Kusum Solar Pump Yojana

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024: Online Registration, Eligibility and Benefits

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana: In an effort to cut down on gasoline and diesel usage, the government has introduced the Kusum Solar Pump Distribution Scheme for farmers. This program will provide solar-powered pumps to farmers. We will next go into great depth on the Kusum Solar Subsidy Yojana 2024.

The purpose of this government initiative is to assist farmers by enabling them to convert their irrigation machinery into solar-powered equipment. The farmers stand to gain from this program.

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Kusum Solar Pump Distribution Scheme 2024

The Central Government has introduced the Kusum Solar Pump Distribution Scheme (PM Kusum Yojana 2024), a program that would help farmers. Since farmers still deal with a lot of issues relating to agriculture, the government launched this program to encourage farmers to utilize solar-powered equipment rather than fuel- and diesel-powered equipment, which would also boost their revenue. Additionally, farmers will be able to make more money.

The government’s primary goal in launching the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana is to increase solar energy use and convert 3 crore gasoline and diesel pumps nationwide to solar-powered pumps.

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024 Overview

Name of the schemeKusum Solar Pump Distribution Scheme 2024
started by whomCentral government
StateAll states of India
ObjectiveProviding facility of solar irrigation pumps
Official Websitehttps://pmkusum.mnre.gov.in/

Objective of Kusum Solar Pump Distribution Yojana

  • The government’s primary goal with the Kusum project is to replace the 17.5 lakh gasoline and diesel irrigation pumps with solar energy pumps.
  • With the use of solar-powered irrigation equipment, farmers will be able to water their land effectively and profitably by selling the excess electricity generated by the system.
  • The Kusum Solar Pump Scheme would help farmers and enable them to make more money. This will also take care of the issue with power.

Benefits of PM Solar Yojana

  • To give farmers a hazard-unfastened means of making a residing.
  • The capacity to prevent excessive groundwater usage
  • Ensures farmers have get entry to to energy at all times.
  • Facilitates reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint.
  • Lessens the monetary burden that agricultural electricity subsidies have on farmers.
  • Farmers will profit from the federal government in techniques. For irrigation, they could obtain free power. Should they produce additional energy and feed it into the grid, they will receive payment. Solar energy may be produced on a farmer’s underused land.
  • They’ll consequently be able to make money off of the wasteland.
  • For the following twenty-5 years, farmers will still be able to continuously help themselves off of their vain or unusable land. this can permit the kingdom’s farmers to PM Solar Yojana>

Features of PM Kusum Yojana

  • Farmers will only pay 10% of the cost of installing solar power equipment.
  • Banks will lend farmers 30% of their revenue under the Kusum Yojana.
  • Farmers will receive a bank account as payment from the federal government as a subsidy.
  • We’re going to build solar power plants on bare ground.
  • Farmers would only have to pay 60% of the total cost of the solar pumps thanks to government subsidies.
  • The Central Government’s Kusum Yojana would generate 722 MW of solar energy from 623 Rajasthani farmers.
  • Under this project, farmers may construct solar power plants on their own wastelands or difficult locations, with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 2 MW. By constructing solar plants on inaccessible grounds, farmers can produce solar energy.
  • Both the price
Kusum Solar Pump Yojana

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Components of PM Kusum Yojana

The PM Kusum Yojana consists of the following three components:

A- Components
  • Farmers, cooperatives, farmer groups, panchayats, Water User Associations (WUA), and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) will construct these networks.
  • According to this concept, laborers would construct 10,000 MW of grid-connected, decentralized renewable energy power plants on vacant land.
  • Five kilometers of power projects will encircle the facility.
B- Components
  • These pumps, with a maximum output of 7.5 HP, will replace the current diesel farm pumps.
  • Farmers would get help with the installation of independent solar agricultural pumps under this initiative, which would cost Rs. 17.50 lakh.
  • Financial assistance will not be provided if the capacity is greater than 7.5 HP.
C- Components
  • The distribution firms (DISCOMs) in India will purchase extrasolar energy at a predetermined cost.
  • This scheme aims to help individual farmers solarize their already grid-connected pumps, with a target of 10 lakh agricultural pumps solarized.
  • Solar energy will meet the irrigation needs of farmers.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the PM Kusum Yojana, candidates must fulfill the standards set out by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of the Government of India. The PM Kusum Yojana 2024 criteria for each category are listed in the list below.

