New Driving Licence Rules

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New Driving Licence Rules:- The Regional Transportation Office (RTO) will no longer be the place where drivers of two- and four-wheelers must go to obtain their licenses. Much to the relief of the general public, the Centre has instituted new regulations that eliminate the need for completing a driving test to receive a driving license. According to the Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways, the conditions for obtaining a driving license have altered, and the New Driving Licence Rules went into force on July 1st, 2022. To relieve individuals of the burden of having to visit the RTO and stand in long lines to obtain their driver’s licenses, the government has granted accredited driver training centers the power to issue DLs to eligible candidates following the successful completion of training.


New Driving Licence Rules 2024

The Union Ministry of Road Transport has devised new driving license regulations that should delight all new applicants. The Indian government attempted to introduce the Driving Licence New Rules 2023 to obtain a driving license in India. The Central Government was also trying to alter some regulations. If they are successful, the New Driving Licence Rules 2023 will go into force on July 1, 2022. For a new driver’s license, all of India’s states will have the same standards.

On July 1st, 2022, the New Driving Licence Rules 2023 and additional rules on the establishment of a private driving school will come into force. According to official data from the Regional Transportation Office, starting in 2023, all two- and four-wheeled vehicles in India will have to abide by the Driving Licence New Rules. Consequently, passing a driving exam is no longer required to obtain a driving license! The driver training centers that would be supplying the document must be run by the state transport authority or the federal government. These centers must be renewed after their five-year expiration date.

Details of the New Driving Licence Rules in Highlights

DepartmentUnion Ministry of Roads and Motorways
Body NameRegional Transportation Office (RTO)
Rules Changes for2 Wheeler and 4 Wheelers
Rules ChangedDriving Test
New Rules Effect Date01 July 2022

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New Driving Licence Rules

Types of Driving Licences

The RTO in India issues four primary categories of driver’s licenses.

Learning Licence

In India, you first obtain a learning license before being granted a permanent driving license. This document is only valid for the next six months. With this license, you can operate a vehicle and gain experience operating a two- or four-wheeler. Up to a given amount of time, this is permitted. You can sit for an exam to obtain a permanent driving license once you have mastered driving.

Permanent Licence

You will receive a permanent driving license if you show up for the test and pass it. Indian nationals may apply for a permanent driver’s license at the age of eighteen or older. This document serves as authorization to operate personal vehicles, such as motorcycles and cars.

International Driving Permit

As the name implies, an international driving permit is required for anyone wishing to drive a car outside of India. The foreign driver’s license has a one-year validity period, in contrast to the Indian driver’s license. You will have to reapply for an overseas driving permit after your current one expires.

Commercial Driving Licence

The commercial driver’s license is given to those who operate large motor vehicles, such as trucks or buses. These vehicles may be used to transport people or products. The requirements for this license differ from those for a permanent driving license in terms of eligibility. To obtain a commercial driver’s license, the applicant must pass the class 8 exam.

How Do the New Driving Licence Regulations Work?

To obtain a driver’s license, an individual needs to register at one of these driving education centers and pass an exam administered there. A certificate will be provided by the testing facility upon successful completion of the exam. Applicants can apply for a driving license after obtaining the certificate; the RTO will only give the license based on the training certificate and won’t require a test.

Benefits of the New Driving Licence Rules

In addition, the Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways has changed the documentation needed to apply for a new driver’s license. The Driving Licence New Rules 2023 provide some positive news for drivers of two and four-wheelers. The absence of a physical examination at the Regional Transportation Office is one advantage of the Driving Licence New Rules.

Applying for a driving license can be done online at According to the administration, this will help shorten the long lineups at RTOs. While you wait to apply to the Regional Transportation Office for a new license, you may use the Driving Licence New Rules 2023.

Obtaining an Indian Driver’s Licence Eligibility

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 specifies precise qualifying requirements for acquiring a driver’s licence. Once you are 16 years of age or older, you can obtain a bike license to operate a two-wheeler. You can also drive a four-wheeler after you reach eighteen. You must be at least 20 years old to operate a transport vehicle.

As long as they provide the necessary driving license paperwork, even foreigners can obtain an Indian driving license. The table provided below provides further information regarding the driving license age limit.

Vehicle TypeCleared the 8th standard minimum 18 years old (changed to 20 years in a few states)
Motorcycles with gear + four-wheeler vehicles like carsMinimum 18 years old with sound knowledge of traffic rules
Motorcycles without gear (capacity of up to 50CC)Minimum 16 years old consent of guardian or parents knowledge of traffic rules
Heavy commercial vehiclesCleared the 8th standard minimum of 18 years old (changed to 20 years in a few states)

Documents Required to Apply for a Driver’s Licence

You will need to provide several documents when you apply for a driver’s license. This is a list of the documents you might require to apply for a driver’s license.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Ration card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Pan Card
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Form 1 and 1A for medical certificates

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The New Driver’s Licence Regulation

  • The new licensing regulations are far more straightforward than the previous ones. The regulations are welcome news for anybody wishing to apply for a driver’s license. Numerous private driving schools have been established nationwide by the Government of India (GOI) and their corresponding state transport agencies.
  • A person would not need to go to the RTO and take a driving test under the regulations for obtaining a new driving license. What would be the foundation for the driving license, though, if one were to be granted without having to pass a driving test?
  • Residents must sign up for DL at any authorized driving school. Those who pass the test will receive a certificate from the school, and this certificate will be the basis for getting a driver’s license.

