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What is Fino NetBanking Login?

Fino Bank NetBanking Login may be a convenient and secure thanks to bank- anytime, anywhere, as per your convenience from your pc / Laptop or Tablet device.

What is the advantage of using Fino NetBanking Login?

There are several benefits of using Fino NetBanking Login:

  • Single Dashboard view of all of your relationships with Fino
  • View and transact from all of your linked accounts with Fino Payments Bank
  • View, email or download detailed statements for any of your accounts
  • Send Money through IMPS, NEFT to anyone within or outside FINO Payments Bank
  • Send Money to Fino mobile wallets
  • Make online payments for utility bills and insurance premiums
  • Update your profile and get in touch with details
  • Get personalized offers

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Is my Account Information Safe?

Yes, your Account Information is Safe. Fino NetBanking Login uses a state of art system to securely store information like your credit and debit details, an various authentication parameters. All of your personal information—payment, identity etc.—is encrypted and safe behind multiple layers of security.

What if I forget or want to vary my MPIN?

Just click on the Forgot MPIN option at rock bottom of the login page. An OTP are going to sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP, answer security questions and reset your MPIN.

Can I login on quite 1 device at a time?

No, you’ll only have one login session at a time.

I have changed my mobile number. How do I link it to my Fino Payment Bank account? am i able to still use my existing Fino NetBanking login ?

Please contact your nearest branch to vary mobile number.

How do I open a Fino Savings account?
  • You can apply for a Fino bank account through any of the channels
  • Visit our Fino Payments Bank Branch
  • Visit our Fino registered merchant points
  • Call us on our customer care number 022 6868 1414
  • Place an invitation through our website
What is the initial deposit amount?

Initial deposit may be a one-time deposit amount while opening an account with FINO. The quantity are going to deposited within the account and may be withdrawn post activation of the account. Applicable Interest are going to be provided on the quantity deposited during the amount.

Can I open a Joint account?

Currently, you can’t open a Joint account.

How will I identify which merchant is registered with FINO?

The merchants registered with FINO will have a FINO branding at the merchant shop.

What are the documents required to open a Savings account?

FINO bank account are often opened with just your Aadhaar number and mobile number.

Can I open an account if I don’t have a PAN card?

Yes you’ll open an account if you don’t have a PAN card. Instead, you’ll got to submit Form 60.

How to do fund transfer through bank account?

Please visit Fino branch or FINO registered merchants to transfer money through your checking account. You’ll also use Mobile banking to transfer funds.

What is IMPS?

IMPS stands for cash Service. It’s a moment interbank electronic fund transfer service, which may be accessed from Mobile Banking or Net Banking. As a FINO Bank customer you’ll send money instantly to anyone in any participating bank (including another FINO Bank customer). You’ll also receive money through this mechanism from anyone else during a participating bank (including another FINO Bank customer).

What details of my beneficiary do I want to send money?

You will need your beneficiary’s Account number and IFSC code to send money. (Beneficiary must be added in Mobile Banking so as to transfer money)

What are the fees for doing IMPS transactions?

Service charges are going to be levied on all IMPS outgoing transactions; please refer the Schedule of charges for more details.

What happens if the transaction isn’t credited to the beneficiary?

We wish to tell you that just in case your account debited and beneficiary account isn’t been credited for the referred IMPS transaction; the funds concerning failed transaction are going to credited back to your account within 3 working days. Incase same isn’t received after the period of time please contact our call centre or write back to us with the subsequent details.

  • Beneficiary account number
  • Beneficiary Bank Name
  • Date and amount of the transaction
  • Transaction Reference Number
Will I receive alert message from FINO Money for the transaction?

Yes you’ll receive an SMS from FINO.

Do you charge any fee/charges for FINO Money services?

Yes there’s a charge of Rs.10 for the Bill Payment.

Will I be ready to check the status of my Bill Payment?

Yes you’ll check the status of the Bill Payment.

When will I buy a refund of a failed transaction?

Yes you’ll recieve for a failed transaction.

Under what circumstances will the transaction not be successful?

If services are down or not working for the Service Provider

Whom do I contact for transaction related concerns?

You can conatct Customer Care through and thru telephone number :8080668800

Will I receive any receipt for the Bill Payment?

Yes you’ll recceive an SMS.

What will happen if I enter an incorrect Account number?

For Mobile Bill Payment incorrect Mobile number if active and dealing will receive the transaction amount.

What if my status show that Bill Payment is pending after successful transaction?

Then reach out reach bent Service Provider.

Status shows that bill payment is successful but bill payment not received?

Then reach bent us on Customer Care.

How am I able to contact FINO Money?

You can contact FINO Money Customer Care.

What are the valid KYC documents required to carried at FINO branch?

