UP free tablet smartphone yojana

UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana, New Update, Registration & Eligibility

UP free tablet smartphone yojana:- As you are all aware, modern methods of teaching have been adopted in this day and age. Students have had access to online instruction even during the Corona era. Because tablets and smartphones aren’t readily available, many students in this situation are unable to participate in online learning. In light of this, The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced the Free Tablet Smartphone Scheme. The state’s students will receive free tablets and smartphones through this programme. This programme will benefit all students who are in need of financial assistance. You will receive all the necessary information about the free tablet smartphone scheme through this article. It will be possible for you to understand how.

The youth will also receive free digital access under this programme. These tablets and smartphones will provide education to the students. Students will soon have an easier time finding employment with these tablets and smartphones. In addition, the government of Uttar Pradesh has declared that it will provide financial aid to young people who take competitive exams.


UP Free Tablet Smartphone Yojana Scheme List 2023

With a budget of about Rs 20 crore, UP Chief Minister Shri Adityanath Yogi Ji had promised to give away free laptops and smartphones to the state’s deserving students. Rs. 3,000 crores. It is evident that studying these days would be impossible without these devices after the pandemic. As a result, the UP CM made the decision to give away free electronics to students enrolled in state university undergraduate, graduate, engineering, and other diploma programmes who are unable to afford to purchase these devices.

Benefits of UP Free Tablet Smartphone Scheme

  • Under this programme, students pursuing diploma, technical, post-graduate, and graduation programmes in the state will receive smartphones and tablets.
  • About one crore young people will benefit from this scheme.
  • The youth will also receive free digital access under this programme.
  • Through the use of tablets and smartphones provided by this programme, students will be able to receive education.
  • Students will soon find it simpler to obtain employment using these tablets and smartphones.

Who will get the smartphone?

According to a government spokesperson, in order to implement this scheme, the Yogi government will set up committees in each district, with the District Magistrate serving as the committee’s chairman. which will have six members who will compile the list of recognised educational establishments. He said that the Gem portal would be the only place to buy these tablets or smartphones. The nodal agency will be the GeM portal. It will also be determined whether the young people who will receive these tablets or smartphones are eligible.

Since we previously informed you that the Yogi government has recently discussed a supplemental budget, which they will complete if they win the elections, the government has just announced that free tablets will be provided under the programme. However, you can take this as a We can conclude that the government, upon reorganising itself in the state, will honour its election pledge. If the government keeps its previous promises, which it has made, it will undoubtedly keep this promise as well; however, this will depend on the outcome of the upcoming state assembly. Regardless of whether this government wins or loses the elections, you can only receive this free tablet and laptop if the government does.

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Eligibility Criteria

The UP Free Tablet Scheme will only be open to candidates who meet the requirements listed below:

  • The candidate needs to live in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The programme is only open to students enrolled in government schools.
  • The applicant’s annual income cannot be more than Rs 2 lakh.
  • The candidate needs to have completed all of his or her prior exams.

UP Free Smartphone Scheme 2023 Required Documents

The following paperwork is required for all interested parties who wish to fill out the Yogi Free Smart Phone Yojana Form:

  • Aadhar card
  • Residence proof
  • Proof of passing previous class
  • school identity card
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo

Application Process

It is not necessary for any student who wishes to benefit from this programme to apply anywhere. Colleges and universities are going to complete the applications.

Step 1

Visit the official website first.

Step 2

You will now be taken to the main page.

Step 3

Enter your password, user ID, and captcha code now.

Step 4

Next, select “Sign in.”

Step 5

A dashboard will now show up on your screen.

Step 6

You must enter all of the student’s information in this dashboard.

Step 7

Next, you must select “Submit.”

Step 8

You can apply for a free tablet smartphone Yojana by following this process.

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How to Register on the Portal

Step 1

Visit the main website.

Step 2

You will now be taken to the main page.

Step 3

Next, you need to select the type of user you are.

Step 4

Enter your password, user ID, and captcha code now.

Step 5

Next, select “Sign in.”

Step 6

You can access the portal by following this procedure to log in.

Find Out More About the Service Centre

Step 1

Visit the official website first.

Step 2

You will now be taken to the main page.

Step 3

Select the tablet/mobile service centre now.

Step 4

The options listed below will then show up on your screen:

Step 5

You must select the desired option by clicking on it.

Step 6

Details necessary will appear on your computer screen.

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Guidelines for Pupils

  • To take advantage of the UP Smartphone Tablet Yojana’s benefits, students do not need to register anywhere.
  • Throughout the whole process of giving out tablets and smartphones, no login ID will be created for the students.
  • Students are required to report any information if they are requested to deposit funds in order to receive the benefits of this programme.
  • Students must give their student enrollment information to the relevant colleges and universities, which will be posted on the portal, in order to receive the benefits of this programme.
  • Students can obtain information regarding the status of their tablet or smartphone once the data has been uploaded and validated.
  • Students can provide this information to their college’s nodal officer if there are any discrepancies in the data.
  • Students will receive information via SMS regarding their application status under this scheme. shall be supplied by.

UP Free Smartphone Yojana When will you get smartphones?

As you are all aware, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has already approved the plan to provide one crore young people with free smartphones and tablets. The CMO stated that students enrolled in final-year courses such as MA, BA, B.Sc., ITI, MBBS, MD, B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD, MSME, and skill development, among others, will be given preference in the first phase of the tablet scheme.

FAQs on UP free tablet smartphone yojana

Question: When was this scheme launched by the UP Government?

Answer: This scheme was launched by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Adityanath Yogi Ji in August 2021

Question: How was the registration procedure conducted?

Question: Is there any registration fee that needs to be charged for this scheme?

Answer: No, there isn’t a registration fee; students are free to apply for this Yojana.

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