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PFMS Payment Status:- The Indian government is working to make things better for all of its people. in order for the nation’s residents to conveniently access internet services from the comfort of their homes and learn about the advantages and associated details of any government programs. The government launched the PFMS Payment Portal with all of these considerations in mind. The Controller General of Accounts, Expenditure Department of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, developed the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) PFMS Payment Portal to enable direct transfers of funds from government programs and schemes to the beneficiary’s bank account.We’ll walk you through using the PFMS interface and checking the status of your PFMS payments today. As a result, you must carefully read this essay through to the finish.


PFMS Portal

This portal offers a variety of state and federal government scholarship programs. The recipient receives the scholarship amount straight into his bank account through a direct benefit transfer, or DBT. The method by which the funds of social welfare programs such as pension plans, scholarship programs, and others are deposited straight to the beneficiary’s bank account is known as direct benefit transfer, or DBT. With this arrangement, there are fewer intermediaries. You can profit from primarily two types of scholarship programs available on the PFMS platform.

  • Central sector schemes: The central government provides all funding for the scholarships that are offered under these programs.
  • Centrally funded schemes: These are scholarship programs wherein the State and Federal governments split the scholarship award.

PFMS Payment Status: Highlights

Name of articlePFMS Payment Status
Launch of portal2016
Relevant departmentsMinistry of Finance India
ObjectiveProviding facility to check payment status online
Process to check payment statusOnline
Official website

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Features and benefits of the PFMS New Portal

  • PFMS can enroll the candidate and fill out the paperwork for a specific targeted admittance to the organizations.
  • Ninety banks directly have a functional interaction with PFMS. This comprises five enormous private sector banks, 59 RRBs, and 26 PSBs.
  • The beneficiary, bank, and post office account details are approved by PFMS. This reduces the possibility of incorrect installments by ensuring that the funds are transferred to the appropriate information.
  • The recipient’s name, address, and other details are verified by the operating agency using the accurate information provided by the bank or post office.
  • E-install your authorized financial balance straight to the beneficiaries through the PFMS Gateway.
  • Procedure for registering for the 2021 PFMS Scholarship
  • In order to apply for the scholarship, individuals must complete the registration process listed below.
PFMS Payment Status

How can I find out my PFMS Payment Status

  • You must first visit the Public Financial Management System’s official website (PFMS).
  • The website’s main page will thereafter be visible to you.
  • On the home screen, you have to choose the Know Your Payments option.
  • A new page will appear in front of you when you click.
  • On this page, you must enter the needed data. It is necessary to enter details such the account number, verified account number, and bank name.
  • Entering the captcha code is now required.
  • Next, you need to select Send OTP on Registered Mobile Number from the menu.
  • Following that, you will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number. The OTP must be entered at the designated location after you receive it.
  • You’ll then be able to see the PFMS payment status.

Process to Track NSP Payment

  • The PFMS official website must be visited first.
  • Following that, you will be able to see the website’s main page.
  • On the main page, you have to select the option to Track NSP Payments.
  • Clicking will result in the opening of a new page for you to view.
  • You must input the bank name, account number, NSP application ID, and captcha code on this page.
  • You must select the Search option after entering all the necessary data.
  • The NSP Payment Status will now show up for you.
  • You can simply follow the PFMS Payment Status NSP in this manner.

Procedure for adding comments to the PFMS Portal

  • It is necessary for you to visit the PFMS official website first.
  • Following that, you will be able to see the website’s main page.
  • The Feedback option is located on the left side of the homepage. It requires a click from you.
  • Clicking on feedback will cause the feedback form to appear in front of you.
  • You now need to fill out the feedback form with the necessary data.
  • It is necessary to select the name, email address, category, and subject.
  • You then need to type in your comment.
  • You must now input the provided captcha code.
  • You must select the Submit option once you have entered all the necessary data.
  • This makes it simple for you to offer comments by submitting feedback on the PFMS site in the manner that you choose.

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How to find out your MGNREGA FTO status

  • In order to verify the MNREGA FTO Status, you must first visit the PFMS portal’s official website.
  • Following that, you will be able to see the website’s main page.
  • You must select the “Know MGNREGA FTO Status” option located at the bottom of the page on the left.
  • Following that, a fresh page will appear before you.
  • You must input your FTO, reference, and transaction numbers on this page.
  • The verification code must now be entered. Following the completion of each step, you must select the Search option.
  • You will see the MNREGA FTO status in front of you as soon as you click.
  • You may quickly and conveniently verify the status of MNREGA FTO in this method.

How is the PFMS Payment Status GSTN Tracker displayed

  • You must first visit the Public Financial Management System’s official website (PFMS).
  • Following that, you will be able to see the website’s main page.
  • The GSTN Tracker option is located at the bottom of the main page. It requires a click from you.
  • You will now see a new page open.
  • You must input your account number, GSTN number, and captcha code on this page.
  • Lastly, you need to select the View Report option. The GSTN report will then show up on your screen.
PFMS Payment Status

Contact Details

The main organization in charge of overseeing the PFMS portal is the National Payment Corporation of India, or NPCI. For any questions or concerns regarding the portal, NoBroker users can email or call the NPCI helpline at 1800118111.


In order to enable you to verify your status as soon as possible, we have included information in this article regarding the PFMS New Portal as well as the entire online process for checking the status of your payments with its assistance.We provide all the newest information about government employment, private jobs, and government initiatives on our page. For daily updates, you can read through our articles.

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FAQ’s On PFMS Payment Status

Q.) What does PFMS stand for in full?

Ans. Public Financial Management System.

Q.) How can I find out my PFMS payment status for the 2024 NSP Scholarship?

Ans. Go to the official PFMS portal and select the appropriate scholarship category to check the status of your PFMS payment. Enter your bank information, then use the OTP that was issued to your registered mobile number to confirm your identity. You can monitor the progress of your scholarship payment once it has been verified.

Q.) How can I find out my 2024 PFMS scholarship status?

Ans. To find out the status of your PFMS payment, visit the PFMS Portal at

Q.) How does a candidate view the balance on their PFMS account?

Ans. All registered users need to do is log into the PFMS New portal in order to view their PFMS balance. However, there is a special page available for students who would like to monitor their scholarship status. With its assistance, they may verify whether or not the scholarship money has been deposited into their account.

Q.) What are the three primary goals of the public finance system?

Ans. The efficient use of available resources, the fair distribution of income among residents, and the stability of the economy are the three primary goals of public finance.

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