  • The only person who will gain is the farmer.
  • It takes an aadhaar card to be in ownership.
  • To apply, you’ll need your bank account variety.

Documents required for Kusum Solar Pump Scheme

  • Aadhar card
  • bank account passbook
  • land documents
  • proof of address
  • mobile number
  • passport size photo

Online application process for Uttar Pradesh Kusum Solar Pump Yojana

  • You must first visit the Uttar Pradesh Kusum Yojana official website at http://upneda.org.in/Index.aspx.
  • On its site, you will now notice the Program option; choose it.
  • You will then click on this link to access the Solar Energy Program.
  • You now need to select the Kusum Yojana option.
  • You will then be presented with a new page where you must click on the registration link.
  • The Registration Form will show up on your screen as soon as you click.
  • It is now your responsibility to accurately fill out all the required fields on this form.
  • Following that, you must upload all necessary files and select the Register option below.
  • You will be registered in Uttar in this manner.
Kusum Solar Pump Yojana

Online Application Process for Rajasthan Kusum Solar Pump Yojana

The procedure listed below should be followed by state beneficiaries who are interested in applying for the Kusum Yojana.

  • Before everything else, the applicant must visit the scheme’s official website. The home screen will appear when you have accessed the official website.
  • The “Online Registration” registration option will be shown on this home page; select it. Next, you will need to fill out the application form with all the requested information, including your name, address, Aadhar card number, mobile number, etc.
  • Once the information has been filled out, click the Submit button. Following a successful registration, you will need to send 10% of the solar pump sets’ cost to the department-approved providers for the beneficiaries who have been chosen.
  • After that, in a few days, solar pumps will be placed in our fields.

Process to apply under Maharashtra Kusum Yojana

  • The Maharashtra Kusum Yojana official website must be visited first.
  • It’s going to now publicly appear in your private home’s living room.
  • The observe for kusum yojana choice have to be clicked on the main page.
  • The application form will then seem to be open.
  • All required fields in this shape must be filled out completely.
  • All of the vital paperwork have to now be uploaded.
  • Following this, you need to choose the “post” choice.
  • You may then put up an software underneath the maharashtra kusum yojana.

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Process to apply under Haryana Kusum Yojana

  • Initially, you must visit the Haryana Kusum Yojana’s official website.
  • The main display will now seem in the front of you.
  • You need to choose the practice for kusum yojana choice on the principle page.
  • The software shape will then seem in the front of you after this.
  • All vital records is required to be stuffed out on this form.
  • It is now vital on the way to put up each and each document.
  • Then you need to pick the “publish” alternative.
  • You can practice for the haryana kusum yojana on this way.

Kusum Yojana Helpline Number 

We have provided you with all the information about Kusum Yojana here. You can call the program’s hotline number if you’re having any issues with it.

  • Contact Number – 011-243600707, 011-24360404
  • Toll-Free Number – 18001803333


Friends, we have covered all kind of information there is to know about the Kusum Solar Pump Distribution Scheme in this post, including what it is, how to register online, its goals, advantages, and required paperwork. I really hope you found this piece interesting and that you will spread the word to others. I’m grateful.


Q: What is Kusum Solar Pump Scheme?

Ans: Under the Kusum Solar Pump Scheme, which is advantageous for farmers, solar pumps are provided to them at a reduced cost by the federal and state governments. The purpose of this pump is to improve agricultural irrigation.

Q: How much subsidy is given by the government in Kusum Solar Pump Distribution Scheme?

Ans: The state-specific subsidy offered under the Kusum Solar Scheme varies; the government offers subsidies ranging from 50% to 90%.

Q: How much is the subsidy for Kusum Yojana?

Ans: At most, the farmer will contribute 40% of the remaining amount, with the State Government providing at least a 30% subsidy. Farmers can obtain bank financing, which requires them to pay only 10% of the total cost up front and borrow the rest amount up to 30%.

Q: What is the price of 5HP under PM Kusum Yojana?

Ans: 1 lakh/SWP of 5HP capacity, available for free to SC/ST recipients. GOK provided the remaining funding after the beneficiary contribution and MNRE CFA.

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