Fee Schedule

The following table lists the fees associated with the new driving license regulations:

Driving License Type Fee (Rs.)
Issuance of Duplicate License (Driving School)5,000
Issuance of Driver’s License (Renewal) 200 
Issuance and Renewal for Driving License (License) 10,000
Permanent License (Renewal) 200 
Permanent License 200 
International License1000
Learner’s License (Renewal)200 
Learner’s License 200 
New Driving Licence Rules

Application Procedure for a Driver’s Licence

The following describes the online driving license application process:

  • Check out the state page at
  • Select the state.
  • Select the kind of license.
  • Fill out the application form completely, then send it in.
  • Upload the necessary files.
  • Cover the cost.
  • Check the payment’s status.
  • Press the “Submit” button.
  • The driver’s license will be mailed to your home address.

New Rules for Driving Licences: 2024 Effective Date

The Driving Licence New Rules will be implemented on July 1, 2022. The new laws about driver’s licenses would force the closure of all government-run driving schools starting in 2022. Only private driving schools will be able to operate following the Driving Licence New Rules. Furthermore, the private center’s license must be renewed after a total of 5 years of operation.

The government says that the expansion of the private training industry will be made possible by these new rules. When applying for a new driving license, a person who has taken driving instruction from one of these private training establishments is excused from taking the RTO driving test.

All that is required for someone to apply for a new driver’s license is a certificate from a private training center. The RTO driving test will be eliminated in this way. To stay in business, the private driving school also needs to renew its license with the regional transport office annually.

New Guidelines for Private Driving Instruction Facilities

  • A foundational set of regulations has been issued by the government for securing a private driving training center license for a driving school.
  • The school needs at least one acre of land. Moreover, two acres of ground are required for the four-wheeled vehicles.
  • The testing facility should be accessible to the Private Driving Training Centre.
  • Trainers need to have at least a high school degree or an equivalent degree.
  • The trainer must have at least five years of expertise behind the wheel.
  • The basics of IT and biometric systems should be understood by the trainer.
  • The light vehicle training needs to be completed in fewer than four weeks and for a minimum of twenty-nine hours.
  • The training should consist of at least two sections: theoretical and practical. This should take eight hours for the theory and twenty-one hours for the practical.
  • Heavy motor vehicle training will take 38 hours to complete, with 8 hours of in-depth theory instruction and 31 hours of in-depth practical instruction. This training should be completed in 6 weeks.

What Makes a Permanent Licence Different from a Learner’s Licence?

For those who are still learning how to drive, a learner’s license is a basic license. The first step in obtaining a permanent license is to obtain a learner’s license. You can decide whether to take the main exam to get your permanent license after you’ve had enough experience driving under your learner’s permit.

Differentiating CriteriaLearner’s LicencePermanent Licence
Validity6 months20 years or until the driver attains 40 years of age
PurposeGiven to people who are just beginning/learning to driveobtained before a permanent license
Sequenceobtained before a permanent licenceLegal requirement to hold a valid license to drive on public roads
New Driving Licence Rules

New Driving License Types for 2024

You can require a different form of driver’s license depending on the kind of car you drive.

Personal Vehicles Driving License Type

  • MC 50CC: Bike with 55cc engine or less capacity
  • MC EX50CC: Vehicle with gear and 50CC or more capacity: Car and Bike.
  • MCWOG / FVG: Bike with any engine capacity but without gears: Scooter or Moped
  • M / CYCL.WG: All Bike with and without gear
  • LMV-NT: Vehicle for transport use

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Commercial Vehicle Driving License Type

  • HMV: Heavy Motor Vehicles
  • HGMV: Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle
  • MGV: Medium Goods Vehicle
  • Trailer: Heavy Trailer License
  • LMV: Bike, Van, Jeep, and Taxi
  • HPMV / HTV: Heavy Transport motor vehicle or Heavy Transport Vehicle


Q.) Is it feasible to hold multiple driver’s licenses?

Ans. No, you are not allowed to own several driver’s licenses.

Q.) Is it feasible to update a driver’s license’s address online?

Ans. It is possible to modify the driver’s license’s address online, yes.

Q.) Is it feasible to modify the learner’s license address online?

Ans. It is possible to modify the learner’s license’s address online, yes.

Q.) Can my driver’s license be renewed online?

Ans. It is possible to renew your driver’s license online, yes.

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