Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024: Application Form, Eligibility and Registration Process

Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024:- As everyone is aware, the government operates a number of programs aimed at the preservation and advancement of the cow breed. These programs provide a variety of social and financial support. The government has just launched the Rashtriya Gokul Mission. This aim aims to use science to promote the breed’s development and cow conservation. This page will give you all the pertinent facts regarding the Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2023. This article lets you obtain information about this scheme’s goal, features, advantages, eligibility, crucial paperwork, application procedure, and other details. For this reason, if you would want to know more about the advantages of the Rashtriya Gokul Mission, we respectfully ask that you read this.


Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

Union Agriculture Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh introduced the Rashtriya Gokul Mission on July 28, 2014. The strategy calls for the application of scientific methodologies to support the conservation and advancement of the breed for all cows in the area.

A budget of Rs 2025 crore was allocated to launch this initiative in 2014. The budget was increased by Rs 750 crore in 2019. Let us tell you that the government will set up the Breed Improvement Programme through this mission in order to enhance the breed of native milch animals. As a result, there will be more animals.

The government will also work to raise productivity and milk production in addition to this. Animal husbandry will benefit and cow producers’ income will rise as a result of their cows. Through this program, animal farmers will also receive knowledge on how to increase milk production while maintaining milk quality using scientific approaches.

The Rashtriya Gokul Mission’s goal

The Rashtriya Gokul Mission’s primary goal is to enhance the native cow animal breed. It’s also necessary to increase milk production capacity, enhance milk quality, and use proper conservation methods the breed and produce more milch animals is part of the objective to uphold the genetic structure in line with the Rashtriya Gokul Mission. This plan will employ premium indigenous breeds, such as Red Sindh, Gir, Tharparkar, and Sahiwal, among others, to generate a variety of cow types. Farmers will have access to high-quality in-home artificial insemination facilities for their dairy animals. In addition, this goal will involve the distribution of bulls with genetic potential.

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Rashtriya Gokul Mission Program

Organizations such as the state-level Livestock Development Boards initiated the Rashtriya Gokul Mission Scheme, which was initiated by the central government. Funds are provided under this program for the creation of the Gokul Dham Integrated Indigenous Animal Centre. In addition, organizations like the Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Universities, Colleges, Co-operative Societies, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, CCBF, and Gaushalas are linked, having initially contributed germplasm to the indigenous animal department. Aside from this, the primary goal of this program is to give national assistance to residents who raise animals so they can finish tasks like dairy farming in every hamlet.

Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

Highlights of the Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

name of the schemeRashtriya Gokul Mission
who startedCentral government
beneficiaryAnimal herders and farmers of the country
Objectiveto promote native cow conservation and scientific breed development.
Application TypeOnline and Offline
official websitehttps://dahd.nic.in/

Provision of award under Rashtriya Gokul Mission

  • Within this mission, there is also a provision for prizes.
  • in an effort to draw the nation’s farmers towards the husbandry of animals.
  • The Animal Husbandry and Dairy Department will present this honor.
  • The citizens who place first and second will get the Gopal Ratan Award, while the third-place finisher will receive the Kamdhenu Award.
  • Additionally, the cow farmer who provides the best care for the indigenous breeds of cattle will receive the Gopal Ratna Award.
  • Gaushalas and the Best Managed Breed Societies will receive the Kamdhenu Award.
  • As a result of this effort, about 22 Gopal Ratna and 21 Kamdhenu awards have been given out thus far.

Gokul Village under Rashtriya Gokul Mission

  • To do this, animal centers will be built in rural areas.
  • The name of these animal centers will be Gokul Gramme.
  • Through Gokul Gramme, plans will be made to house over a thousand animals.
  • Fodder will be provided for all of these animals to meet their nutritional needs.
  • Every Gokul community will also have a center for artificial insemination and veterinary care.
  • In addition to producing milk, the Gokul hamlet’s cows will excrete manure, which will be turned into organic fertilizer.
  • Additionally, this plan will generate job possibilities for the nation’s population.