Valid photo id: passport, driver’s license, election id, PAN card, Aadhar card
Valid proof of address: latest telephone or electricity bill, bank a/c statement, card.

What are the opposite basic details required from the beneficiary to process a transaction?

The other details required from the beneficiary are: MTCN number, estimated amount ( 10%), sender’s name and sender’s country.

Can the transaction be processed by calling at the FINO branch?

No. The beneficiary must be physically present at the situation.

Is there any restriction in terms aged of the beneficiary to gather cash at FINO branch?

Yes. The payment can’t made if the beneficiary may be a minor.

Is it necessary for the beneficiary to possess a checking account with FINO Login?

No. It’s not necessary for the beneficiary to possess a checking account.

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Is there any extra charge/fee applicable to gather the cash at beneficiary’s end?

No. There’s no extra charge or fee applicable to gather the cash at the beneficiary’s end.

Are there any additional documents required for a far off national residing in India?

Yes. A legitimate passport of foreign country with valid visa issued by Government of India or valid refugee card issued by Government of India required.

What is the utmost number of transactions a private can receive during a year?

The beneficiary can receive maximum 30 transactions during a fiscal year.

What is RuPay Debit Card?

Rupay open-end credit an indigenous domestic open-end credit introduced by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). This card accepted within the least ATMs (for cash withdrawal) and at the most of the PoS machines (for making cashless payment for purchases) in the country.

How am I able to apply for a Fino Bank Debit Card?

You can apply for a Fino Bank open-end credit at the time of opening your account. In case, you’ve got not applied for a Fino Bank open-end credit, you’ll visit the branch and request for a replacement open-end credit.

What is PIN Number?

Personal number (PIN) may be a code to used of ATM Card at the time of withdrawal of cash from ATM Machine and also at the time of creating payment on PoS.

What is the procedure to exchange a damaged debit card?

We request you to contact our customer care, where you’ll Hotlist your existing card immediately. So you’ll visit the branch to exchange your open-end credit.

What should done if the open-end credit misplaced?

In case of loss of open-end credit, you’ll call our customer care to right away block your open-end credit. You’ll also raise an invitation for a replacement open-end credit which may sent to your registered communication address. You’ll also visit nearest FINO Bank branch Login, and request for an Insta open-end credit which may issued to you immediately at the branch.

Will I buy any intimation for my open-end credit transactions?

Yes. You’ll receive SMS and Email alerts for all open-end credit transactions to your registered mobile number and email ID registered with the Bank. If you’ve got not registered any of those 2, so you’ll call FINO Bank customer care and update it.

What should I do if my open-end credit isn’t working?

If your card isn’t working, we request you to contact our customer care or visit nearest branch. So the Fino Bank officer will assist you to spot the matter with the open-end credit.

How to use a open-end credit for retail transactions?
  • The merchant swipes or dips your card at some extent of Sale (POS) terminal.
  • So he enters the transaction amount on the POS terminal.
  • The POS machine will prompt for the open-end credit ATM PIN to entered by you Please don’t disclose your open-end credit ATM PIN to the merchant.
  • Once you enter the right PIN and sign the charge slip, the transaction confirmed and completed, and transaction amount will get deducted from your checking account.
  • So make sure that the open-end credit returned to you.
Is there any fee for using my open-end credit for retail or online transactions?

No. There’s no fee for using your open-end credit at shops or online websites. However, at certain merchant categories like Railways and Fuel, a fee could also be levied by the merchant on every purchase.

I am unable to look at the pin generation option in my app. What should I do?

Your BPay application might not are updated. Kindly update the BPay app and check again. Just in case you’re still facing any issues, please call us at our customer care number.

I don’t remember the color and image I had set during registration. What should I do?
  • Attend Login Page click on Forgot MPIN.
  • So on next screen click on Forgot your Security Question.
  • Answer the verification questions and set your colour and security image.
Are there any charges for generating open-end credit PIN through BPay?

So there are not any charges for generating open-end credit PIN through BPay.

What should one do if the cardboard is sucked in by the ATM?

Please out in our contact center to report the difficulty.

How to keep open-end credit operational?

To get advantage of Accidental Insurance Cover, RuPay open-end credit must used a minimum of once in 45 days.

What is special advantage of RuPay Debit Card?

It provides accidental insurance cover to Rs. 2.00 lakhs with none charge to the customer.

If someone has two or more accounts and two or more RuPay Debit Cards, whether accidental insurance cover is out there in each account/each card?

So Accidental insurance cover is out there only in one account.

What is PoS Machine?

PoS stands for Point of Sale. PoS Machine may be a small device install at most Business Centres to facilitate cashless purchases to their customers.

How can one claim the insurance on debit card?

Please visit your nearest branch to say the insurance. So the claim intimation should be within 90 days from the date of accident. Please submit the supporting documents and therefore the open-end credit details to say the insurance.

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