Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana

Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana 2024, Online Application, Application Status, Benefits & Eligibility

Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana:- The federal government and several state governments operate numerous programs nationwide to give pensions to the nation’s senior population. The Jharkhand government also administers a comparable program called the Chief Minister State Old Age Pension Scheme. Through this essay, we will give you all the pertinent information about this plan that you need to know now. As in, what is this scheme? Benefits, goals, qualifications, characteristics, key paperwork, application procedure, etc. Friends, please read our post through to the conclusion if you want to learn everything there is to know about the Mukhyamantri Rajya Vridhavastha Pension Yojana 2024.


Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana 2024

The Jharkhand government launched this program to offer financial support to the state’s senior residents. Jharkhand residents who are above 60 would receive pension payments from the government under this system. A pension of ₹1000 will be paid out each month. Vridhavastha Pension Yojana 2024 benefits are only available to elderly individuals who are in need. You must apply online at the official website to be eligible for the advantages of this program. Applying online does not require you to go to any government offices. Applying online from home is possible with the official website. In addition to bringing openness to the system, this will save time and money. You can also apply in person at the district’s Block/Block/Tehsil office if you are unable to do so via the official website.

Details of the Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana

Name of the schemeMukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana
Who launchedJharkhand Government
BeneficiaryJharkhand Government
ObjectiveProviding financial assistance to senior citizens
Total beneficiaries7.30 lakh
Pension amount₹1000
Application TypeOnline and Offline

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Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana

The objective of the Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana

This program’s primary goal is to give the state’s defenseless senior residents financial support. The government would grant ₹ 1000 in monthly financial help through this plan. to eliminate the need for the state’s senior residents to rely on others for their needs. This program will help older citizens in every state become self-sufficient. Under the Vridhavastha Pension Yojana 2024, poor citizens will get priority. Jharkhand’s senior folks can apply online without having to go to any government offices.

State Old Age Pension Scheme Benefits and Features

  • The government of Jharkhand launched this program.
  • The government offers the state’s defenseless senior citizens financial support under this program.
  • The monthly payment for this financial support is ₹ 1000.
  • The Chief Minister State Old Age Pension Scheme is available to citizens over 60.
  • Jharkhand’s educated populace will gain independence through this program.
  • This initiative is only available to defenseless elderly people.
  • You must visit the official website to apply for the Jharkhand Vridhavastha Pension Yojana 2024.
  • Applying does not require going to any government offices.
  • In addition to bringing openness to the system, this will save time and money.
  • In-person submissions of applications under this plan are also accepted at the tehsil, block, or block office.
  • Chief Minister Hemant Soren called a meeting on February 3, 2021.
  • 3.65 lakh older folks will receive benefits, as determined in this meeting.
  • A budget of Rs 885 crore has also been set aside for this program for the next fiscal year.
  • 7.30 lakh people are the total number of beneficiaries under this initiative.
  • The state’s older population won’t have to rely on others for their requirements going forward.
  • Citizens living below the poverty level will be given preference under this system.
  • The benefit amount under this scheme will be directly deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account through Direct Benefit Transfer.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must be a permanent resident of Jharkhand.
  • The candidate must be at least sixty years old.
  • The beneficiary’s account and Aadhaar card must be linked.
  • The candidate must be a low-income individual.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Identity card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number
  • Bank account passbook
  • Birth certificate
  • Address proof
  • Ration card
  • Income certificate

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Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana

How to apply for the Old Age Pension Plan of the Chief Minister

  • You must first visit Jharseva’s official website.
  • The main page will now appear in front of you.
  • You must select the Register Yourself option on the home page.
  • On a new page that loads, you will now be asked to enter your name, password, email address, mobile number, and captcha code.
  • You must then press the submit button.
  • After that, the portal will register you in this way.
  • It is now necessary for you to click the login button.
  • Following this, the login form will appear in front of you.
  • You need to enter your password, login ID, and captcha code.
  • You will then need to click the login button.
  • You must now click on the Old Age Pension Scheme link.
  • You will then be able to see the application form open.
  • Your name, address, and phone number are among the details that must be provided on the application form.
  • Now the required documentation needs to be attached.
  • You’ll need to hit the submit button after that.
  • You can then apply for the Chief Minister State Old Age Pension Scheme.

Procedure for logging into the portal

  • You must visit Jharseva’s official website first.
  • The main page will now appear in front of you.
  • You will then need to click the login button.
  • Your login ID, password, and captcha code must now be entered on the new page that has opened.
  • Following this, you must click the button to log in.
  • You will be able to log into the portal in this manner.

Procedure to monitor the status of an application

  • Initially, you need to visit Jharseva’s official website.
  • Right now, the home page is visible to you.
  • You must click the No Status of Your Application link on the front page.
  • You will now be presented with a new screen where you must choose the Application Reference Number, or OTP, search category.
  • You will then need to submit data based on the category of your search.
  • You must now press the submit button.
  • You will be able to see the application status on your computer.
Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana

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Q.) What is the Old Age Pension Scheme of the Chief Minister?

Ans. A stipend of Rs. 1500/-per month is to be given to the pensioner under the Old Age stipend Scheme. Beneficiaries of the old age pension who are BPL and between the ages of 60 and 79 receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 200 from the Central Government and Rs. 1300 from the State Government.

Q.) The Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme was launched when?

Ans. When the old age pension was liberalized in 1987, pensions for those 65 years of age and older were paid at a monthly rate of Rs 100/-from 17 to 6 of that year. The Old Age Pension Scheme-1991, currently known as the Old Age Samman Allowance Scheme, was initiated by the State Government in 1991 by further liberalizing this scheme.

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