Orunodoi Scheme 2024

Orunodoi Scheme 2024: Latest Updates, Eligibility and Status

Orunodoi Scheme 2024:- The Assam government introduced the Assam Orunodoi plan to assist economically disadvantaged and low-income households in the state of Assam. Under this initiative, cash support of Rs. 1000 is given to women who have lost a loved one, are divorced, single, or separated, as well as to those people with extraordinary needs. In today’s article, we will provide all of our readers with the latest details regarding the Orunodoi Scheme 2024, which the Assam government has announced for the year 2022. Goals, eligibility requirements, the application process, benefits, and—above all—how the initiative would be carried out to safeguard the rights of Assamese residents are all covered in detail. For your awareness, we have put every single detail of the plan on this page.


Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2024

On December 1, 2020, the Assamese state government unveiled the Assam Orunodoi Scheme. In Assam, recipients of the Orunodoi Scheme would get Rs. 830 a month to spend on food items including sugar, lentils, and other necessities. There will be the following amounts given: Rs. 400 for medicine purchases, Rs. 200 for four kilograms of pulse purchases, Rs. 80 for sugar purchases, and Rs. 150 for fruit purchases. The members’ bank accounts will be the first to receive the funds for this scheme. The Assam Orunodoi would get an annual investment of Rs. 2400 crore from the Assam government.

Orunodoi Scheme 2024

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Orunodoi Scheme 2024 Latest Updates 

In an additional initiative launched by the chief minister of the state of Assam, women will receive a monthly direct benefit transfer of 1000 rupees to support their livelihood. The plan was created to give Assamese households that are financially vulnerable more advantages in terms of both nutritional and economic security. The Assam Budget 2020–2021 includes a reference to the program under the Ashtadash Mukutar Unnoyonee Maala. The overall number of beneficiaries increased to 10.54 lakh. Additionally, the state will have almost 27 lakh beneficiaries overall as a result of the additional inclusion. An annual amount of Rs. The cost of Orunodoi is 4,142 crore. This scheme aims to support the 17 lakh women in the state. Women who participate in this plan will receive Rs 1,250 each month in their bank accounts.

Key Highlights of the Orunodoi Scheme

Launched ByGovernment of Assam
Name of SchemeOrunodoi Scheme 2024
ObjectiveTo provide disadvantaged individuals with financial support
Benefits Rs- 1000\-
Eligibility CriteriaHouseholds with widows and divorced women
Official WebsiteClick Here

The objective of the Orunodoi Scheme 

The main objective of the Assam Orunodoi initiative would be to implement various services throughout the state of Assam. Recipients of benefits under the Assam Orunodoi plan would receive a range of benefits. Encouraging all Assamese citizens to live happy, financially stress-free lives is the main objective of the relevant authorities. Given that Assam is a small state with a high rate of poverty, our proposal would assist all the destitute families in escaping these difficulties.

The females who are the program’s recipients will get the money via a direct bank transfer. For the ensuing five years, this sum will be transferred once annually. Under this policy, preference will be given to women who are disabled, bereaved, divorced, single, separated, or impoverished.

  • The amounts allocated for the Scheme are 2800 million rupees. 27 lakh impoverished households receive direct benefit transfers (DBT) of 10,000 rupees annually.
  • the extra Rs. 10,000 in yearly income—or Rs. 830 a month—that the government will provide to the impoverished households.
  • Under the pilot initiative, each of the 200-grade schools would receive 25 lakh rupees for foundation upgrades.
  • The Assam government would give away free sterile napkins to young girls in government and government-aided institutions from the sixth to the twelfth grade.
  • The Assam government also unveiled the Sarba Brihat DBT Scheme on August 17. The appointment of a regional advisory group will precede the beneficiary selection process.
  • In order to guarantee that the family will use the plan appropriately, only women will receive it.

Features Of the Orunodoi Scheme

You can evaluate the following important components of the new versions created in accordance with this plan:

  • The candidate needs to be an Assamese permanent resident.
  • Less than Rs 2 lakh should be the average annual household income. This program will make eligible any member who is a dwarf or suffers from cerebral palsy, among other conditions.
  • A list of those who are no longer eligible for financial help has been updated with the names of Orunodoi beneficiaries.
  • Within ten days, the district-level monitoring committees compile a new beneficiary list.
  • Additionally included will be beneficiaries of the Deen Dayal Divyangjan Pension Scheme and the Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension Scheme.

