Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana List

Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana List, Registration, Benefit & Eligibility

Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana List:- The goal of the Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana, a program started by the Odisha government under Naveen Patnaik, is to assist those residing in kutcha huts in building pucca dwellings. Under the BPGY Housing Scheme, certain beneficiaries receive financial help. Panchayati Raj and the Drinking Water Department handle the operational and administrative tasks to carry out the project.To learn everything there is to know about the Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana and to apply, please read the article below. We have discussed the main goals, advantages, and steps involved in implementing BPGY in this article. View the beneficiary list for the Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana below.


Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana

A housing program called BPGY aims to assist rural families residing in kutcha homes in constructing their own pucca dwellings. Beneficiaries of the Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana receive financial assistance in four installments up to Rs 1.3 lakh. The PR&DW division oversees the allocation of funding and keeps an eye on the implementation process.

The program offers aid to individuals who suffer greatly from natural (cyclones, earthquakes, floods) or man-made (fires, acts of communal violence, etc.) disasters. The Odisha government’s Drinking Water Department and Panchayati Raj are in charge of this program. Its goal is to improve and elevate the living standards of the state’s rural inhabitants.The government uses the web platform AwasSoft to guarantee correct implementation.279,452 homes had been built around the state as of this writing.

Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana List: Overview

Name of the schemeBiju Pakka Ghar Yojana
Launched byCM Naveen Patnaik
DepartmentPanchayati Raj and Drinking Water Department
ObjectiveTo raise the standard of living of rural families of the state
BeneficiaryPeople living in rural kutcha houses
BenefitsEconomic benefits of building a pucca house

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Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana List

Objective of Biju Pucca House Scheme

As is well knowledge, a large number of the state’s impoverished citizens reside in kutcha huts in both rural and urban locations as a result of their precarious financial situations. And they have a lot of issues as a result of this circumstance. as their quality of life decreased. In light of this, the state government of Orissa has developed a new program called the Odisha Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana. Under this concept, people of rural states will receive permanent dwellings. The primary goal of launching this program is to give the rural state’s residents financial support.

  • The primary goal of the Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana is to raise the people’s living standards.
  • The state’s citizens will now have access to permanent housing in addition to a host of other amenities.

Benefits and Features of BPGY

  • With government assistance, beneficiaries will be able to construct their own permanent homes.
  • No contractor shall be involved in any way in the design or construction of residential buildings.
  • The female head of the family will approve the housing unit in her name.
  • The minimum carpet space for the house’s construction should be 25 square meters. It should also have a spotlessly clean cooking area.
  • RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) is the material that should be utilized when building a roof. If not, the Odisha government’s Drinking Water Department and Panchayati Raj should approve it.
  • Through PFMS, the funds allotted under this plan would be instantly deposited into the accounts of the chosen beneficiaries.

What is a pakka ghar?

According to BPGY criteria, a pucca house is defined as one that possesses the following features:

  • Materials: The walls, roof, and foundation of a pucca home should be constructed with fly ash bricks, cement, stones, and other sustainable materials.
  • Wall Material: To create walls, utilize materials like cement, concrete, fly ash bricks, stones, and so on.
  • Roofing Material: Good choices for roofing material include tiles, GCI sheets, asbestos cement, RCC, and so forth.
  • Lifespan: A pucca house’s structure need to be able to withstand damage for at least thirty years.

A kaccha house, on the other hand, is one that is constructed out of weak materials that cannot endure normal wear and strain, such as mud, bamboo, grass, loose stones, and incomplete bricks.

Who are the BPGY beneficiaries?

  • those impacted by any type of disaster, whether man-made or natural, including earthquakes, cyclones, fires, floods, and violent crimes in communities, etc.
  • ST recipients as well as other forest residents acknowledged by the Forest residents Act of 2006.
  • recovery efforts for flood victims in rivers and seas.
  • Individuals afflicted with any occupational disease, such as asbestosis, silicosis, or overuse of chemicals, etc.
  • extremely deserving, qualifying, and impoverished families that were disqualified from the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Rural).
  • Kutcha homes listed with the SECC in 2011.
Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana List

Eligibility Criteria

In order for residents to apply for and get the benefits of the Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana, they must meet the following qualifying requirements. Beneficiaries in interest must present official documentation to the authorities proving their eligibility.

  • Candidates for BPGY must be citizens of Odisha state and permanent residents.
  • The BPGY will only accept candidates who meet the requirements for the economically weaker sector (EWS).
  • The candidate must reside in a kutcha house and not have any pucca houses registered in his name.

The Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana’s components

The General and Special versions of the Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana are the two parts of the program. We go over each component’s specifics below.

Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana (General)

The following electronic payment mechanisms are acceptable for use in distributing funds under BPGY (General): RTGS, NEFT, or any other.

