NEET Marking Scheme

NEET Marking Scheme Chapter Wise 2024-25 & All Details

NEET Marking Scheme:- NEET Marking Scheme 2024: Candidates should acquaint themselves with the relevant NEET Marking Scheme as they get ready for the NEET 2024 exam. It is essential to comprehend this structure in order to properly prepare for the medical entrance exam. Although the NTA has not yet issued the official NEET Marking Scheme for 2024, we can provide you with a basic outline based on the approach that was used the year before. This will provide candidates with an understanding of the possible NEET trend. The scheduled date of the NTA NEET Exam is Sunday, May 5, 2024. The Nationwide Eligibility and Entrance Test, or NEET, is a nationwide examination for people who want to work in the medical industry or in fields allied to medicine, like dentistry, medicine, and surgery (MBBS, BDS).

Candidates will discover four areas on the NEET exam paper: Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. To find out more about the NEET marking scheme, section-wise mark distributions, exam patterns, and other relevant information, keep reading the article.


NEET Marking Scheme Highlights

The table below highlights the NEET Marking Scheme for the academic year 2024-25

NEET Marking Scheme Highlights
NEET Exam FrequencyOnce in a year
Total Number of Questions in NEET 2024200
Total Marks720 marks
Total Number of Subjects4 i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
Total Number of Sections2 i.e. Sections A and B in each subject
Total Number of Questions in Each SectionEach subject of NEET 2024 will be divided into 2 sections i.e. Section A and BIn Section A, there will be 55 questions in each subject, while in Section B there will be 15 questions
Total Choice in NEET Question PaperYes; In section B, candidates will be asked to attempt only 10 questions out of 15
NEET 2024 Marking Scheme+ 4 for a correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer
Question TypesMCQs
Exam ModeOffline (Pen and Paper Test)
Duration3 hours 20 minutes
Total number of language options13
NEET Marking Scheme

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NEET 2024 Marking Scheme 

It is advised that prospective applicants become acquainted with the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) 2024 scoring methodology. The examination framework outlines the manner in which the pertinent authorities will grade the test results. An outline of the NEET Marking Scheme for 2024 is provided below:

  • Candidates will receive four marks for each accurate answer they attempt.
  • However, selecting the incorrect response costs you a point.
  • As to the NEET 2024 Marking Scheme, there is no deduction for candidates who opt not to attempt a question.
  • Candidates cannot change their responses once they have marked them on the NEET OMR sheet.
  • As marking more than one option may result in a negative marking, candidates should exercise caution.

NEET Marking Scheme Section Wise Distribution

Applicants looking for details on the distribution of marks per section for NEET 2024 as well as the total number of questions asked in each part can refer to the table below.

NEET Marking Scheme Section Wise Distribution
SubjectsTotal Number of QuestionsMarks Distribution 
PhysicsSection A will have 35 questions, and Section B will have 15 questions, with candidates being allowed to attempt only 10.140 marks for Section A section B: forty points 180 points in totalMCQs
ChemistryOnly ten attempts will be permitted for each of the 35 questions in Section A and the fifteen questions in Section B.140 marks for Section A. Section B: Forty Score total: 180 pointsMCQs
BotanyOnly ten attempts are permitted per applicant for the 35 questions in Section A and the 15 questions in Section B. A: 140 marks section B: 40 marks total: 180 marksMCQs
ZoologyCandidates may only attempt ten of the 35 questions in Section A and the fifteen questions in Section B.Section A: 140 marks section B: 40 marks total: 180 marksMCQs
TotalTotal number of questions that will be asked in NEET 2024: 180 NEET 2024 Exam will be of 720 marks  

NEET Exam Pattern 2024

For the offline, pen-and-paper NEET 2024 exam, students are required to complete an OMR sheet including their answers.

