Odisha Inter Caste Marriage

Odisha Inter Caste Marriage, Registration, Benefit, Eligibility & Documents

Odisha Inter Caste Marriage:- The Chief Minister of Odisha, Mr. Naveen Patnaik, has launched an online portal to promote intercaste weddings. We will discuss with you all the specifics of the new opportunities that the relevant Odisha government officials have introduced in this article today for the year 2023. The details of how to apply for the Sumangal Portal, which the Chief Minister of Odisha essentially launched on Tuesday, are all provided in this post for you to read. We will also walk you through all of the detailed steps needed to apply for the incentives that the Chief Minister offered for Orissa’s intercaste marriages.


Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

The responsible Odisha government officials have started the campaign to promote intercaste marriage. The Odisha Chief Minister announced an instant increase in the incentive money given to a couple who married beyond their caste of Rs 1.5 lakh. One hundred thousand rupees was the previous amount. The Chief Minister further said that intercaste marriages are crucial to promoting social harmony in society. There was an increase in the incentive in August 2017. In that year, it increased from 50,000 to 1.5 lac rupees. To enable a more transparent running of the award plan, the state government has developed a new portal.

Information About The Odisha Intercaste Marriage Scheme

NameOdisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme
Launched byOdisha Government
ObjectiveProviding 1.5 lacs incentive
BeneficiariesInter-caste marriage couple
Official Websitehttp://sumangal.odisha.gov.in/#/login

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Odisha Inter Caste Marriage

Objective Of Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

Among the various objectives that this program will accomplish are social inclusion and the abolition of untouchability. With not even a trace of untouchability remaining in them, the people will be able to triumph over the dominance of the upper caste. In addition to the aforementioned procedures, individuals will also get monetary incentives, to promote intercaste marriages among an increasing number of people. Those getting married for the first time will have access to the portal’s services.

Benefits And Features Of Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

  • Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik unveiled the Odisha Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme.
  • Under this program, the state of Odisha encourages marriages between different castes.
  • The pair receives incentives totaling Rs 1.5 lakh under the Odisha intercaste marriage policy.
  • This sum used to be Rs 100,000.
  • Odisha’s intercaste marriage program will contribute to the creation of social peace in the community.
  • The incentive amount under this approach was increased in 2017.
  • You must apply via the official website to be eligible for the Odisha intercaste marriage scheme.
  • Applying for this program does not require you to visit any government offices.
  • In addition to saving a tonne of time and money, this will increase system transparency.
  • The Odisha inter-caste marriage scheme’s reward payment is directly deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account via the direct benefit transfer technique.
  • Values like liberty, equality, and fraternity will become established in society with the aid of this plan.

Beneficiaries Of Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

The Orissa inter-caste marriage initiative is open to the following individuals:

  • Hindus from the Scheduled Castes and those from other castes have married each other in a formal ceremony. Legal recognition and appropriate registration of the marriage are prerequisites imposed by the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955.
  • The couple should be permanent residents of Odisha, citizens of India, and adherents of the Hindu religion.
  • A spouse must be a member of one of the scheduled castes as listed in Article 341 of the Indian Constitution.
  • The incentive would be given for starting a business, buying property, or purchasing needs for the home.
  • Grants are only provided to those getting married for the first time, except in cases when the bride or groom is a widow or widower, in which case a special statement about that fact needs to be made on the marriage registration record.
  • Only marriages consummated after the date of a resolution that the government periodically announces are eligible for grant awards and the aforementioned amenities.
  • Reward for a second or subsequent marriage is nonexistent.

Required Documents

The following paperwork must be sent with the application for the Odisha intercaste marriage initiative:

  • A scanned photocopy of the marriage license is on file.
  • Photocopy of a scanned scan of each spouse’s caste certificate, which lists their place in the community and the caste to which they belong;
  • The couple’s scanned joint photo (husband and wife).
  • Scanned photocopy of the properly signed Declaration form: ANNEXTURES II AND IV.
  • Scanned photocopy of the couple’s joint bank account book from any nationalized or government bank.
Odisha Inter Caste Marriage

The Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Registration Process

To register on the portal, simply follow the simple procedures stated below:

  • To start, click this link to visit the portal’s main website.
  • This is where you have to choose “Register here”.
  • To access your account if you have already registered, simply enter your phone number, password, one-time password, and captcha code to log in.
  • You’ll see the registration form appear on your screen.
  • Put in your information.
  • Enter your name, password, contact information, address, city, block, and district.
  • Add the captcha code as well.
  • Press the “Register” button.