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Financial assistance to be provided through the Rashtriya Gokul Mission

  • To encourage the use of sex-graded semen under the Gokul Mission component subsidy, ten participating farmers will have their accounts credited with 50% of the cost of sex-graded semen.
  • As part of this program, participating farmers would receive a share of ₹ 5000 in component subsidies per IVF pregnancy from the Government of India through the Accelerated Breed Improvement Programme.
  • Under the Gokul Mission, entrepreneurs wishing to establish multi-breed farms will be eligible for up to a 50% component grant on the project’s capital cost, up to a maximum of Rs 2 crore.

The Central Government invested an initial sum of Rs 2500 crore to launch the Gokul Mission; by 2020, around Rs 1842.76 crore had been expended. Every state in the nation operates the Gokul Mission Scheme. Based on information obtained from the media, this mission has incurred expenses totaling Rs 1842.76 crore between 2014 and December 2020.


  • Pashu Haat is the name of the single portal established under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission. There isn’t any other platform in the nation that offers the kind of information that this web does on the trade in surplus cattle and bovine animals.
  • The mission itself founded the Nakul Breeding Market. This market serves as an online marketplace that links farmers and breeders in search of premium bovine germplasm.
  • Pashu Sanjeevani is an animal welfare program that offers the ability to upload data to the national database and create animal health cards with unique identities.
  • Given that women perform more than 70% of the labor in cattle production, this program will also help women.
  • The country’s milk production rate will rise significantly as a result of this endeavor.
Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

Eligibility Criteria of Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

Any national who wishes to apply for the Rashtriya Gokul Mission Yojana must review the specified qualifying requirements.

  • The applicant may only apply under this scheme if they are an Indian native.
  • A candidate must be at least eighteen years old to be eligible for the Rashtriya Gokul Mission Scheme.
  • To apply for the Central Government’s PM Rashtriya Gokul Mission plan, one need not be employed by the government.

Required Documents

In order to make it easier for you to take advantage of the benefits of the program, we are going to provide you with information about all the documents required in the registration form to register for the Rashtriya Gokul Mission Yojana 2023. The following is the document:

  • Address proof
  • Aadhar card
  • proof of age
  • certificate arrived
  • passport size photograph
  • mobile number
  • email ID etc.

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The process to apply online under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

  • The applicant must first go to the Animal Husbandry and Dairy Department’s official website in order to submit an application under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission.
Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024
  • You must now obtain the application form from that location.
  • Following that, you will need to fill out the application form with all the necessary details, including your name, email address, and mobile number.
  • You must now attach all necessary paperwork.
  • Following this, you must turn in the application form and other necessary paperwork to the Animal Husbandry and Dairy Department.
  • You will be registered under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission in this manner.

The process to apply offline under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission

  • You must first visit the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy.
  • You must now obtain the application form from that location.
  • Following that, you will need to fill out the application form with all the necessary details, including your name, email address, and mobile number.
  • It is now necessary for you to attach all relevant documents.
  • Following this, you must send the application to the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy.
  • You can apply under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission in this manner.


In our post, we have provided you with a detailed explanation of every element pertaining to the Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2023. Please let us know by leaving a comment in the comment box if you found the information useful or if you have any questions or additional information. able to message. We promise to make an effort to address all of your inquiries.

FAQs on Rashtriya Gokul Mission 2024

Q.) What is the Mission of Rashtriya Gokul?

Ans. The Central Government created the Rashtriya Gokul Mission as a way to boost the nation’s Indian breed dairy industry and boost milk production. Farmers and cattle herders have been included by the government under this.

Q.) What would this plan’s benefit be?

Ans. The government will encourage the use of indigenous milch animal breeds through this program, which will boost milk output and use genetics to produce high-bred animals. Through this program, women’s economic status will also be improved.

Q.) How can one apply for the Rashtriya Gokul Mission?

Ans. Applying for this scheme requires following the instructions in the article. You can easily apply under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission by following these steps.

Q.) What is the scheme’s official website?

Ans. https://dahd.nic.in/ is the Rashtriya Gokul Mission’s official website. This website also provides access to additional scheme information.

Q.) Who initiated the scheme, and when did it begin?

Ans. Union Agriculture Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh introduced the Rashtriya Gokul Mission on July 28, 2014.

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