Jai Bangla Pension Scheme

Jai Bangla Pension Scheme 2024: Objective, Eligibility, Benefits, and Features

Jai Bangla Pension Scheme:- Various pension schemes provide assistance to people in difficult circumstances. On April 1st, 2020, the West Bengal government launched the “Joy Bangla Pension Scheme” in an effort to help the state’s impoverished citizens. The “Joy Bangla Pension Scheme 2024” consists of two components. These two plan levels provide assistance to socially disadvantaged individuals, such as Scheduled cast and Scheduled tribes, which aids at the back end. Improving a socially underprivileged community and giving the impoverished security are its primary goals. According to this plan, the pension will help all state residents who are in need or who are struggling financially. On this page, the objective, benefits, eligibility, necessary paperwork, application procedure, and other details of the Joy Bangla Pension Scheme are all explained in depth.


About Joy Bangla Pension Scheme

The West Bengal government launched the Joy Bangla Pension Scheme on April 1, 2021. By enrolling online, people can receive the advantages of this program. The “Taposthali Bandhu Pension Yojana” for SC people and the “WB Jai Johar Pension Scheme” for SC and ST groups are the two distinct pension programs that the West Bengal government has implemented. Many of these people in the state are incapable of taking care of themselves due to social and economic disadvantages. To help these people, the government launched the Joy Bangla Pension Scheme. Individuals from various social groups and castes will benefit from this program. The plan provides for the beneficiary to receive monetary assistance of Rs 1,000 per month, directly deposited into their bank account.

Jai Bangla Pension Scheme

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Key Highlights of Joy Bangla Pension Scheme 

Launched ByJai Bangla Pension Scheme
Name of SchemeMust be a permanent resident of West Bengal
ObjectiveTo provide pension
BenefitsRs- 1000\- 
BeneficiariesMust be a permanent resident of West Bengal
CategoryWest Bengal Government Scheme
Official WebsiteJoy Pension Scheme

The objective of the Joy Bangla Pension Scheme

The government of West Bengal created the Jai Bangla Pension Scheme to help the state’s poor residents. Recipients would receive a monthly financial aid of Rs. 1000 in their bank accounts. A beneficiary needs to fill out an online application in order to be eligible for the Jai Bangla Pension. Qualified individuals will no longer need to rely on others thanks to this system, and citizens will also learn how to sustain themselves. A lot of old folks get poor care or are left defenseless as they age. To enable its citizens to live well on the assistance money, the government launched the West Bengal Jai Bangla Pension scheme.

Benefits and Features of the Joy Bangla Pension Scheme 

  • The Jai Bangla Pension Scheme, introduced by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee, will give financial assistance to the less fortunate.
  • The primary feature of this pension plan is that it provides old, disabled, and other worthy widows with financial security.
  • The project would provide the eligible candidate with a Rs 1,000 monthly financial help package.
  • Under this pension scheme, the beneficiary’s bank account will receive a direct transfer of the pension amount. This will improve the implementation of the scheme’s transparency.
  • The proposed cost of implementation has not yet been decided by the state government.
  • The Finance Department will make the required budgetary preparations, according to the Chief Minister.
  • In the event that this pension scheme is implemented, about twenty lakh West Bengal people who fulfil the eligibility criteria will be eligible to receive monthly financial aid.
  • Topsail Bandhu Pension Yojana recipients would earn Rs 600, and Jai Jauhar Scheme beneficiaries will receive Rs 1000.
  • The authorities will take the necessary actions and decide the pension amount in the event of the beneficiary’s death.
  • Upon the applicant’s passing, the nominee will be registered as the new beneficiary and be eligible to receive the pension amount.
  • Due to financial limitations, many of these people in West Bengal find it difficult to maintain themselves; they would benefit from this approach.
  • Successful implementation of the program will help citizens become independent and cease to rely on others.
Jai Bangla Pension Scheme

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Things to Keep in Mind When Filling Out the Application Form

Keep the following in mind as you complete the plan’s application form:

  • Complete the application in its entirety using block letters in order to apply. Don’t forget to enter the (*) symbol in the form’s required column.
  • Please provide only self-attested copies of all supporting documentation with your application.
  • It must have a passport-sized photo on it.