  • Rs 20,000 will be approved as an incentive to such households if the house and IHHL are completed within four months of receiving the first installment.
  • For such households, an incentive of Rs 10,000 would be allowed if the house and IHHL are finished within six months of receiving the first installment.

The officials in charge of carrying out the program efficiently will get the award for excellence in rural housing. The relevant department will determine the award’s kind and eligibility.

Through a training program, the officials will aid the recipients and facilitate construction under the scheme.

Selection Process

  • Based on SECC 2011, the relevant BDO will compile a list of kutcha houses.
  • To verify the applicants’ eligibility, the officials will poll the candidates.
  • The final lists of all qualified applicants will be produced according to GP, village, and category.
  • At the Gram Panchayat headquarters, a three-person team will be in charge of the lottery procedure. Thank you to the lottery mechanism for ensuring an open and fair conduct of the event. The candidates for BPGY will be those whose names appear on the lottery chit.
  • On the same day, the corresponding Block Headquarters or Gram Panchayat would distribute a final list containing the names of all selected grantees.
  • Finally, BDOs will send work orders to the beneficiaries on the selected list for further processing.

Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana (Special)

Beneficiaries of BPGY (Special) will be assigned housing units throughout the state. The following beneficiaries are eligible to use this program component:

  • Families affected by natural or man-made disasters, such as cyclones, floods, fires, elephant threats, earthquakes, community violence, left-wing extremist violence, etc., and those that have been totally or badly damaged or destroyed.
  • Rehabilitating or relocating flood victims from rivers or the sea.
  • either individuals recognized as forest dwellers by the Forest Dwellers Act of 2006 or members of Scheduled Tribes.
  • those who have suffered from a condition related to their line of work, such as silicosis, asbestosis, overuse of pesticides, etc.
  • Extremely deserving, qualifying, and impoverished families that were disqualified from the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Rural).
  • It is also possible to apply for kaccha dwellings registered under the 2011 SECC.

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Selection Process

  • The PR&DW Department will establish a District Level Committee (DLC) and decide how to carry out BPGY.
  • The following people will be on the committee.
  • MP, or district collector, is a member of the Lok Sabha.
  • The members of the DLC indicated above shall select the names of the recipients of the Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana.
  • Will deliver the District Collector’s DLC list.
  • The District Magistrate will now discuss the list with the BDO.
  • The District Collector will forward the list that he has with him to the BDO if the District Level Committee is unable to approve it and provide it to him in the allotted period.
  • A final list will be made using the data and surveys that are currently accessible. The officials at the relevant Gram Panchayat or Block Headquarters will publish the same list.
  • The list will also be accessible through the DRDA and Odisha Rural Housing official websites.
  • MLA for the district
  • Zilla Parishad’s Chairman of the District Council PD, DRDA-cum-EO

Required Document

The following are a few key documents related to the Odisha Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana.

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof
  • BPL certificate
  • Bonafide certificate
  • Residence certificate
  • EWS certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number
Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana List

Odisha Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana List Beneficiary List

The steps listed below must be followed by all gifted artists who wish to be included on the tourist list:

  • Go to the Gramin Awas Yojana official website to view the beneficiary list.
  • You’ll arrive at the home page.
  • Click on the Beneficiary List link on the site.
  • It opens in a new window for your viewing pleasure.
  • Here, you have four options.
  • Choose an option according to your needs.
  • Complete all the requested fields.
  • Click the “Search” option after entering your information.
  • You will be presented with the beneficiary list.

Odisha Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana Online Applications

All interested candidates must adhere to the steps outlined below in order to apply under this program.

  • Go to the Rural Housing Scheme’s official website to submit an online application.
  • You’ll arrive at the home page.
  • Select the Application Form option on the homepage.
  • You will see the PDF file displayed.
  • Take a printout of the file after downloading it.
  • Now fill out the form with all the requested information.
  • Attach all relevant documents once the data has been entered.
  • Click the Submit button now.
  • Additionally, save the application form printout safely for future use.

BPGY Helpline

All questions and concerns regarding the Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana will be handled and addressed by the Drinking Water Department of the Government of Odisha and Panchayati Raj. You can contact the department at (155) 237, which is a toll-free number.

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FAQ’s On Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana List

Q.) What does BPGY mean to you?

Ans. The acronym for Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana is BPGY. With assistance from the Odisha government, the participants of this rural housing initiative would be able to construct Pakka dwellings.

Q.) What is the Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana’s objective?

Ans. The Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana’s objective is to assist the underprivileged residents of Kutcha houses in constructing their own Pucca dwellings with government assistance.

Q.) How did the people of Odisha benefit from the government’s Biju Pakka Ghar Yojana?

Ans. All of the chosen beneficiaries will receive financial assistance from the Odisha government to build their pakka houses and improve their standard of living.

Q.) Is there a deadline by which I have to finish building my house under BPGY?

Ans. Indeed. The house must be finished building within a year of the first installment of the plan being credited.

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