Beneficiary Under Assam Orunodoi Scheme

This project would touch over 22 lakh people. Sarbananda Sonowal, the chief minister of Assam, launched this program at a celebration in Amingaon, Kamrup district. The female family members will receive these advantages in an effort to empower women. Homes with windows, divyang, single girls, etc., will be given preference under this proposal. Furthermore, the government plans to extend this program to an additional eight lakh families. Of these 22 lakh recipients, the Assam government will give 18.60 lakh of their money to homes across 29 districts.

  • The remaining claimants in the Bodoland Territorial Area District would receive a benefit payment following the BTC elections. These districts are Baksa, Udalguri, Chirang, and Kokrajhar.
  • The recipients will get their money in either November 2019 or December 2020.
  • On December 26, 2020, the benefit amount for December 2020 will be transferred into each beneficiary’s bank account.
Orunodoi Scheme 2024

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Not Eligible Beneficiary 

The following people are not eligible to take part in the program:

  • If any family members work for the government or PSUs, they will not be able to receive plan benefits.
  • The Orunodoi initiative is not available to families who own a tractor, 15 Bighas of land, a four-wheeler, or a refrigerator, or who earn more than Rs. 2 lahks per year.
  • The house has a washing machine or air conditioning.
  • if the family does not include any women.
  • Members of parliament and the legislative assembly, both past and present.
  • doctors working for the government
  • Engineers, solicitors, and CA
  • Income Tax Payer Architect

Implementation Structure Of Assam Orunodoi Scheme

  • The finance department of the Assam government will oversee the Orunodoi plan.
  • The commissioner and the finance department secretary will oversee the strategy’s implementation.
  • The deputy commissioner, who would act as the state’s nodal agency for program implementation, will supervise the plan’s execution at the district level in Assam.
  • The government will also form a monitoring group at the district level.
  • Orunodoi Sahayak will be employed by the government in all legislative assemblies at a fixed salary of Rs 15000 per month in order to assist the applicant in each district and guarantee the implementation of this plan at the district level.
  • The Sahayak will be working there for two months.

Eligibility Criteria

In line with a government announcement, the following people will be given preference under the Assan Orunodoi scheme:

  • widow-headed households
  • ladies who have divorced
  • Families with a lady who recently got divorced Families with a Divyang member.
  • Low-income families without ration cards for free rice will be given preference.
  • Low-income households are those whose members hold National Food Security Scheme (NFSS) cards.
  • Families who own tractors and two- or three-wheelers, as well as self-help organizations, might benefit from these programs.

Application Procedure for Orunodoi Scheme 2023

Prior to the registration deadline, the candidate must apply for the program and ensure they are completely informed of the requirements.

  • A candidate must first visit the official Orunodoi website in order to apply for the Assam Orunodoi Scheme.
Orunodoi Scheme 2024
  • On the main page of the official website, you may now access the Application Form PDF Option.
Orunodoi Scheme 2024
  • Get the application and fill it out with all the details required for the Arunodoi Scheme.
  • Make sure you attach all required papers when you apply.

Procedure to View Application Status

  • Go to the official website of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme first.
  • The Home Page will appear before you.
  • On the home page, you need to click the View status option.
  • At this point, a list of districts will appear to you.

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  • Make a district choice.
  • This will bring up a new page for you to view.
  • This new page requires you to provide your name or beneficiary number.
  • The search option must then be chosen.
  • You will see the application computer’s screen.


Q. What is the scheme of Orunodoi?

Ans- Through ongoing financial help from DBT and monthly cash transfers, the Scheme aims to eradicate poverty and enable financially disadvantaged households in the state to become economically integrated. This ensures that impoverished families have a minimum amount of money coming in each month.

Q. For whom is Orunodoi appropriate?

Ans- 4) When choosing beneficiaries for Assam Orunodoi Asoni, preference was given to widowed women, single women, physically handicapped individuals, unmarried girls (over 35 years old), and other categories. 5) A household is also qualified for the Scheme if they own a maximum of 15 Bigha of land in the hamlet.

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