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Shala Darpan: In the present era of data technology; information management is an important component for the operation and up-gradation of any organisation. Shala Darpan may be a dynamic management portal; where information about all government schools and education offices kept online and updated as an endless process. During this portal, “live data” compiled in reference to primary and education students, schools and academic and non-academic staff.

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How to log in full information of Shala Darpan – Shala Darpan log in

This portal, design by the govt for teachers of Rajasthan, name Shala Darpan is nothing but a boon. On this website, you get all the knowledge associate with all kinds of teacher-student and faculty in only one click. If you’ve got a login ID and password, you’ll cash in of the Staff section by visiting this website. Where all types of important information and facilities are present.

What is the varsity mirror?

In the field of data technology; India is developing day by day and a replacement portal for welfare inaugurated. Out of that, there’s a faculty mirror which provides the entire information; of both the teacher and student sections of Rajasthan in one click in one place.

This website made for teachers of Rajasthan is extremely good.

This website has all the knowledge about teachers and students who also come inside Rajasthan. If you’ve got a login ID and password; you’ll get all the knowledge and if you’re an educator then this website is extremely beneficial for you.

Here the advantages of the many methods given by the govt which has made the life of teachers easier.

Shala Darpan school login – the way to login to Shala Darpan?

You must have an ID and password to login to the varsity mirror. Which you’ll avail of all the facilities by typing on the login page.

What will found within the school mirror?

Every sort of information and facilities are going to found here; which is extremely important for teachers teaching in Rajasthan. Teachers can come here and put their attendances online and that they also can submit applications for leave here. Thanks to getting complete information of all the scholars of the category; the teachers fully connected with the varsity and that they get all types of important information online.

This is a really good step for the welfare of society.

Watch this video to know the way to submit online attendance
In this video, you’ll study this website intimately from inside. you’ll ready to take the insight into this website through this website. you’ll also know other important things which are necessary to know after logging in.

All employees can register their attendance online at the varsity mirror. to know how all this will be done, watch the video above, you’ll get all types of data thereon.

Employees also can apply for online leave.

How to use school mirror? the way to use Shala Darpan:

All kinds of data and facilities are available here which are vital for an educator.

Here, detailed information on both teacher and student classes is out there, which is important for savings and loan. Detailed information received at the district and state level of Rajasthan which makes this website a crucial website.

You get an in-depth description of all the schemes made by the govt here, in only one click, it often understands that the importance of the web is in today’s time. Through this website, the Department of Education can remain fully connected to the varsity, which is extremely important for welfare.

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(1): How can the amendment be done after the newly admitted student gets admitted to the incorrect class and has been confirmed?

ANS: student Shaladrpn portal in Modyul (new release form) — > Constant separate name thanks to absence select and S. R. happening numbers ” wrong listing the name of a separate ‘ enter the name of the choice isolated new Class now’s an equivalent. Enter the amount within the correct class because of the newly arrived students.

If entering online Shaladrpn TC through the amendment to enter into the incorrect class by school login isn’t possible from the doorway to cancel to for the asking or me -line TC also mails a replica of entering to cancel the after re-line entry within the class Deven. Rmsaccr@gmailkcom or written for the amendment desired by writing all Sucnaie.

(2): How can an individual’s discharge order be amended?

ANS: discharge orders school to amend login on : Teacher tab —– > Update Personnel Retirement —- > Shaladrpn Order No. Signed to Employee ID is feasible additional amendments school level modification will within the same school where Personnel was relieved school won’t be possible revision at the college level after having joined on the new posting location relieved to the present or the mail.

(3): Approved Posts / How am I able to amend the accepted subject?

ANS: Directorate for amendment within the approved post or subject, Ma. Education, Rajasthan, to be conducted at Bikaner level this for full details, including E-mail full details and terms of allocation or withdrawal orders at the varsity within the letter pad scanned copy (if Also available).

(4): Personnel Key How can the amendment be done if the worker ID is misregistered?

ANS: Amendment at Employee ID isn’t possible at the varsity level, for this or mentioning the UDISE code of the varsity, name of the personnel, wrong Employee Id, so correct Employee Id on the varsity letter pad.

(5): School Where am I able to get the list of total minority student enrollment?

ANS: School login on reports —– > grade class student enrollment — > give minority enrollment tab within the “total” minority enrollment within the sum of points “appear blue” colour in blue points click to But the list of minority students of the varsity is going to be received alongside the name of the scholar, class and caste.

(6): To upgrade Even after the student’s name is being displayed within the wrong class, how can we bring the scholar to his correct class?

ANS: Student Shaladrpn portal for this ( new release form ) — > The result are often pre-grade and promotion first CANCEL PROMOTION by PROMOTION CANCEL to I to re-promote student above

(7): Person Name Seeing twice in Form 3-A, how will a reputation be deleted?

ANS: It might be two reasons is
(A) if the shape 10 ( Personnel detailed listing) Personnel service details while filling 3rd column two place so far still personnel filling entry 3-A appears twice; I will be able to continue from the varsity login till the 3rd column date. The amendment is going to be done only on writing the present posting. (B) The entry of the personnel are going to be visible twice; within the entry 3-A albeit the entry of the worker is twice with different Employee ID.
So Wrong Employee id entry delete details including Letrpad school to or the mail.

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FAQ (8): Student class – 10 or Class 12 can have improved wants to re-test to, his name Class of the season 10 or Class 12 are going to be how?

ANS: Student Shaladrpn portal for this (new release form) — > results and maybe pre-grade promotion first CANCEL PROMOTION by PROMOTION CANCEL to me above test results Repeat Request the scholar so pick the present session Class 10 or Class 12 will come.

(9): In Personnel School Offline after joining Shaladrpn new quite a personnel in 3-a within the entry went I will be able to now join what sort of Shaladrpn current school after discharge from pre-school?

ANS: Post remains empty after the newly personnel entry, therefore, Personnel 3-A novel went in entry delete after are going to be possible joining of Shaladarpan to the present innovative, so including full details on Send an invitation to delete the entry.

(10): Various in Sharadarpan the way to correct the gaps within the student enrollment report?

ANS: Students from Shaladarpan Vidyalaya Login (New issued form) ——– > attend the scholar Entry edit ( Form- 5) and choose the edit then update option for the primary student of every class, so all the reports are correct.

FAQ (11): Sanskrit topic Session/number feeding option not coming?

ANS: If the results of feeding on house mirror to the category of form are making a gift of not appear on the list of scholars of the third language in any grade 7 to a Czech, so if the choice drop-down list of the third language ahead of all students from in and eventually All submit Student click the button and it’ll solve your problem.

(12): A category scholarship module is chosen from the category of student and ‘Final Submit’ how am I able to be possible to be right?

ANS: After the last date of Feeding Scholarship Module, so contact the District Education Officer Office and proper the category of the scholar.

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