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Smile Yojana 2024: Objectives, Benefits, Eligibility & Online Registration

Smile Yojana: In our nation, India, people belong to many social classes and faiths. Not only do men and women in our country hold equal respect, but among these groups of people reside several additional individuals—people who identify as transgender. Our nation’s transgender people will be developed through a program that has been launched. Smile Yojana is the name of the program. Using the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, the Central Government offers health benefits to individuals who identify as transgender. This includes school scholarships for the benefit of transgender children and insurance coverage up to Rs 5 lakh. A benefit is also provided. Transgender individuals are provided with numerous options under Smile Yojana, from job placement to training. Consequently, through this today

Smile Yojana

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Smile Yojana 2024

To ensure that every person in the nation has equal rights, the government has launched several measures. The Smile Scheme is one of these significant programs.

This will see the implementation of efforts to mainstream transgender individuals. The Central Government would offer all transgender individuals in the nation a variety of facilities under this program to aid in their growth.

Virendra Kumar, the Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, has allocated a budget of Rs 365 crore for this scheme’s operation, spanning from the fiscal year 2021–2022 to 2025–2026. Under the Central Government’s Smile Scheme, benefits would be provided to over sixty thousand inhabitants of the nation.

Highlights of SMILE Scheme 2024

Name of Schemesmile scheme 2024
scheme launchedCentral government
Bneficiarytransgender citizens of the country
BenefitAvailable from health services to all other types of services
ObjectiveDeveloping transgender citizens
official websitewill be launched soon

Objectives of Smile Yojana

Developing every member of the transgender community is the primary goal of the SMILE Scheme. in order for all of these individuals to be respected by society.

This plan will be useful in giving everyone access to a variety of resources, including scholarships, to help them finish their education. All transgender students from ninth grade through graduation would receive a grant of Rs 13,500 towards their studies.

All of the transgender community’s children will receive assistance in finishing their school based on this facility. In addition, the children of the transgender community will receive resources for training placement, jobs, and other opportunities. This program will be particularly beneficial in assisting transgender persons in becoming

Sub-schemes of SMILE Yojana

  • PM Daksh Scheme for Education: Pre- and post-matric Scholarship Scheme for Skill Development
  • Garima Graha is a residential facility with a transgender protection cell available.

The main aspects included in the SMILE Yojana

  • This Central Government program includes the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, which aims to give transgender persons access to health services. wherein residents will receive health insurance coverage for up to Rs 5 lakh. Transgender persons will receive assistance for gender reformation surgery under this insurance plan. Health insurance also covers hormone therapy.
  • Children who identify as transgender will receive financial aid from the government through pre- and post-matriculation scholarship programs to finish their education. It will enable him to finish his education. Under the plan, the recipient citizens would receive this scholarship money for Rs 13500.
  • To empower and enable the citizens, services like training placement

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What are the benefits of Smile Yojana and its features?

  • Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Virendra Kumar has started the Smile Yojana.
  • Let us inform you that transgender persons are eligible for a variety of facilities under this program.
  • Under this program, all services about work, health, and education are covered.
  • The Central Government has allocated a budget of Rs 365 crore for this initiative, which will run from 2021–2022 to 2025–2026.
  • Sixty thousand citizens will receive advantages under this system.
  • The Ayushman Bharat Scheme provides beneficiaries with an insurance cover of ₹ 500000 as well.
  • Under this program, the recipient citizen will additionally receive scholarship money for his studies from ninth grade until graduation.
  • Opportunities are also offered under this system, ranging from training to job placement and employment.
  • The Central Government provides scholarships to transgender children so they can finish their education from class 9 to class 10.
  • The PM Daksh Yojana offers livelihood opportunities for skill development.
  • Transgender citizens are eligible for Garima Graha. where resources like food, clothing, entertainment, chances for skill development, and medical support are offered.
Smile Yojana

Eligibility for SMILE Yojana

  • The candidate must be an Indian citizen by birth to be eligible for the advantages of this program.
  • Only persons who identify as transgender are eligible to apply for the Smile Scheme.
  • To apply, all kinds of required documentation ought to be present.

Required Documents

  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card
  • Birth certificate
  • Family Annual Income Certificate
  • Address proof
  • Ration card
  • email id
  • passport size photograph
  • mobile number

How to do SMILE Scheme 2023 online registration?

The Central Government has lately introduced this initiative. There is currently no application portal available for the Smile Scheme. The Central Government will soon develop a portal for the scheme so that the beneficiaries can begin receiving its benefits.

Recipients will need to wait before applying. You will receive the information through this page as soon as the official notice regarding the application is made public. Please read our article through to the end for information about registering for the Smile Scheme.

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Q: Under what scheme has the SMILE Scheme been started?

Ans: The Central Government launched the SMILE Scheme.

Q: Which citizens are the targets of the Central Government’s Smile Scheme?

Ans: The Central Government launched the Smile Programme to promote the well-being of all members of the transgender community.

Q: What services are included in the Smile Scheme for the nation’s transgender citizens?

Ans: Under this initiative, the government will offer a range of services to guarantee every transgender citizen their right to dignity. whereby they will profit from having access to resources for work, health, and education.

Q: How much insurance coverage will the Ayushman Bharat Scheme beneficiaries receive?

Ans: Transgender citizens would receive Rs. 5 lakh insurance coverage under the SMILE program of Ayushman Bharat.

Q: Has the Smile Scheme application process opened up?

Ans: No, the Central Government recently introduced the Smile Scheme. Soon after the application portal launches, the application procedure will begin.

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