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The login process for applicants

  • Start by visiting the sSumangal portal’s main page.
  • You will see the home page open.
  • You must access the login section via the homepage.
  • Selecting your application category and entering your phone number, password, and OTP are the next steps.
  • Enter the captcha code once the OTP has been verified.
  • Next, you must select the login button.
  • It is possible to complete an applicant login by following these steps.

Approved User Login Process

  • Open the Sumangal portal’s official website.
  • You will see the home page open.
  • You must access the login section via the homepage.
  • The next step is to choose the authorized user category.
  • It is now necessary to enter the email address, password, and captcha code.
  • Next, you must select the login button.
  • You can log in as an authorized user by following this approach.

Please check back with us in the future if you want more details about the Odisha government’s new intercaste marriage scheme. As soon as the government makes its announcement, we will provide you with all of the details.

Odisha Inter Caste Marriage


By promoting intercaste marriages, the program lessens caste discrimination and fosters societal unity. The sumangal.odisha.gov.in website is used to administer the yojana. On this portal, applicants can register, apply, review eligibility requirements, upload necessary documents, and monitor the progress of their application. In addition, the Yojana provides contact information and a dedicated helpline to address any questions or concerns you may have about the program. The Odisha Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme is an admirable initiative that enables married couples from different castes to build a more accepting and happy community by doing away with untouchability and caste prejudice.

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Q.) What is the scheme for inter-caste marriage in Odisha?

Ans. The Odisha Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme offers qualified couples who have just tied the knot in an intercaste Hindu marriage a financial incentive of Rs 2.5 lakh. By promoting intercaste marriages, the program seeks to lessen caste discrimination and foster societal harmony.

Q.) To whom is the scheme open to apply?

Ans. To be eligible to apply for the scheme, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

The union must be lawfully recognized and properly registered under the 1955 Hindu Marriage Act. The couple’s two wives must be Hindus, citizens of India, and long-term residents of Odisha. Article 341 of the Indian Constitution defines the scheduled caste, which one of the spouses shall be a member of.

Q.) Which documents are needed to apply for the scheme?

Ans. The following paperwork must be submitted by candidates to be considered for the scheme:

A scanned image of the marriage license that is currently on record. scanned copy of the couple’s caste certificate, which identifies their social status and individual sub-castes. unified picture of the husband and wife together. Annotations II and IV contain scanned copies of the Declaration form. a scanned copy of the couple’s joint bank statement from any government or nationalized bank. copy of each spouse’s scanned birth certificates.

Q.) How can I apply online for the scheme?

Ans. The applicants must take the following actions to apply for the scheme online:

Go to sumangal.odisha.gov.in, the official website of the state. After selecting the “Register here” option, complete the necessary fields to establish an account. Enter your information about yourself and your marriage, including your name, Aadhar card number, block name, and district. Upload the necessary files, including the marriage license, caste certificate, declaration forms II and IV, the front page of the joint bank passbook, and certificates of both spouses’ dates of birth. To properly submit your application, enter the necessary information.

Q.) When will the bank account be credited with the incentive amount?

Ans. Upon successful registration, the incentive sum will be transferred into the couple’s joint bank account within two months. The pair can only take out the money after three years of marriage, though, to prevent fraud.

Q.) Who should I get in touch with if I have any questions or concerns about the plan?

Ans. You can get in touch with the following authorities if you have any questions or concerns about the plan:

The Director of the Odisha Scheduled Caste Welfare Advisory Board. Contact information: dirscwab@gmail.com; 0674-2391780. The District Welfare Officer in the district in which you reside. On the sumangal.odisha.gov.in official website, you can discover the list of District Welfare Officers along with their contact information. The person in charge of developing your block’s block development. On sumangal.odisha.gov.in, the official website, you can discover the list of Block Development Officers along with their contact information.

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