Incentives Under the Scheme

A list of incentives available to inhabitants of West Bengal is as follows:

  • Each beneficiary of the Taposali Bandhu Pension Yojana would receive Rs 600.
  • Every beneficiary of the Jai Jauhar project would receive one thousand rupees.

In the Event of Death

The officials will have to go through the following processes in order to decide when the plan participant will receive their pension:

  • When the pension beneficiary passes away, this information will be suitably verified. The department will then take the appropriate steps to end the pension.
  • The nominee will receive the remaining amount after the pensioner passes away. in accordance with the application’s contents.

Documents Required

  • Applicant’s Aadhar card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Residential certificate
  • Income Certificate (Self Declaration)
  • Bank passbook
  • Passport size photo
  • Caste certificate
  • Digital Certificate from Appropriate Authority
  • Digital ration card

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only West Bengal state permanent residents are eligible for this plan.
  • Participation in the BPL group is mandatory in this plan.
  • This pension scheme is open to applicants who belong to communities of Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe.
  • Benefits under the program will not be available to citizens who are older than 60.
  • The applicant must not be registered in any other West Bengal pension system in order to be eligible for the plan.

Application Procedure for Joy Bangla Pension Scheme 2024

  • If kingdom residents would like to participate in this program, they ought to follow the following steps:
Jai Bangla Pension Scheme
  • You should first and fundamental go to Jai Bangla Pension’s legit internet site. the house display screen of the internet site will then display for you.
  • Choose “West Bengal Bangla Pension Scheme registration” from the website’s domestic page. the “utility form” will then appear in front of you.
  • You can download this utility form to your device by clicking on the links provided in this paragraph, or you can pick it up from the local authorities office.
  • This application form has been produced. Please carefully fill it out with all the necessary information, including
    • The beneficiary’s name, gender, caste, and age
    • The date of birth
    • The father’s name
    • The maiden name of the mother
  • You need to submit the information, attach any required paperwork, and mail it to the offices listed below in your area.
  • The Block Development Officer should receive applications from residents in rural areas.
  • Towns or notified areas outside of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation shall submit applications to the Sub-Divisional Officer.
  • The Kolkata Municipal Corporation Commissioner should receive applications from qualified candidates who reside in the corporation’s service area.

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Procedure for Choosing Joy Bangla Pension Beneficiaries

  • Once an application is approved, the following representatives will finish the selection process:
  • The application forms will be verified by commissioners from KMC or BDO/SDO initially. He will ensure that the applicants qualify for the program.
  • The KMC BDO/SDO Commissionerates shall digitally post application forms that are physically filed on the state website.
  • The District Magistrate will now receive digital recommendations for qualified personnel through the BDO and SDO State Portal. After that, the Nodal Department will get it from the District Magistrate.
  • Subsequently, the Commissioner, KMC, will promptly recommend the names of the eligible individuals to the Nodal Department via the State Portal. The nodal department will now authorize the pension.
  • The pension payment will be instantly deposited via the WBIFMS website into the beneficiary’s bank account following the plan’s successful completion.
  • A smooth pension payment process will be ensured by connecting WBIFMS to the state portal.
  • The beneficiary will get the pension payment on the first of each month, as per the agreement.


Q. What is West Bengal’s Jai Johar scheme?

Ans- “Jai Johar (Old Age Pension)” is a social security scheme administered by the West Bengal government’s tribal development department that went into effect on April 1, 2020. The program is intended for West Bengali Scheduled Tribe (ST) citizens who are 60 years of age or older and do not receive any other pension from any other source.

Q. With the Jai Bangla pension scheme, who is eligible?

Ans- Qualifications for pleasure Bangla pension scheme. West Bengal state residency is a demand for the application. a BPL class applicant is required. it’s miles required of a utility that they may be a member of the scheduled tribe or caste. the candidate can’t be a member of any other West Bengal state pension plans.

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