Sahara Yojana

Sahara Yojana 2024: Objective, Eligibility, Benefits, Apply Online & All Information

Sahara Yojana: The Chief Minister Sahara Yojana of Himachal Pradesh is a noteworthy initiative. The Himachal Pradesh government is in charge of this program. Under this program, individuals with serious illnesses who are from low-income families are eligible for free treatment. The program is designed to help the state’s poorest and most marginalized inhabitants. The primary goal of the Chief Minister Sahara Yojana in Himachal Pradesh is to help those who are gravely ill by offering health care. Allow us to explain to you the significance of this plan today. This article will tell you all you need to know about the scheme, including what it is, who it is intended for, and how to register.

Sahara Yojana

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Some important things under Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sahara Yojana

The Mukhyamantri Sahara Yojana is a significant program because, as is well known, India is home to a diverse population with a wide range of diseases. However, the poverty that accompanies these diseases causes great hardship for those who suffer from them. As a result, they are incapable of receiving care and pass away. The Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sahara Yojana is only available to state residents.

  • By this scheme, an individual with a life-threatening illness who comes from a low-income household will receive ₹ 3,000 each month. This will enable the beneficiaries to treat themselves or any family members, potentially saving their lives.
  • The Himachal Pradesh CM Sahara Yojana is a significant program since it will help turn the lives of those who are afflicted with terrible diseases into new ones.

What is the objective of Sahara Yojana Himachal Pradesh?

Many people in the state of Himachal Pradesh suffer from serious diseases and are at the point of death because they cannot afford to obtain treatment for illnesses that run in their families. As a result, their health deteriorates and they become increasingly vulnerable to illness. Given these conditions, Himachal Pradesh The primary goal of the state government’s Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sahara Yojana is to provide ₹ 3000 monthly to a patient to cure and even save his life.

Key Highlights of CM Sahara Yojana Himachal Pradesh 2024

PlanHimachal Pradesh Chief Minister Support Scheme
BeginningSeptember 2020
DepartmentHealth and Family Welfare Department
ObjectiveFree treatment for poor and economically weak people
Beneficiarypoor and economically weaker citizens
StateHimachal Pradesh
official website

Benefits and features of Himachal Pradesh Sahara Yojana

Read this page carefully if you want to learn about the benefits of the Himachal Pradesh government’s recently introduced initiative or if you want to apply for benefits through it. Complete information about the features and advantages of this system is provided.

  • The government of Himachal Pradesh offers benefits to those afflicted with severe illnesses inside the state through this program.
  • The state government offers financial support to those with severe illnesses through this program.
  • Through this initiative, launched by the Himachal Pradesh government, financial aid of ₹ 3,000 is provided.
  • Under this strategy, the state government used to grant ₹ 2000 in financial aid; however, as of right now, ₹ 3000 is available.
  • Through this scheme, the Government of Himachal Pradesh provides financial assistance to those families suffering from serious illness who are poor and do not have money.
  • Through this scheme, funds are given by the state government for specific serious diseases like paralysis, Parkinson’s, cancer, muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, thalassemia, and renal failure.
  • The amount given under this scheme is transferred to the bank account by the Himachal Pradesh government. The Himachal Pradesh government transfers the funds provided under this initiative to the designated bank account.
  • The Himachal Pradesh government has maintained this significant benefit and feature through this program.
Sahara Yojana

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Eligibility for CM Sahara Yojana Himachal Pradesh

  • The applicant must be a state native to receive benefits from the Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sahara Yojana.
  • This program is only available to the impoverished and citizens from households with lower incomes.
  • This program is thought to be appropriate for patients with life-threatening conditions such as cancer, hemophilia, thalassemia, liver failure, paralysis, etc.
  • Should the applicant’s yearly earnings be above Rs 4 lakh, they will not be deemed qualified for the program.

Documents required for Himachal Pradesh Sahara Yojana

You can read this page carefully to learn all the details you need to know to apply for benefits under the Himachal Pradesh government’s scheme. To start, you must obtain the required documentation. Kindly read over the documentation needed for this scheme to obtain all the information you need.

  • Aadhar card
  • income certificate
  • mobile number
  • bank account details
  • Ration card
  • password size photo
  • Address proof

A person suffering from which disease is given benefit under Sahara Yojana?

You should carefully read the article below if you want to learn more about the Himachal Pradesh government’s recently introduced initiative, including how to apply for benefits and which diseases qualify for them. Go through it.

  • muscular dystrophy
  • thalassemia
  • hemophilia
  • liver failure
  • Paralysis
  • cancer
  • Parkinson’s

How to do Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sahara Yojana Online Registration

  • You must first visit the Chief Minister Sahara Scheme of Himachal Pradesh’s official website.
  • The main page will now appear on your screen.
  • A new page will then open in front of you and you will need to select the option for New Registration.
  • The screen will provide you with an option to enter your Aadhaar number.
  • The next step is for you to select the “Submit” option.
  • You will see the registration form open in front of you as soon as you select the submit option.
  • You must now fill out this form completely with the information provided.
  • Once you have filled it out, kindly review it again.
  • You will need to select the “Register” option after this process is complete.
  • This will make your application fully finished.

How to apply offline under Himachal Pradesh Sahara Yojana

To apply offline under this Himachal Pradesh government initiative, you must first speak with an Anganwadi worker in your state before going to the closest health department and making contact there. He has to carefully and methodically fill out the form that will be sent to him.

After that, your paperwork needs to be turned in to the Health Department, where it will be carefully reviewed. If this plan determines that you are a beneficiary and your application is accepted as accurate, you will be credited with the benefit; otherwise, you will not be eligible for this program. Nothing to gain from

An incentive of ₹ 2000 is provided by the Himachal Pradesh government to ASHA workers to encourage their involvement in this project. You can speak with an ASHA employee immediately, so you won’t need to go from place to place seeking assistance of any type. To receive benefits under this initiative, get in touch with This program, launched by the government of Himachal Pradesh, which accepts offline applications.

Chief Minister Sahara Scheme Contact Details

Health Family Welfare Department Helpline Number

Helpline Number0177-2621424 0177-2622307 0177-2628252

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Q: What is Himachal Pradesh Sahara Yojana

Ans: The Himachal Pradesh government launched this program, under which the state government provides financial support to those afflicted with major illnesses in the region.

Q: Who will be given the benefit of the AChief Minister Sahara Scheme?

Ans: Patients with severe illnesses who are from low-income and impoverished households in the state will receive benefits under the Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sahara Yojana.

Q: How much amount will be provided per month under Sahara Yojana?

Ans: The recipient of the Mukhyamantri Sahara Yojana will get ₹ 3000 every month for one year, up to ₹ 48000.

Q: What is the objective of Himachal Pradesh Sahara Yojana

Ans: The primary goal of the Himachal Pradesh Sahara Yojana is to treat all the state’s underprivileged citizens who have life-threatening illnesses.

Q: The State of Himachal Pradesh Who initiated the Sahara Yojana?

Ans: The State of Himachal Pradesh The state of Himachal Pradesh’s chief minister has introduced the Sahara Yojana.

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