BC Sakhi Yojana

BC Sakhi Yojana 2024: Objective, Benefits, Application, Eligibility Documents & Online Registration

BC Sakhi Yojana: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath announced the UP BC Sakhi Yojana on May 22, 2020, intending to help the state’s women. The state government will offer work possibilities to women in the state under this plan. The Uttar Pradesh government has chosen to implement Banking Correspondent Sakhi in rural regions as part of this program. Now that “Sakhi” will bring money to homes, rural residents won’t need to go to the bank. Now, please read this post through until the conclusion as we will be providing you with all the information you need to know about the BC Sakhi Yojana.

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UP BC Sakhi Yojana 2024

BC Sakhi Yojana

According to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, women living in rural regions will now be able to conduct digital money transactions and banking services in people’s homes as part of the UP BC Sakhi Yojana. As a result, women will be employed and rural residents will receive facilities. The UP Banking Correspondent Sakhi Scheme is meant to assist rural women in gaining employment. The government is going to provide these ladies (Banking Correspondent Sakhi) with a monthly allowance of Rs 4,000 for a period of six months. In addition, women will receive a commission from the bank on transactions. As a result, their monthly income will be set.

The UP BC Sakhi Scheme is now accepting applications from women, according to the Uttar Pradesh government. Recruitment for the UP BC Sakhi Scheme, which is part of the Rural Development Department’s UP State Rural Livelihood Mission, is expected to begin shortly. In Uttar Pradesh, 3808 positions for Banking Correspondents are currently listed as vacant. Rural women who have completed their 10th pass might seek to be hired for these positions. To apply for the UP BC Sakhi Yojana and receive its benefits, any interested state woman must visit the UP Rural Livelihood Mission website and submit an online application.

BC Sakhi Yojana Uttar Pradesh details

Name of SchemeBC Sakhi Scheme
started byBy Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath
launch dateOn 22 May 2020
Beneficiarywomen of the state
Objectiveto provide employment

Uttar Pradesh BC Sakhi Scheme Objective

  • Offering work: Women who now have no source of employment will be able to find new opportunities under the “Uttar Pradesh BC Sakhi Yojana”.
  • UP BC Sakhi Yojana 2024 is a home banking service designed to help those who find it difficult to visit the bank. They will be able to bank from the comfort of their own home with this.
  • Women’s empowerment: The “UP BC Sakhi Yojana” will offer a fantastic chance for women to become independent.
  • Access to home banking: The ability to bank from home will be very beneficial to the people of Uttar Pradesh.

Benefits of Banking Correspondent Sakhi Yojana

  • This program is only open to state rural women.
  • The government of Uttar Pradesh plans to send out 58,000 BC Sakhi women.
  • For this program, the government has set aside Rs 430 crore in funding.
  • 35,938 self-help groups would receive a revolving grant worth Rs 218.49 crore under Yogi Aditya Nath.
  • Women from remote areas will be able to join banks under the plan and have door-to-door money transactions completed.
  • Rural residents won’t need to travel to banks in order to do banking business.
  • Beneficiary women would receive support under the BC Sakhi Scheme for a period of six months at a rate of Rs 4.
  • The benefiting women will also receive a commission from the bank, securing their monthly income.
  • The bank will give ladies up to Rs 50,000 in assistance towards the cost of the gadget.
  • The funds allocated to self-help organizations will be provided through the Rural Livelihood Mission, which will support women NGOs making spices, petals, and masks, as well as women who sew masks.
  • The BC Sakhi plan is expected to increase the awareness of banks among the rural population.

Salary given under UP BC Sakhi Yojana

  • For the first six months of the BC Sakhi Scheme, ₹ 4,000 per month would be awarded.
  • A financial gadget will be purchased with an additional ₹50000.
  • In addition, a commission will be given for banking activities.
  • The commission will be used to make money once the six months are up.

