Haryana Jamabandi Nakal

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal, Registration, Land Record & Benefit

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal:- The state government of Haryana launched the Haryana Jamabandi Online portal to offer comprehensive information about Nakal. All of Haryana’s citizens can obtain all of the information about their country, including Jamabandi copies, Khasra Khatauni, your account, and more, online via the jamabandi.nic.in portal. They can also obtain all of the information about Egypt, including Jamabandi fakes, Khasra Khatauni, your account, and more. Beneficiaries can also obtain their farm number, Khatauni number, and violence number in addition to this. Through this post, we will give you all the information you need to know about Haryana Apna Khata today.


Haryana Jamabandi Nakal 2024

The official website is the place where interested state beneficiaries can check the full details of their land online. Residents of Haryana will no longer need to visit Patwari offices to get information about specifics of the land under this online facility. The people of the state of Haryana can now view and download “Khata-Khatauni Nakal” as well as other information about their land via the website. Through the Haryana Jamabandi Nakal website, users can effortlessly verify their Jamabandi Nakal Khasra number in Haryana Apna Khata and won’t encounter any issues.

Purpose of Haryana Land Record

As you are aware, the people of the state of Haryana had to visit Parvarkhana in order to obtain information about their land, such as copies of the Jamabandi and Apna Khata, Khasra Khatauni, and so on. As a result, they encountered numerous difficulties that caused them great hardship. The state government launched an online portal to view the entire details of the land in light of all these issues, realising that time was being wasted. This allows the people of the state to conveniently view information about Haryana Jamabandi Nakal from the comfort of their own homes. People won’t have to waste their time or go anywhere now.

Haryana Jamabandi Nakal

Benefits of Haryana Jamabandi Copy/Apna Khata

  • The benefits of this online resource are available to all state citizens.
  • With the launch of this Haryana Jamabandi Nakal portal, people won’t need to visit their relatives’ homes one by one.
  • Black marketing will decrease in the state of Haryana as a result of this scheme going online.
  • Entering their Khasra number or Haryana Jamabandi copy number in Haryana Apna Khaata allows users to view their land map online.
  • People can obtain a loan from any state bank by providing their land documents.

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Types of land record documents

  • Jamabandi: This is a section of the rightful record.Jamabandi contains information on farming, land ownership, and present land rights.
  • Register of Mutations: A mutation is a shift in the landownership. The Mutation Register contains details about Khevat and Jamabandi.
  • Khasra Girdawari: This is the crop inspection register.In this, the patwari oversees the harvesting process, which takes place in October and March. This contains information about crops, soil types, farming practices, and farmer skill.
  • Shajra Nasab: This text provides information on the periodic succession of ownership rights.
  • Latha: It is also referred to by the name Shajra. A copy of the Shajra is kept by the Patwari on a piece of cloth known as a latha. It includes an area’s dimensions and survey number.
  • Rojanamacha Waqiati: In compliance with sporadically issued executive directives, the Patwari maintains this journal of daily events.
  • Lal Kitab: Lal Kitab includes a wealth of information about land, including details about crops, soil types, crop areas, land use, land transfers, wells, and other village irrigation systems.
  • Rainfall Register: This register holds data about the region’s pattern of precipitation.
  • Current Price Register: This register lists the prices of food items as of right now.
  • Shajraa Kishtwar: This village map includes information on every field, including its Khasra number.
  • Muntakhib Asamivir: The rent amount is included in this document along with all of the field details.
Haryana Jamabandi Nakal

How can I watch Jamabandi Nakal from Haryana online?

  • You must first visit the Haryana Jamabandi Nakal official website.After you visit the official website, the home page will appear.
  • You will find the Jamabandi Nakal option on this home page. This is a must-click option. The next page will appear on the computer screen when you select this option.
  • This page requires you to fill out the required information. You must select the “By Owner” option if you wish to obtain a copy of the Jamabandi through your owner. In the same manner, if you are on by date of or by Khasra/Survey number or Khewat. After selecting Mutation, you will need to fill out all other requested fields, including district, tehsil, village, and Jamabandi year.
  • Certain details will appear in front of you as soon as you have filled out all the fields.You will have to select whose name your land is in this by clicking on Select Malik below. You will be prompted to provide the owner’s identity if you choose Private. Press the button.
  • The entire description of the land will then show up in front of you. You will then need to click on the copy button in order to create a copy. You can download the copy online in this manner.

In Haryana Khasra Khatauni/Hinsa Number, how do I conduct an online search?