Other Key Features of the NEET 2024 Exam Pattern:

  • Total Sections: There will be four sections on the question paper: chemistry, physics, botany, and zoology.
  • Type of Questions: There will be no descriptive-type questions on the NEET question paper; instead, it will only comprise multiple-choice (MCQ) questions.
  • Total Time: The anticipated NEET exam pattern for 2024 calls for an extension of the exam’s duration from 3 hours (180 minutes) to 3 hours and 20 minutes (220 minutes).
  • It is predicted that the exam time for applicants who qualify as Persons with Disabilities (PwD) will be 265 minutes.
  • Negative grading: One mark will be deducted for each wrong response, in accordance with the expected NEET exam grading pattern.
  • Marks for Correct Answer: For each right response, candidates should expect to obtain four marks.
NEET Marking Scheme

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NEET Marking Scheme Languages/Medium of Paper 
  • The NEET 2024 exam will be offered at many test locations in thirteen distinct languages. During the NEET application process, candidates will be asked to select the preferred medium for the question paper.
  • Candidates will not be able to change their minds about the decision once it has been made.
  • Only candidates who select English as their medium of instruction will be provided with an English test booklet.
  • In case they choose Hindi, they will receive a Bilingual Test Booklet with questions in both Hindi and English.
  • A bilingual test booklet in both the selected language and English will be provided to candidates who choose to speak in vernacular languages.
  • Should there be any doubt about the translation of a question, the English version will be considered authoritative.
NEET Marking Scheme Languages/Medium of Paper
NEET LanguagesNEET Examination Cities
English, Hindi, and UrduAll States and Cities
TeluguAndhra Pradesh and Telangana
BengaliWest Bengal and Tripura
GujaratiGujarat, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, 
TamilTamil Nadu

Instructions for Completing NEET 2024 OMR Sheet:

Applicants for NEET should read the guidelines carefully before completing the NEET 2024 OMR form. The following instructions will help you fill out a NEET OMR page correctly:

  • The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced guidelines for the NEET exam, which include that each response must be marked with a ballpoint pen.
  • The officials in the exam room will supply the required ballpoint pen.
  • On NEET OMR sheet 2024, each candidate must write the code from the test booklet.
  • According to the NEET 2024 Exam Pattern, applicants cannot take back their marked responses on the OMR sheet.

How Will the NEET 2024 Scores Be Calculated? How Will the NEET 2024 Scores Be Calculated?

  • The NEET Score 2024 is determined using the following formula:
  • Calculation Formula for NEET Score 2024: (Number of Right Answers x 4) – (Number of Wrong Answers × 1).
  • Normalization will be used to maintain fairness in the event that exam sessions have different question paper complexity.
  • We hope that candidates getting ready for this important medical entrance test have found the above extensive information regarding the NEET-making method, including the exam pattern and other relevant elements, to be helpful. Although the NTA has not yet announced the official NEET Marking Scheme for 2024, observations from the trend from the prior year provide valuable context.
  • It is recommended that students who would need more help and support to think about participating in NEET PW Gulf Classes, which offer focused test-taking assistance. We hope that every applicant will have the best possible luck as they prepare for and attempt to pass the very competitive medical entrance exam, NEET 2024.
NEET Marking Scheme

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Q. Do negative markings come with NEET?

Ans- It is true that there is a negative marking scheme on the NEET; for every wrong answer, one point is taken away.

Q. Does the NEET include any descriptive questions?

Ans- The exam paper for the NEET does not contain any objective questions; instead, it only consists of multiple-choice (MCQ) questions.

Q. Will the NEET 2024 exam have a set amount of time allotted for each section?

Ans- No, NEET does not impose any time constraints on sections. During the entire allotted exam period, candidates are free to manage their time.

Q. If I’m sitting the exam in Delhi, can I select Bengali as my language of instruction?

Ans- No, geographical considerations pertaining to testing centers restrict the use of vernacular media in NEET, as per the current norms. Applicants who choose a regional language may only take the test in that state.

Q5. What is the NEET passing score?

Ans- In response, NEET establishes a cutoff point of 45 for UR-PwD, 40 for restricted categories, and 50 percentile for UR. The results are released along with the associated pass marks for certain NEET cutoff percentiles. The pass scores for the 2023 exam were 136-107, 136-720, and 136-121 for UR, SC/ST/OBC, and UR-PwD, in that order.

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