Kisan Suvidha

Kisan Suvidha 2024, Registration, Application Status, Benefits & Kisan Suvidha App

Kisan Suvidha:- The government runs several programs to support the growth of farmers. Farmers receive social and economic support through these programs. The government has recently launched the Kisan Suvidha app. Farmers will get access to a variety of farming-related information through this app. You will receive all of the information regarding the app through this post. You may learn more about this scheme’s advantages, goals, characteristics, eligibility, crucial paperwork, application procedure, etc. by reading this article. So, please carefully study our post if you wish to use the Kisan Suvidha App 2024.


Kisan Suvidha 2024

The government has released the App/Portal. Through this app/portal, farmers will receive a variety of farming-related information. Farmers will have access to a variety of information through this app, including market prices, weather, agricultural inputs, dealer information, and the diagnosis and treatment of pests and crop diseases. to enhance the crop’s quality. Both Hindi and English can be utilized to use this app/portal.

Farmers can utilize the Kisan Suvidha App/Portal without having to pay any fees. District and block-level data on this portal is under state control. The Agricultural Cooperation and Farmers Welfare Department team, along with Sevadal CDAC Mumbai, developed the Kisan Suvidha App/Portal.

Kisan Suvidha

Details about the 2024 Kisan Suvidha

Portal NameKisan Suvidha
Who startedIndian government
BeneficiaryFarmers of the country
ObjectiveProviding information related to crops to farmers
Official website

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The purpose of creating the Kisan Suvidha App portal is only to provide benefits to the farmers, because the information shared in it is very useful to the farmers, through this portal the aim is to save the loss of web space to the farmers due to lack of information. Due to lack of information, farmers continued to suffer losses, such as losses due to not getting timely information about weather, information about kits, various diseases, etc. The objective of the App Portal is to provide timely information to the farmers. Farmers have to be made self-reliant and strong by providing information through this portal.

Kisan Suvidha

Facilities available on the Kisan Suvidha Portal/App

The following are some of the facilities that may be found on the Kisan Suvidha Portal/App.


This option allows you to access weather-related information. The next five days’ weather can be predicted by farmers. When farmers realize this, they can take the appropriate measures to protect the crop.


Farmers can obtain information about each merchant by using this option. which will have details about the vendor, such as their address, phone number, and mobile number. Farmers won’t have to travel far to obtain dealer-related information anymore. Since this app will provide them access to all of the dealer’s details.

Market Price

Farmers can obtain information on crop prices for all crops by selecting the market price option. Using this feature, farmers can also obtain information on market pricing in various states.

Plant defense

Through this gateway, farmers can also get information about how to save their crops. In addition, farmers will receive instructions on how to eradicate pests from every crop and how to handle pesticides.

Uploading Photo

If the farmer’s crop is in poor shape, he may upload a picture of it. They will then receive guidance from agricultural specialists after that.

Agricultural Warnings

Using this software, farmers may also receive information from agriculture specialists. Farmers can speak with these specialists and ask for their advice.

Kisan Call Center

You may find the Farmer call center number on this website as well. Calling this hotline will help farmers find solutions to their issues.

Soil Health Card

This option allows you to get information about the Soil Health Card. For farmers to apply insecticides suited for their land.

Cold Storage and Godown

Farmers can utilize this option to choose their states and districts and receive information about the warehouses and cold storage that are available in the districts.

Benefits and Features

  • Farmers will witness improvements in their crop productivity and will no longer lose money as a result of ignorance thanks to the Kisan Suvidha App site.
  • Farmers will have access to information via the Suvidha App, including weather, market pricing, agricultural market, kits, crop diseases, dealer information, and information about agricultural equipment.
  • Farmers will produce crops of considerably higher quality as a result of the safety measures they take throughout agricultural production through information.
  • The farmers can now more easily obtain information from this smartphone app because it is available in Hindi, English, and even regional languages.
  • Farmers do not have to pay any fees to access this portal; it is completely free for them.
  • The Agricultural Cooperative and Farmers Welfare Department, in partnership with NIC and Sevadal CDAC, developed this portal.
  • The district or block level is where the portal is managed.

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Kisan Suvidha

Process to register on Kisan Suvidha App

  • You must first launch the Kisan Suvidha app on your smartphone.
  • You will next need to select the “Register” option.
  • On your screen, the registration form will now open.
  • All required fields on the registration form must be filled out.
  • It is now necessary for you to upload every document.
  • You will next need to select the “Submit” option.
  • You can register on the Kisan Suvidha App in this manner.

How can I get the Kisan Suvidha app?

You must first download the Kisan Suvidha App for Android onto your smartphone to use any of its features.

  • The Android Play Store on your phone must be opened before you can download an Android app.
  • You must type the Kisan Suvidha App into the search box located at the top of the Play Store.
  • You will be presented with all of the possibilities, and your task is to determine which is the official app.
  • After selecting the official app, you press the install button.
  • Your phone will eventually download its Android application in this manner.

How to register on the Kisan Suvidha website

  • You must visit the Kisan Suvidha Portal first.
  • The main page will now appear in front of you.
  • On the main page, you must select the register option.
  • Following this, your screen will open with the signup form.
  • All required fields in this registration form must be filled out.
  • It is now necessary for you to upload every document.
  • You will next need to select the “Submit” option.
  • You will be able to register on the portal in this manner.

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Q.) What is the Kisan Suvidha scheme?

Ans. The National Informatics Centre is the initiative’s creator. This page serves as a central platform connecting all services and information pertinent to farmers. It will cover a range of programs and services provided to farmers by the federal and state governments.

Q.) Who is the target audience for the Suvidha Portal?

Ans. The nation’s farmers now have access to the Suvidha portal, which was set up by the government via NIC.

Q.) How can the Kisan Suvidha app be downloaded?

Ans. How to apply. You may get the app from the Google PlayStore for Android devices. To download, click this link. You can get the Kisan Suvidha app from the App Store for the iOS operating system.

Q.) What advantages does the Kisan Suvidha Portal offer?

Ans. Farmers may benefit from all the schemes in one location with this.

Q.) Which services are offered to farmers through the Kisan Suvidha App?

Ans. Farmers can access services like agricultural advice, weather updates, crop insurance, crop protection, and market prices with the Kisan Suvidha app.

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