  • You have to go to your account’s official website first.You will see the home page after visiting the official website.
  • You’ll find the Query option on this main page. You must select the option for which you require more information after selecting this option, which will present you with a number of options.
  • You must click on it to obtain the owner’s details. The following page will open in front of you after you select this option.
  • On this page, you will have to select your district, tehsil, village, etc. After selection, you will need to select the Owner Type on the next page.
  • The page will then load after you select the owner type. You will then see the farm number, Khatauni number, and violence number.

Process to view Deed Registration Check List

  • You must first visit the Haryana Jamabandi Nakal official website.
  • The main page will appear before you.
  • You must now select the property registration option.
  • You will then need to select Checklist for Deed Registration.
  • The deed registration checklist will now appear in front of you. This shows you the items you will need in order to register your property.

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Haryana Jamabandi Nakal

How to access Haryana land records

To verify land records in Haryana, take the following actions:

  • Go to the official portal for Haryana Land Records.
  • Make sure you choose the right choice.
  • Make your village, tehsil, and district choices.
  • Enter the owner’s name, the Khewat number, and the Khasra number.
  • To view the land records, click “Search”.
  • Check and extract the documentation.
  • See the tehsil or local land revenue office for certified copies.
  • Owner’s name: Confirm the owner’s identity according to the document pertaining to the land record. Verify that the owner’s name is correct by comparing it to the sale documents for the property.
  • Number of Khata: Look up the Khata Number, which is the document number that can be used to identify a land record in the database of the Revenue Department. The land record number on the property document and this number ought to correspond.
  • Khasra number: A particular piece of land is identified by its Khasra number. Make sure the land record’s Khasra Number corresponds to the land parcel for which you are requesting a home loan.
  • Current land use: The land record should contain information regarding the land’s current use, such as residential, commercial, or agricultural.Lenders can determine the property’s value and potential income stream based on this information.
  • Mortgages and liens: The land record should contain information about any mortgages or liens that might be placed on the property. Given that it impacts the ownership and legal status of the property, this information is crucial.

Required Documents

Generally, the following is required when requesting a Record of Rights (ROR) through the Jamabandi Portal:

  • Specifics of the property (district, tehsil, village)
  • Your private data
  • The type of request that you have made
  • Numbers for Khasra and Khewat (if available)
  • Land records from the past (if needed)
  • Documents proving ownership
  • Proof of address and identity
  • Application forms that are pertinent
  • passport-sized pictures
  • Evidence of payment for the application fee
  • Attorney Power of Attorney (if relevant)

How to obtain a land record for Jamabandi, Haryana

Online access to land records is made possible for citizens by the user-friendly Bhulekh Haryana web portal. The following instructions will walk you through the process of downloading Jamabandi Haryana land records from the Bhulekh Haryana website:

  • Step 1: Select “View Jamabandi/ Nakal” after visiting the official Bhulekh Haryana website.
  • Step 2: Select your village, tehsil, and district
  • Step 3: Decide which year is Jamabandi.
  • Step 4: Enter the owner’s name, your Khata Number, or your Khasra Number Step 6: Press the “Submit” button
  • Step 5: Examine the land record’s details
  • Step 6: Select “Download Jamabandi” from the menu.

Validation of the downloaded land record from Jamabandi, Haryana

It is imperative that you confirm the downloaded Jamabandi Haryana land record document when requesting a home loan. Any inconsistencies may cause loan applications to be delayed or denied. Verification entails making sure the downloaded document contains accurate information about the land, including the owner’s name, Khata and Khasra numbers, the land’s current use, and any liens or mortgages.

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In the state of Haryana, Jamabandi land records are essential for securing home loans. Lenders can obtain information on land ownership, legal status, and any liens or mortgages that are currently in place thanks to the land record system. To successfully obtain loans, applicants for home loans need to have a clear understanding of their land holdings and legal status. Accessing and validating land records has become simpler for citizens thanks to the Bhulekh Haryana portal. Prospective home loan applicants can verify the legality of their Jamabandi Haryana land records while preparing for a home loan by following the above-described procedures.


Q.) How can I use the Jamabandi Portal to check information?

Ans. To obtain details via the Haryana Jamabandi Portal:

  • Check out the portal
  • Decide where you want to be (village, tehsil, district).
  • Decide what kind of information you require.
  • Give precise information (such as the owner’s name or Khasra number).
  • Start the search
  • Examine the documentation.
  • For reference, download or print.
  • Visit the local land revenue or tehsil office and submit an application to obtain certified copies.

Q.) How much is the Jamabandi property?

Ans. To qualify for loan waivers or subsidies under different government programmes, the Jamabandi document, also known as the record of rights, is frequently needed. It is used in real estate transactions to prove who owns what. It includes every detail about the property that the state’s Revenue Department has on file.

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