Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024

Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024, Purpose, Benefits & Eligibility

Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024:- Intending to ensure that “no one should sleep hungry” in his state, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot launched the Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana, which aims to feed people two meals a day. On August 20, the Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana was launched in response to the everyday food and drink issues that persons experiencing coronavirus infections were facing. Under this program, impoverished individuals in Rajasthan receive a wholesome meal for ₹ 8 while seated politely in one location. A solitary thali costs ₹25, of which the beneficiary must pay ₹8 and the state government bears ₹17. We will give you all the information you need to know about the Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024 in this article today.


Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024

Intending to give the people of the state two complete meals of delectable food, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot ji launched the Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana with 358 cooks in 213 metropolitan bodies. which was just raised to 1000 in the budgetary statement. In Jodhpur, the Chief Minister launched 512 new Indira Rasoi on September 18, 2022. There are 870 Indira Rasoi in operation at this time overall.An NGO manages Indira Rasoi. It is overseen by the District Collector and is overseen by the District Level Coordination and Monitoring Committee, which is made up of more than 300 local NGOs. As of right now, the Indira Rasoi Yojana 2023 has served 7.01 crore plates of food. that amounts to 72.32% of the goal. However, with this program, the government now wants to serve food to 1.34 lakh people daily and 4.87 lakh people annually.

Details of the Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024

Name of the schemeRajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana
Was startedBy Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot
When was it startedOn 20 August 2020
BeneficiaryPoor needy people of the state
ObjectiveProviding tasty and nutritious food two times a day
Per plate of foodOnly for ₹8
Budget annually100 crore rupees
Official websitehttps://indirarasoi.rajasthan.gov.in/

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Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024


This program’s sole goal is to ensure that everyone in Rajasthan has access to lots of fresh, delicious, and nourishing food and that no one goes to bed hungry. Because it is very difficult for a poor family to consume two meals a day in this era of rising inflation. Sometimes the impoverished must go to bed hungry because of a lack of money. However, since Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot launched the Indira Rasoi Yojana in Rajasthan, millions of underprivileged and destitute people have benefited from it, paying just ₹ 8 for a complete supper of fresh food, which is an extremely admirable thing. The government will then announce that an annual sum of Rs 250 crore will be allocated to this project in the budget for 2022–2023.

Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana Budget

This project requires an annual investment of Rs 100 crore from the Rajasthani government. Nevertheless, the state has granted authorization for 642 more Indira Rasoi to operate. These kitchens will soon be operational as well. The government will then announce that Rs 250 crore will be spent annually on this effort in the budget for 2022–2023. Under the Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana, the State Finance Commission will pay the municipal authorities 50% of the grant amount. The Chief Minister’s Relief Fund or other sources will initially cover the other 50% of the grant amount if needed. Every year, the government gives each kitchen Rs 3 lakh for recurring infrastructure and Rs 5 lakh for basic infrastructure. Subsequently, the government will declare that the budget for 2022–2023 will allocate an annual sum of Rs 250 crore towards this endeavor.

One meal under Indira Rasoi Yojana for just ₹ 8

The Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024 provides lunch and dinner twice a day to the state’s impoverished and needy residents. For a single meal, the beneficiary pays ₹8. Currently, ₹25 gets you a meal. Of which the state government spends ₹17. A single meal used to cost ₹20, of which the beneficiary paid ₹8 and the state government paid ₹12. The usual hours for lunch and dinner are 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. There are 250 grams of chapatti and pickle, 100 grams of vegetables, and 100 grams of dal on the plate.

Under the Indira Rasoi Yojana, paperless work is completed.

The paperwork is handled by the state government under the Indira Rasoi Yojana. ultimately led to the creation of the Indira Rasoi website. Photos of actual beneficiaries are uploaded to this website using artificial intelligence. Furthermore, recipients receive text messages on their cell phones, and the State Call Centre consistently gathers beneficiary feedback. Through the Aadhaar authentication method, the cooking agency facilitates online invoice preparation and online payment. Additionally, the government has mandated that local authorities check Indira Rasoi at least twice a month and submit the results of such inspections online via the mobile app to keep an eye on the quality of the food. The Chief Executive Officer of the National e-Government Department has also expressed great appreciation for the IT-based Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2023 process.

Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024


  • The state’s impoverished and in-need population benefit from this program.
  • Through the Indira Rasoi Yojana Rajasthan 2023, the government is feeding the populace two whole meals of scrumptious, fresh food.
  • The recipient needs to pay just ₹ 8 for a single meal of this food.
  • This implies that an individual participating in this system and earning ₹ 100 per day may easily eat a full dinner for two meals at ₹ 16.
  • By giving the state’s impoverished population enough food, this program will also significantly improve their health.
  • It is also the aim of the Indira Rasoi Yojana to help 1.34 lakh people every day and 4.87 crore people a year. Needs may also lead to an increase in this objective.

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Main points of Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024

  • The cost of each plate supplied at a time under this system is ₹25. The beneficiary must pay ₹ 8 for each plate, with the state government providing a subsidy of ₹ 17 per plate.
  • Previously, each plate under this program cost ₹ 20, of which ₹ 8 came from the beneficiary and ₹ 12 from the state government.
  • An NGO runs Indira Rasoi following this plan.
  • In the state, the District Collector is responsible for managing district-level planning.
  • The District Collector serves as the chairman of the District Level Coordination and Monitoring Committee, which chooses NGOs to manage the kitchen.
  • To ensure that there is no fraud or scam of any kind, the Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana runs without the use of paper documentation. ultimately led to the creation of the Indira Rasoi website.
  • A provision has also been provided for the municipal bodies to check Indira Rasoi at least twice a month and submit the inspection report using the mobile app to monitor the quality of the food.
  • The program’s participants provide regular telephone comments via the Rajasthan Sampark Portal.
  • This initiative costs 100 rupees in total per year. However, more new kitchens will be operating shortly, for which the budget for 2022–2023 would include a Rs 250 crore allocation for this plan.
Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024

Eligibility under Indira Rasoi Yojana 2024

  • This initiative is only available to Rajasthani permanent residents.
  • This program is available to the needy and impoverished with extremely low incomes.

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Q.) When did Rajasthan’s Indira Rasoi begin?

Ans. On September 10, 2023, Priyanka Gandhi and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot hosted former Prime Minister Late at Jhilaya, which is located in the Tonk district of Niwai. 400 rural Indira Rasoi were established across the state in honor of Indira Gandhi under the ‘Indira Rasoi Yojana (Rural)’.

Q.) What is the Rasoi Yojana Indira Gandhi?

Ans. Indira Rasoi Yojana: The state government is funding the construction of new kitchens in rural regions with a one-time payment of Rs. 5 lakh and a subsidy of Rs. 17 per plate. As a result, around 10,000 Rajivika women will have jobs.

Q.) How may one apply for the Yojana Indira?

Ans. Food will be provided through extension counters as needed under this program. The government of Rajasthan will execute the Indira Rasoi Yojana with the assistance of regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Go to the program’s official website to complete your application if you would like to apply for it all.

Q.) Which district in Rajasthan is where the Indira Gandhi Canal enters the state?

Ans. The 204 km long Indira Gandhi feeder off-takes from Harike are located in Punjab and Haryana for 170 km, and Rajasthan for the remaining 34 km. The Indira Gandhi Main Canal (IGMC) is 445 km long, and the Indira Gandhi Feeder Canal (IGFC) is 204 km long. Together, the canal is about 650 km long. This canal enters Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh.

Q.) How many Indira Rasoi are there in Rajasthan?

Ans. Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojna: In Jodhpur on Sunday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot officially opened 512 new Indira Rasoi. With the 358 Indira Kitchens that are now in operation, this brings the total number of these kitchens to 870.

Q.) Where did the Indira Rasoi Yojana begin?

Ans. Intending to ensure that “No one sleeps hungry,” Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot started the Indira Rasoi Yojana on August 20, 2020, involving 358 kitchens across all 213 municipal bodies in the state.

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