download online form and submit it with necessary documents to close Zonal / Mamlatdar office.

How am I able to remove my name from card after marriage in AP?
  • Name that you simply got to delete within the card .
  • Reason why you’re deleting the name in card .
  • Mention if it’s death or other reasons.
  • What is your relation if want you delete the name of other person.
  • Check out the delivery type.
  • Document Proof that you simply got to be add.
Who is eligible for card in Delhi?

Every family residing under the state of Delhi is eligible for obtaining card . the sort of card determines the advantages gained. The households are having an annual income of but Rs. 1 lakh are going to considered as eligible households for the inclusion in NFS.

What is the value of card in India?

At these fair price shops, numbering nearly 5.35 lakh across India, 23 crore card holders can monthly take over to five kg of rice at Rs 3/kg, wheat at Rs 2/kg and coarse grains at Rs 1/kg as mandated under the National Food Security Act passed in 2013.

Is card mandatory in India?

Ration card may be a document issued by the government which is a symbol of nationality. It’s a voluntary document and not compulsory for each citizen to get , but people generally apply for it’s a well-accepted identity proof and helps a private avail various Government benefits through this scheme.

How to Find Your Name in Bihar card List 2020?
  • Visit the official Food and government officials Department of Bihar Government: epds.bihar.gov.in and choose RCMS report on rock bottom left corner of the page.
  • Select your city/district from the sink list.
  • Select “Urban” or “Rural” from table shown.
What is AP ration card?

Summary: Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies, Andhra Pradesh is providing this AP Ration Cards. These Ration Cards also called Rice Cards. Since on the idea of those cards only the People are becoming Ration of Rice monthly from different areas.

Is card a BPL card?

Above poverty level (APL) rashan card that issued to households living above the poverty level (as estimated by the design Commission). Below poverty level (BPL) rashan card that issued to households living below the poverty level.

Can I get ration on Aadhar card?

Visit the official web portal of Aadhar Card – UIDAI webpage Click on the ‘Start Now’ option. Proceed further and enter your address details – district and state. Select the benefit type as ‘Rashan Card’ from the available options Choose the scheme name as ‘Rashan Card’.

Can card transferred?

To transfer a card from one state to a different, visit the required food office in your jurisdiction. You’ll be asked to refill a written application and submit it along side proof of address and therefore the application fee after which your transfer are going to processed.

How am I able to delete my card online?

Beneficiary can delete name from existing card . Beneficiary can download online form and submit it with necessary documents to close Zonal / Mamlatdar office.

How many Rashan card are there in Delhi?

Close to 1 crore people, around half the city’s population, will get free Rashan Card, he said. “For the month of April, we’ve already given ration to all or any 71 lakh ration-card holders. Many did not have ration cards and that we have also given staples to around 10 lakh people through e-coupons.

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