Main facts of Uttar Pradesh Banking Sakhi

  • Rural women in Uttar Pradesh would have work chances under this plan.
  • Approximately 58,000 women would receive jobs under the Uttar Pradesh Banking Sakhi Yojana.
  • The ladies who meet the government’s selection criteria for this initiative will be employed and get a monthly wage of Rs 4,000 for the following six months.
  • Every Bank Sakhi will receive the help of Rs 50,000 towards the purchase of a digital device.
  • For a fixed, guaranteed monthly income, banks will give them commission on each digital transaction.
  • These women must travel from village to village to educate people about banking. In addition, she will take care of the villagers’ significant banking-related responsibilities when they are at home.
  • One Banking Correspondent Sakhi will cost a total of Rs 74 thousand to prepare. To encourage women to continue working in this field despite financial challenges, an incentive payment of six months will be provided.
  • Priority will be given to women living in rural regions who can offer doorstep banking services to locals.
  • Under this program, women will all need to apply for jobs.
BC Sakhi Yojana

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Implementation of UP BC Sakhi Yojana

To implement the up-banking correspondent Sakhi scheme, about 35,938 self-assist businesses (Shgs) will acquire 218. forty-nine crore. below the country-wide rural livelihood challenge (nm), this sum becomes made available on Might also 22, 2020. this fund will aid women who paint for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and produce plates, masks, spices, and knitted items. As of today, July 31, 2020, programs for the Uttar Pradesh bc sakhi are closed. involved people ought to submit their programs as soon as feasible.

Functions of BC Sakhi Yojana

  • financing those who deliver public services
  • accomplishing loan recovery
  • to supply self-help group participants with services.
  • Going door to door and doing money transactions is BC Sakhi’s primary task.

Eligibility for UP BC Sakhi Yojana

  • Women participating in this program must be Uttar Pradesh natives.
  • Women applying must have completed their 10th grade.
  • Banking services are understandable to women.
  • Financial transactions should be handled by female candidates.
  • The woman in charge should be familiar with using technical gadgets.
  • Women who are literate and comprehend how banks operate will be hired under the Uttar Pradesh Sakhi Yojana.

How to apply by downloading the BC Sakhi Mobile App?

To apply for this scheme, users can download a smartphone app that the government has created. If beneficiaries would want to apply online, they should follow the steps listed below.

  • The beneficiary must first choose their Android mobile device’s Google Play Store choice. You must use the Google Play Store’s search box to find the BC Sakhi App.
  • You will need to download the BC Sakhi App after clicking on the app’s link and searching for it.
  • You’ll be presented with the main page. You’ll need to provide your phone number after this. You will then receive a six-digit OTP on your registered mobile number, which you must enter.
  • You’ll see some instructions on your screen after entering the OTP. Before clicking Next, make sure you have thoroughly read all of the rules.
  • You will be taken to a new page as soon as you click Next. You must click on the basic profile first, and then fill out all the required information. Save and submit the data once you’ve entered it.
  • Similarly, you must fill in the data provided in each section before clicking the submit button. You will also be unable to go to the next part if you do not click the submit button. Following this, you’ll also need to upload each of the necessary files.
  • Here, too, you will have to respond to a few easy questions. All of the questions will have multiple-choice answers. Simple inquiries are expected, and they will handled


We have given you all the information you need to know about the UP BC Sakhi Yojana in this article. The government of Uttar Pradesh launched this program to help women find work and better their financial situation. You can leave a remark for us if you would like any additional information about this plan.

BC Sakhi Yojana

Contact Information

We have given you all the pertinent facts about the BC Sakhi Yojana in this article. If you are still having issues, calling the helpline number will assist you find a solution. 8005380270 is the number for the hotline.

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Q: Which application form is available for the Uttar Pradesh BC Sakhi Scheme?

Ans: Through online medium.

Q: What is the UP BC Sakhi Yojana’s aim?

Ans: The Uttar Pradesh Sakhi Scheme’s goals are to give unemployed women jobs so that their financial situation might improve and to offer assistance to those who are unable to go to the bank or complete their bank paperwork while they are at home.

Q: What advantages does the UP BC Sakhi Scheme offer?

Ans: By giving them jobs, this program seeks to empower and enable 58,000 women to become self-sufficient.

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